Checklist for New Moms

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Checklist for New Moms

When your little bundle of joy has arrived, you will be totally occupied taking care of him as well as yourself. No wonder why early preparation is highly recommended for expecting parents.


The baby registry available at the retail stores near you can be of great help but, very often, they can push you to buy unnecessary products that may not be of much use and may just drain your budget without serving their purpose. Further, those lists may not include some newest products that can make things much easier for sleep-deprived moms. To make your life easier once your little one has arrived and started keeping you occupied every second, we have prepared this ultimate list of things that every new parent will need. The list is divided into two sections; one part lists down things that are an absolute must-haves and the second part lists recommendations of things that are not compulsory but good to have. Further, we have also found out some of the top-selling product recommendations for you, so you don’t have to spend days comparing various products, especially at a time when you are supposed to take care of your wellbeing. We have only chosen top-selling products from renowned brands whom you can trust for your little one. We hope it helps you prepare thoroughly for welcoming the new member to your family. 

Breastfeeding essentials


Did you know: 

  • A recent study suggests that around 80% to 90% of women experience nipple pain and fissures during breastfeeding. (1
  • A few other studies have concluded that lanolin, peppermint, and dexpanthenol based ointments can help ease the pain. (2)

But, most moms hesitate to use them fearing it will harm their baby. We understand your over-protectiveness, which is why we have chosen this 100% natural, hypoallergenic, clinically-proven nipple cream by Lansinoh for you. It is scent-free and tasteless, so your baby won’t get distracted. There are no additives, preservatives, or paraben, so you don’t need to wash it off before feeding your child.

Nursing bras

Did you know: 

  • Well-fitted, supportive and yet flexible maternity bras can prevent premature sagging and ligament damage. 
  • Made of extremely flexible, high-quality, materials, they can accommodate the changing size of your breasts, thereby keeping you comfortable for hours. 

The HOFISH full bust seamless maternity bras have extra room for your swollen breasts, so they do not squeeze your breasts or cause any discomfort. The one-hand use with hook and eye closure helps moms save time and effort. The widened sides provide great support and the removable molded foam cups make them good enough to be used later. They come with extra extenders, so you can adjust each piece as per your needs.

Nursing pads

Myth: You don’t need to buy specific nursing pads. Pantyliners, etc. can help you keep yourself dry and comfortable. 

Fact: Pantyliners are double-layered and their excessive use can cause nipple dryness, which can further cause itching and rashes. Nursing pads are made of soft absorbent fabric that will keep you comfortable during your recovery days. (3)

Eco-conscious moms may want to use reusable pads but, when you are severely sleep-deprived, the last thing that you would want to do is to wash these tiny pieces of cloth properly and dry and store them with caution to maintain their hygiene. This is why we have picked up this pack of leak-proof disposable nursing pads by Lansinoh. The outer side is waterproof whereas the inner side is absorbent. The quilted honeycombed inner surface helps keep you dry and comfortable for hours.

Did you know:

Nursing pillows are not just for breastfeeding but also for supporting you during your last trimester. You can use it to support your back while sitting or to support your bump while sleeping. 

This My Brest Friend Nursing Posture Pillow fits most women. It goes all around their body and comes with a latch that helps keep it secured. It is firm and flat, so you can comfortably and safely lay your baby on it. There is a pocket for storing your necessary supplies such as milk bottles, pacifiers, nipple creams, etc. It comes with a washable slipcover.

Wondering how many burp cloths you would need? 

The answer is many! The baby registry often lists 4-6 burp clothes, which is a good number if you do your laundry daily. But, most new moms prefer to do the laundry every alternate day or even twice a week. Ideally, they should buy 8-10 burp cloths, as they can later be used for cleaning purposes. 

Buy two packs of 6 Comfy Cubs Muslin Burp Clothes and you won’t have to worry about extra clean up clothes every now and then. They are made of 100% cotton muslin fabric, so they are safe for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Each towel is made of six layers of fabric, which makes it extra absorbent. They are durable and machine-washable.

Did you know:

Approximately 85% new mothers express milk for the first few months after pregnancy and a majority of them use a breast pump for it. (4)

Whether you want to increase your supply by pumping after every feeding session or you want to store the milk for the caregiver while you are away, you would need a breast pump soon after your new one has arrived. This Spectra S1 Hospital Grade electric breast pump comes with everything you would need to get started. The backflow protector feature makes it much better than other varieties. The protector creates a barrier between the breast milk and the pump motor, thereby preventing the development of bacteria. Moms can customize the pumping process, as per their needs.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention strictly states that breast milk must be stored in clean food grade containers or storage bags that are made of BPA-free plastic. You must avoid using bottles with recycle symbol number 7 or are not intended for storing human milk. Such bags or bottles can contaminate the milk and harm your baby. (5

We recommend you this pack of 100 Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags because they are presterilized, BPA and BPS-free. The bags have double zipper seals and reinforced double sealed side seams to prevent leakage and contamination. The bags are designed to lay flat, so you can freeze and thaw them quickly, which helps preserve nutrients. If you have a Lansinoh pump, you can directly pump into the bags or use the pump adapter that comes with the bag to use with other pump brands.


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Bottle Feeding Essentials


Feeding bottles:

Buying guide: 

In 2012, FDA banned the use of BPA in anything related to babies, so you need not worry about BPA unless you are planning to use old bottles given by relatives or the cheaper varieties manufactured by unknown brands. Throw away any bottle with label PC or the symbol & mentioned on it, as it means it contains BPA. Symbol 1, 2, 4, or 5 are totally safe for kids. 

This set of Comotomo Baby Bottles have naturally shaped nipples that closely mimic nipples, which helps prevent rejections. They have anti-colic vents to eliminate unwanted air intake. The neck is wide, so you can clean it with your hands. Other bottles have narrower necks that make it difficult to clean thoroughly. They are heat-resistant, so maintaining their hygiene won’t be an issue.

New-born size nipples

Confused between latex and Silicone?

Latex is soft and flexible, which is why many parents prefer buying latex nipples but they don’t last long enough. Further, latex allergy is common in infants below 1 year old (6), which is why silicone nipples are more recommended these days. They last longer and do not cause any allergy. 

This pack of 6 high-grade silicone nipples by Dr. Brown’s provides consistent flow and prevents rejections. It has a wide neck and can fit in almost all brands of bottles. These are slow-flow nipples with an internal vent system that lets babies feed at their own pace.

Baby formula


Do not give cow or goat milk to your baby until he is 12 months old. The American Academy of Pediatrics strictly recommends that infants must be fed iron-fortified infant formulas and not cow or goat milk, as they are low in iron and can cause iron deficiency. 

All formula milks are regulated by federal laws but we have chosen this Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula because it is the first infant formula that is formulated to be closer to breast milk. It doesn’t contain any artificial growth hormones. Further, the ingredients contain immune nourishing prebiotic, which is very similar to human milk.

Bottle cleaning brush

Did you know

  • It is important to buy a special baby bottle cleaning brush instead of using the ordinary brush that you may be using for your regular water bottles. (7)
  • Such bottles are specifically designed to clean the teats of the bottles, which a normal brush cannot clean. 
  • You can put the bottles in the dishwasher but you will still have to hand-wash them with hot soapy water. 

The OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner has two types of heads; soft bristles for gentle cleaning and hard bristles for scrubbing. The neck is flexible, so you can move it around all directions for thorough cleaning. The nipple cleaner can get all over the surface and can thoroughly clean nipples, sippy cups, breast pump parts, etc. It is BPA-free. PVC-free, and dishwasher safe.


Bottle sterilizer

Warning: If you have been solely dependent on the dishwasher to sterilize your baby’s feeding bottles, be aware; they may not be getting sterilized properly. The water needs to be at least 90 degrees Celsius hot to kill 99.9% germs, which is not what your dishwasher is equipped to provide. 

This portable and microwave-operated Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer can help you sterilize 4 bottles or breast pump parts, pacifiers, and other microwave-safe baby products within just 2 minutes! Yes, that’s all it takes to kill all those bacteria that may be affecting your baby’s health. It can fit in almost all microwaves and can keep the parts and bottles sterilized for up to 24 hours.

Baby Bibs

Did you know 

Even though you don’t want to, you will still have to change your baby’s clothes around 5 times a day! Whether it is the drool or the spit-ups; your baby will spoil many clothes. To avoid frequent changes, you need to use bibs. The plastic and silicone bibs are of no use. Stick to basics and buy this pack of Upsimples Baby Bandana Drool bibs

These bibs are made of 100% organic cotton, which is supersoft and superabsorbent in nature. The backside is made of thick polyester fleece, which does not let the moisture reach the baby’s clothes, keeping them dry and clean. They have adjustable nickel-free snaps, so you can use them until your baby no longer needs them.

Insulated bottle carrier

Did you know: Traveling with a breast pump can be very uncomfortable. Although airlines count it as a medical device, you may still have to inform them in advance. Breast milk is counted among liquid medications, so you can carry 3 ounces of it along with the frozen ice packs. 

This Skip Hop Grab & Go Insulated Breastmilk carrier will make it easier to carry the pumped milk or even the formula milk or water for it. It can hold two bottles and keep them warm or cold as required. A freezer pack is included with it, so you don’t need to buy it separately. The inside has a wipeable lining, so cleaning up the spills won’t be a problem.

Bottle warmer


If you believe you can do without a baby bottle warmer, think again. Heating the bottle in a microwave doesn’t guarantee you an even temperature and can burn your child’s mouth. Pouring hot water is not safe either. This is why bottle warmers are the safest options.

This Philips Avent Baby Bottle Warmer circulates the milk or food while warming it, thereby ensuring that there are no hot spots. It can also be used to defrost breast milk and food. Other than milk bottles, it can be used to heat up sippy cups, food jars, etc. It has a compact design, so you can store it on the kitchen countertop or on the bedside table for nighttime feeding.

Bottle drying rack

Did you know

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the baby bottles, pacifiers, breast pump products, etc. must be completely air-dried to ensure that no moisture is left in them that can breed bacteria. It also states that you must not rub them with a dish towel or kitchen paper, because doing so causes transfer of germs. (14

The best way to dry out your baby’s bottle and breastfeeding supplies is to hang them on a bottle drying rack like this Philips Avent Drying Rack. It can hold up to 8 bottles, nipples, and breast pump accessories. The detachable drip tray makes it easier to dispose of the water. The open design ensures proper air circulation and thorough drying. Easy to assemble and store.

Dishwasher basket

Yes, you can do without a dishwasher basket but are you willing to sacrifice your time and energy searching for the small bottle nipple or straw that could have slipped within the gaps? 

This OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket is especially meant for baby bottles, straws, sippy cups, pacifiers, and other baby products. The door of the basket can accommodate up to 8 small parts. It is made of BPA and PVC-free plastic, so it is safe for your baby’s supplies as well as yours. The door has a symmetrical opening, so it doesn’t open up while washing. The basket is durable enough to last for years.

Bathing, clothing and dressing essentials


Baby-friendly laundry detergent


  • Washing your little muchkin’s clothes with regular detergent can cause allergic dermatitis and other forms of skin reactions such as rashes and itching. 
  • Most newborns have delicate skin that cannot tolerate the dyes, chemicals, and fragrance present in regular detergents, which is why you must buy specially formulated baby-friendly laundry detergent for them. 

This Dreft Stage 1 Liquid Baby Laundry Detergent is specifically meant for newborns. It has a hypoallergenic formula that is tough on stains but extremely safe for baby’s skin. You can use it to wash all types of baby clothes including woolens, beddings, blankets, etc. 

Bathing towels

Wondering if you can use any ordinary towel for your baby? 

Well, you can if you want to, but we strongly recommend you to buy a baby towel instead. Honestly, infants are not fond of bathing. Plus, their skin is so delicate that rubbing it after bath can cause rashes and itchiness. Bath towels meant for babies are made of extra absorbent soft fabric that can soak away the moisture without the need of rubbing. 

This Hudson Baby Unisex cotton Hooded Towel is made of 100% woven terry cotton and measures 33×33 inches. It features an adorable animal face to provide visual stimulation to babies. The animal face holds its shape even after it is washed.

Baby soap

Myth: Babies must be bathed daily to maintain their hygiene and prevent diseases. 

Truth: Hygiene is important but the little munchkins can be sponge cleaned as necessary and must not be bathed daily. Regular use of soap, especially the ones not formulated for infants, can cause dryness, itching, and even dermatitis. 

Made of organic calendula, this Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo is one of the safest products for newborns. It is dermatologically tested and found to be tear-free, paraben-free, colorant-free, and free of any form of mineral oil. The hypoallergenic formula doesn’t leave any residue on the baby’s skin. With aloe vera extracts, it prevents skin dryness and nourishes the delicate skin.

Baby shampoo

Did you know

Just like bathing, your child doesn’t need shampooing frequently. Once or twice a week is enough. Shampooing too often can wash-off the scalp oil that helps promote hair growth. A shampoo with pH less than 6 is good for infants. Higher pH can cause excessive dryness and tangling. 

This plant-based vegan shampoo and body cleanser by Puracy has a pH balance of 5.5 and contains fruit and vegetable-derived moisturizers that nourish and hydrate the scalp. The ingredients do not include any petroleum ingredients and perfumes and dyes. It is suitable for even those babies who have extremely sensitive skin or are suffering from eczema or cradle cap.


Did you know? 

A baby needs approximately 2500 diapers in the first year! So, be prepared to loosen your wallet. 

This pack of 198 piece diapers by Pampers will be enough for the first few weeks after your little munchkin has arrived. It provides upto 12 hours of protection and has a wetness indicator that lets you know when it is ready to be changed. There are air channels that help your baby stay dry and comfortable. The heart quilt liner makes it extra soft for the newborns. It also has an umbilical cord notch that provides a contoured fit and helps protect the delicate area. The soft stretchy sides help the diaper stay in place. No wonder why Pampers is a top-selling diaper brand of the world.


Always remember: 

Those funky, trendy, brightly-colored, cuteness overloaded, overly expensive baby clothes can drain your budget but do no good to your baby’s well being. Moreover, many of them can even cause skin rashes and other skin irritation. 

We recommend this pack of Simple Joys by Carter’s Long-Sleeve Bodysuit because these are made of 100% pure cotton, which makes them extra soft for infants. These baby clothings are tag-free and rash-free. The expandable shoulders make them easier to put on. The reinforced snaps last well even when the onesies are machine-washed. This pack is great for its price.

Baby wipes


Numerous studies have indicated that the commonly available baby wipes often leave a soapy residue, which is responsible for skin allergies as well as food allergy. Yes! It’s shocking but true. (8) Premature infants are more prone to such reactions. 

But, it is almost impossible to clean your baby with water and soap after every bowel movement, which is why we have chosen WaterWipes Unscented Baby Wipes for you. These wipes contain 99.9% water and just a drop of fruit extract. These wipes are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and sulphate-free. These wipes have been awarded by the National Eczema Association of American Seal of Acceptance since 2018. No wonder why our team highly recommended them for newborns and premature babies.

Baby clothes such as rompers, bodysuits, etc


Do not buy baby clothes that are treated with fire-retardant. From blankets to rompers, flame-retardant used to be prominently used in all baby clothings but recent studies have indicated that such chemicals can have adverse effects on the baby’s health. (9) Further, prefer buying clothes that use nickel-free buttons. 

These Simple Joys by Carter’s Short-Sleeve Bodysuits are made of 100% soft cotton fabric. Some of them have expandable necklines so you can conveniently put them on your little ones. Others have back-snap necklines. Since they are tag-free, they do not cause any itching or irritation. You can machine-wash them. They will hold their shape and color and can bear regular use.

Socks or booties

Did you know

Baby socks are more than just cute. Our body warmth escapes through our head and feet and this holds true for infants as well. So, keeping the feet covered within socks or booties help keep the baby warm. Warm feet can help babies sleep well. However, while buying socks or booties, you have to make sure they are not tight, as they can interfere with normal foot development and cause hyperpigmentation at the sock-line. 

This set of 8 terry socks by Luvable Friends are designed specifically for infants and they have fold-over cuffs that not just help prevent the socks from falling off but also prevent sock-line hyperpigmentation. The socks are thick and cushiony to provide adequate warm. They are made of 85% Cotton, 13% Nylon, 2% Spandex, which is why they are extremely soft and comfortable for infants’ skin.

Warm wear such as sweaters, jackets, thermals

Did you know

Heat rash affects up to 9% newborns. This is because their sweat glands are still developing. So, there is no way their body can cool it by itself. The only way to prevent itchy, burning, and prickly sensation is by making them wear warm but breathable clothings, especially thermals. (10)

While choosing thermals for infants, do not hesitate to spend a few more dollars to buy the ones that are made of breathable natural fibre. This set of Lamaze Organic Baby Organic Baby Unisex Thermals is one such products that is safe for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. It is made of 100% GOTS certified cotton, which hasn’t been treated by any chemical or dye, which is why it has a natural finish. It doesn’t shrink upon washing. It has a pull-on closure with no unnecessary buttons to trouble your little one.

Wash clothes

Wondering how many washcloths do you need?

The more the better! If you do your laundry every day, a pack of 6 clothes would be enough but if you choose to do your laundry every alternate day, we suggest you to have at least 10 washcloths. As your child grows older, you would need a lot of them for cleaning their face after every meal and when they get messy. 

The washcloths you choose must be made of high-quality soft, absorbent fabric so that they retain their softness even after multiple washes. We recommend these Kyapoo Baby Washcloths, as they are made of ultra-soft coral fleece, which is highly absorbent yet soft and fluffy. They can be machine-washed and they dry up quickly. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1588247936041{margin-top: -50px !important;}”]Bath tub[/vc_column_text][dailyhealth_amazon_product_block_output amazon_title=”The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub, Teal” amazon_url=”” amazon_image_url=””][vc_column_text]Warning 

Did you know that those cute and space-saving inflatable bath tubs are dangerous for infants and not recommended at all! Those tubs do not have a firm center and can cause drowning. Bath rings and bath seats can also cause tip overs, which is why you must buy a durable plastic bathtub for your little munchkin. 

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub has three stages of transition; so you can use it until your child has become a toddler and is ready to use the bucket. It comes with a sling for safe use during the first baths. The tub has a drain plug for quick water drainage. There is a built-in washbasin in which you can store toys, baby wash, etc. to avoid distraction during those crucial times.   [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1588248012473{margin-top: -50px !important;}”]Baby lotion[/vc_column_text][dailyhealth_amazon_product_block_output amazon_title=”Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant” amazon_url=”” amazon_image_url=””][vc_column_text]Ever wondered why mommies are asked to buy a specific, super-expensive baby lotion? 

This is because it is much thinner, sensitive, and susceptible to irritation, dryness, and rashes. The creams meant for adults do not provide adequate protection against them. Further, many of the creams we use have parabens, fragrance, and Propylene Glycol, which are generally safe for adults but not for infants and kids. 

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is one of the top-selling baby lotions because it is clinically proven to restore dry and chapped skin, drool rashes, and diaper rashes. It uses a hypoallergenic formula and is fragrance and paraben-free. It not just nourishes the skin but also promotes the flow of oxygen, which further heals the damaged skin. Not just newborns, it is suitable for every member of the family. 

Beanies or hat

Did you know:

Babies have larger heads as compared to their bodies, which leads to more heat transfer. This is why they need hats more than we do. These tiny pieces of clothings prevent excessive heating and cooling. 

This pack of DRESHOW BQUBO Baby Beanie Hat is perfect for all types of weather. They are made of a double layer of cotton and polyester blend fabric. Although you can machine-wash them, handwashing helps retain their color and make them last for a long time. The camping design makes them suitable for growing babies, so they won’t be outgrown soon. The stretchy fabric prevents slip offs.



Myth: You don’t need to brush your infant’s hair. 

Truth: Brushing an infant’s scalp and hair helps get rid of the cradle cap, improves blood circulation, and encourages hair growth. It also helps soothe babies and make them fall asleep fast. 

Baby’s sensitive scalp needs a specific hairbrush. The ones with plastic bristles can tear away the cradle cap and even scratch the delicate scalp, which is why we recommend this natural goat hair brush by Natemia. It is not just great for massaging the scalp but also for redistributing the natural scalp oil throughout the scalp without pulling the strands or damaging the scalp.


Did you know: Mittens help babies stay warm. They also prevent babies from hurting themselves with their fingernails. But, a lot of pediatrics these days suggest that you must not encourage babies to wear mittens all around the clock. Playing with fingers helps babies explore their surroundings. So, you must cut their nails regularly and limit the usage of mittens only when you are going out or when it is too cold. 

This pack of RATIVE Newborn Baby Cotton Gloves will be enough for your baby’s first year unless you live in a pretty cold environment. They have enough space for finger movement and have a gentle elastic at the wrist for keeping them on. You can wash them in a laundry bag but hand washing will help keep the elastic line intact.

Night Suits

Warning: Making your infant sleep in loose pieces of clothing that can ride up over the baby’s face can be very dangerous. The National Sleep Foundation strictly states that babies must not wear loose neck t-shirts, socks, mittens, etc. while sleeping, as they can cause choking. (11) This is why one-piece night suits with built-in feet and without any hood must be on your shopping list. 

This set of three snug-fit footed pyjamas by Simple Joys by Carter’s will come in handy. They have an ankle-to-chin zipper with a snap-over tab to keep the suit in place. They are made of 100% cotton and are machine-washable. These sleepwears are flare resistant but they do not have any traces of flame retardant chemicals.

Laundry bags

Did you know: Laundry bags can help you save hours finding and sorting your baby’s small piece of clothings. Even adults lose their socks, so imagine how tiring it is to sort out those socks, mittens, caps, from the heaps of laundry you will be doing almost every alternate day. Laundry bags can help you wash them separately, so you don’t lose them. 

This BAGAIL Set of 6 Mesh Laundry Bags with Ziplock is one of the top-selling products. The bags are made of durable and breathable polyester fibre that can withstand the dryer as well. They have coarse mesh netting that helps clean the clothes thoroughly. The zippers are rust-proof and have smart zip guards that prevent any noise during laundry.

Cloth nappies

Did you know: Clothes diapers are not environment-friendly but also economically as well as baby-friendly. They can make potty training much easier, as they do not provide that absolute dry feeling that the disposable diapers do. Further, they can reduce diaper rash and make babies feel more comfortable. 

The ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers have three layers of microfiber inserts that hold the moisture and keep your baby dry. The outer layer is made of polyester with waterproof and breathable TPU, so there are no chances of leakage. These diapers are adjustable and reusable, so you can use them until your baby weighs 33 pounds. They are machine-washable, so they can help save your precious hours.



About 3500 sleep-related deaths are reported in babies in the USA every year. The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control strictly suggests that any loose bedding, blankets, and objects should be kept away from the baby’s sleeping area. (12) This is why sleepsuits are highly recommended for infants and toddlers. 

These suits are just like adult sleeping bags with no loose clothings or covers that can cause choking. The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Sleeping Sack comes with patented shoulder straps, so you don’t have to struggle to put your baby’s arms through an armhole. The suit has a cotton exterior, polyester filling, and soft quilted interior that keeps the baby warm even during cold weather. It can be machine-washed.

Baby powder


Various lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson against its talcum powder, which has been found to cause cancer and other serious health ailments. Its powder is made of talcum (popularly known as talc), a mineral that has absorbing power. It can absorb moisture, oil, and odor, but its regular use has been associated with serious health hazards. Although clinical studies have found controversial results, it is better to avoid talc altogether for your baby as well as for you. (13)

This Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Natural Dusting Powder is talc-free and hypoallergenic. It is made of natural adsorbents such as cornstarch. Free of paraben, phthalate, and petroleum, this baby powder is clinically proven to be safe for baby’s soft, sensitive skin. It is suitable for diaper rashes and otherwise.

Bath toys

Did you know: Bath toys not just keep babies busy and occupied during the otherwise stressful bath time of infants. They also help engage their other senses and help in sensory and cognitive development. The multi-sensory stimulation helps relieve their stress and makes them feel relaxed and sleep better after a bath. 

These lightweight Munchkin Bath Bobbers Toys are easy for the little hands to hold. They sink and then they pop up, which keep babies occupied and provides them visual stimulation. These toys are watertight, so you need not worry about molds. These are not made of cheap plastic. Instead, they are made of baby-friendly phthalate PVC.

Bath thermometer

Tips: An infant’s skin is so sensitive that even slightly hot water can cause scalding within seconds. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that the water temperature should be no more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a bath thermometer, you can simply insert your wrist or elbow to see if it feels warm, although the safest way is to use a bath thermometer. 

This b&h Baby Thermometer cum clock can double up as a bath toy for your little one. It can display temperature in both fahrenheit and in celsius. The alarm starts beeping when the temperature is high or low, thereby warning you to take immediate action.

Baby Care Essentials



Latex versus silicone 

Latex pacifiers are softer than the silicone ones and very often babies love the feeling of it. But, many babies are allergic to it. Further, latex pacifiers wear out too soon and, if you missed checking for tears, the torn out pieces can cause choking. This is why most pediatricians recommend silicone pacifiers. 

This Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier is made of hospital-grade silicone, so it doesn’t have any detectable taste, which is why it is more likely to be accepted by babies. It features a single-piece construction. Being latex-free and BPA-free, it is 100% safe for infants. It is dishwasher safe and is designed as per American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.


Did you know: Rectal thermometry i.e. measuring the temperature of the rectum was traditionally the best method of measuring the temperature of infants. However, most parents are uncomfortable with it. Measuring oral temperature is not possible at this age. Even measuring armpit temperature is not easy for new parents when their little bundle of joy is in an irritated mood. 

This infrared thermometer by Mosen is, therefore, your easiest and safest bet. It is clinically proven to provide you accurate temperature readings. You can either use it to measure the temperature of the forehead or behind the ears without disturbing the baby at all. It shows temperature in both fahrenheit and celsius.

Baby nail clipper

Warning: The American Academy of Pediatrics warns against the use of adult nail clippers or else you could clip off the tip of your baby’s finger unknowingly. 

This Safety 1st Hospital’s Choice Fold Up Nail Clipper can help you trim your little one’s nails without harming him. It has curved clipping edges to prevent cuts, whereas the easy-grip handle gives you a good grip, so it doesn’t fall off while trimming the nails. It is sized appropriately to fit in the parent’s hands and the small clip blade fits right under the nails of the baby, making it easier for you to trim them.

Diaper cream

Did you know: All popular diaper creams have zinc oxide as their main ingredient. Zinc helps soothe the skin and creates a barrier between the skin and the irritants. 

This Desitin Maximum Strength Baby Diaper Rash Cream contains 40% zinc oxide, which helps create a barrier between baby’s skin and moisture. It can also soothe chafed skin that is often caused due to excessive and long-time use of diapers. It is clinically proven to provide up to 12 hours of protection. Meant for infants, this cream uses a hypoallergenic formula, which is free of paraben, phthalate, dye, and soap.

Baby monitor

Warning: Almost 2000 infants die every year in the USA due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the reasons of which are unknown but they could be due to poor sleeping position, choking, etc. You can avoid these unfortunate incidents by constantly monitoring your baby using a baby monitor. 

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens is lightweight and portable. Its camera has pan, tilt, and zoom features that you can use to get an absolutely close look. This award-winning product has an invisible night-mode. The battery can last up to 12 hours. Unlike internet cameras, it has zero load and zero hogging issues. The video and audio feed are transmitted through a secure internal 2.4GHz channel equipped with FHSS technology.

Baby massage oil

Did you know: The artificial fragrances, petroleum extracts, and parabens present in the massage oils can cause allergies in infants and even in adults. Your little one’s skin is so thin and delicate that it may not be able to tolerate those oils and ingredients that are generally safe for adults, which is why you need an all-natural baby massage oil. 

The Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Baby Oil is free to paraben, phthalate, petroleum, and SLS. It is hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be safe for infants and newborns. The oil has apricot and grape seed extracts, which help soothe the baby’s skin. Its hydrating nature locks the moisture and helps prevent dryness and cracks.


White noise machine

Did you know: Sleep deprivation in infants is associated with cognitive development, memory, visual stimulation, and overall emotional, mental, and physical development. Sleep-deprived babies are slow learners and often emotionally stressed. Pediatricians suggest that if you live in a noisy area or have other kids whose noise can disturb the little one, you can use a white noise machine to play soft music that will mask other noises and help infants sleep well. 

This Dreamegg White Noise Machine has 24 different noises, so you can choose the one that your baby likes. It also has an inbuilt nightlight that provides visual stimulation to babies and helps them fall asleep fast. There is an auto-shut feature that switches off the sound when you want it to.

Nursery Essentials



Warning: If you want to make your baby sleep with you on your bed assuming that it will help prevent SIDS, be aware. The American Academy of Pediatrics strictly warns that babies must share a room with parents but not the bed. They must sleep in a crib or a bassinet where nothing can accidentally fall on them and cause choking. 

This Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard has a removable bassinet so you can carry it along no matter where you go. It is foldable and has a full-size crib so babies won’t outgrow them soon. When your infant has grown a little older, you can remove the bassinet and use it as a play yard. Great for parents who travel or prefer leaving the baby with grandparents frequently.

Mattress protectors

Myth: You don’t need a crib mattress protector because your mattress is already waterproof. 

Fact: You absolutely need a mattress protector no matter what. During your baby’s infancy stage, you will experience many accidents including diaper leaks and spit-ups. It is better to have 3-4 mattress protectors so you can maintain hygiene. 

This Carters Waterproof Fitted Quilted Crib Mattress Cover  is made of 100% polyester fabric and is available in pure white color. The fabric doesn’t retain any stain or odor. The reverse side has a waterproof vinyl pad. These can fit any standard size crib mattress. You can machine-wash them.

Fitted sheets

Did you know: Numerous studies have proven that natural fabrics such as cotton and silk are the best for the infant’s skin. This is because they are absorbent. They help soak the body moisturizer and keep the skin dry. Silk is warm so it can cause itching and irritation which is why cotton is best for your newborn. 

This GOTS certified 100% organic cotton Burt’s Bees Fitted Crib Sheet helps provide a cozy, soft, and pure place for your baby to sleep and play. It has elastic along the entire edge which helps keep the sheet in place. Being made of durable fabric, you can wash and use it throughout your child’s infant and toddler years. They are available in many cute colors and patterns.

Receiving blankets

No they are not the same as swaddling clothes. 

Most new parents assume receiving blankets are the same as swaddling blankets. While you can use them interchangeably, receiving blankets are generally smaller and are generally used for lightly covering the baby when going out. They do not have velcro to keep them tightly secured. 

Receiving blankets makes direct contact with your child’s skin, which is why they must be made of soft cotton fabric. Luvable Friends Cotton Flannel Receiving Blankets are made of cotton flannel, which is gentle on sensitive skin too. They are suitable for everyday use and can last for years, even when your child has outgrown them.

Diaper pail

Myth: Diaper pails are just fancy-looking, overpriced trash cans designed to blend well with the nursery, so parents get tempted to buy them. 

Fact: You can expect 6-7 diaper changes every day for the first few weeks of your baby and at least 3-4 of them will be soiled. A trash can will not be able to contain the odor and the bacteria from these diapers. But, diaper pails can. 

Some of them such as this Tommee Tippee Twist and Click Advanced Nappy Disposal Bin is designed to individually seal every diaper, to prevent odor issues. The films used to seal off the diapers are antibacterial, so they contain the bacteria within themselves, providing an odor-free, bacteria-free environment for you and your little one. It can hold up to 30 nappies.

Dresser or chest

Did you know: Various studies have concluded that unintentional falls are the number one cause of injury-related emergency visits for infants. Such falls are usually related to caregiver’s failure to attend the baby or due to accidental falls from furniture such as beds and dressing tables. Such accidents can be fatal and can cause serious head injuries. No wonder why a dresser or chest is a must-have for every nursery. (15)

This Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table has safety rails on all four sides and it adheres to all relevant ASTM safety standards. It is made of solid wood and has anti-tipping features that help keep the baby and parents safe. It comes with a water-resistant changing pad and straps. There are two open shelves for storing everything that you would need to dress up your baby, so you don’t have to leave your baby unattended to fetch something.

Night lamp

Did you know: A soft, calm night light can help set your baby’s circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle. When you let the natural light come in during the day and provide a dim light during the night, your baby’s sleep-wake cycle will start setting in accordingly. Studies have also proven that a soft night light can make your baby calmer and less anxious. 

This baby-safe VAVA Home VA-CL006 Night Light is great for infants as well as for toddlers and even older kids who prefer sleeping with a soft light. It is an anti-blue, flicker-free LED light, which is why it is absolutely safe for infants. It has a timer mode and comes with a convenient charging base. The touch controls help you operate it easily.


Warning: The American Academy of Pediatrics warns against the use of the adult or toddler pillows for infants. Such pillows are suffocation hazards. If you want to prevent flat-head syndrome, you can, however, use specific soft but firm small-sized pillows designed for infants. 

This W WelLifes Baby Pillow for Newborn is one such product that you can use to provide proper support to your little one’s head. The concave center helps in aligning the head properly. Being made of hypoallergenic fabric, it is suitable for sensitive babies as well. The front side is made of GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, whereas the backside has air mesh fabric for keeping your child cold and comfortable.



  • Do not fall for the heavier, large-sized blankets. They can overheat your child and pose choking hazards.  
  • Never buy baby blankets that have frills, ribbons, or other loose stitched parts that the baby can pull out and chew. They are choking hazards too. 
  • Always buy lightweight, organic cotton blankets, as they are gentle on the baby’s thin, soft skin. 

This aden + anais Dream Blanket is made of high-quality breathable muslin fabric. It can be machine-washed and can last for your baby’s infancy and toddler years and even beyond. The cotton muslin cloth prevents overheating. It is perfectly sized for infants for sleeping as well as for playtime

Crib mattress

Did you know: The size of the mattresses and cribs are standardized by federal laws. This is to ensure that the mattress fits the crib tightly so the baby doesn’t get trapped between them. Even small gaps can cause head entrapment, suffocation, etc. The federal regulations also state that the mattress should be thick and firm and not overly-soft. 

The Dream On Me 3 Crib Mattress strictly adheres to all relevant federal safety standards and Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633. It is free of any traces of lead and phthalate. It is made of high-quality, hypo-allergenic materials that promote airflow. Its antibacterial, waterproof cover helps keep it clean and hygienic.


Vaporizer or humidifier

Did you know: Vaporizers are not only helpful for providing temporary relief from congestion and coughing but also help babies get relief from itchy, chapped skin. Almost all infants suffer from dry skin. Adding moisture to the dry air can prevent excessive dryness. 

This BPA-free TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifiers for Babies has a vertical, over-shaped, space-saving design, so you can safely keep it on your night table. It is FCC certified and provides quiet operation, so you and your baby won’t get disturbed. You can control the amount of moisture it adds to the air. The auto shut-off function comes handy when it runs out of water. Being sleek and lightweight, you can carry it during travels.


Ever wondered why rocking works like magic for putting babies to sleep? 

Numerous studies have proven that rocking i.e. the rhythmic motions help calm down the baby by synchronizing the brain waves. Further, it is also found that rocking is equally effective for adults as well. No wonder why it will be a nice-to-have product in your nursery. (16

This Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker has two recline positions and a stationary seating position for feeding and playing. You can insert batteries to use the calming vibration feature to soothe your little one. It can bear up to 40lbs of weight and has a removable toy bar at the top for visual stimulation. The seat pad is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about spills and mess.

Age-appropriate toys

Did you know: Toys are not just meant for keeping the babies occupied. They play a vital role in promoting cognitive, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing in infants as well as toddlers. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that parents must buy age-appropriate toys to facilitate the developmental process. 

This iPlay, iLearn 10pcs Baby toys set is one such product that we highly recommend for infants and babies. These toys adhere to CPSC standards and provide a variety of shape, grip, and task to provide multiple sensory stimulations. Some of them are just for grab and play, some of them play music, whereas some others are colorfully designed to provide visual stimulation.

Diaper changing mats

Did you know: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the diaper changing station must be wipe-cleaned with soapy water or a disinfectant spray to reduce the spread of germs. Disposable diaper liners can cut down this task for you. You can simply spread them on the diaper changing area and, when you are done, you can simply throw them in the washing machine, saving hours of cleanup time. 

This set of 3 BlueSnail Bamboo Quilted Thicker Longer Waterproof Changing Pad Liners are sized appropriately to last for years until your child has outgrown the diapering stage. The quilted design with 4 layers of bamboo fiber makes them extra absorbent for accidents. They are machine-washable and dryer friendly. They can fit on any changing pad or dresser.

Crib Bumpers

Warning: If you are a new parent, please note that bumpers are totally optional, as many of them pose a choking hazard. Studies have indicated that the baby’s head can get stuck between them causing choking. They can even fall on the baby causing difficulty in breathing. Further, as babies grow, they can use the bumpers to climb up the crib, increasing the chances of crib falls. But, not all bumpers are choking hazards. In fact, recently manufacturers have reviewed their designs and have come up with products that are safer and smarter. Such products do not fall over the baby, so they are not choking hazards.

This TILLYOU Baby Safe Crib Bumper Pad is one such product. The bumpers are made of 100% microfiber polyester and padded with high-density microfiber filling that provides adequate protection to your baby. They attach to the crib using long and short ties and they are more reliable and secure than other baby bumpers.

Swaddling clothes

Myth: A receiving blanket can be used for swaddling an infant, so buying a swaddling cloth is not required.

Truth: You can obviously use any type of cloth to swaddle your baby but studies have indicated that loose clothing and poor swaddling practices can cause choking. The cloth can get unwrapped and fall on the baby’s face, causing difficulty breathing. (17)

This is why we strongly recommend that you must buy a dedicated swaddling cloth designed to provide comfort to your baby while keeping him safe. The SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK is one such trustworthy product. Unlike receiving blankets, it has wings that can be fastened to prevent unwrapping. Even if it gets wrapped, the wings will not fall on your baby’s face.

Crib skirt

Crib skirts help you hide the unpleasant mess in your baby’s room. 

Yes, you will have endless varieties of diapers, creams, lotions, clothes, blankets, etc. in the nursery and yes, you will find absolutely no time to arrange them properly. Crib skirts can be used to hide these messy storage spaces beneath the crib. Many prefer to go without them but they enhance the visual appearance of the nursery. 

This TILLYOU White Crib Skirt has a classic ruffled look. It is made of 100% polyester microfiber and adheres to CPSIA and CPSC standards. They are available in various cute colors. You can machine-wash them to maintain their hygiene.

Baby gym

Did you know: Baby gyms are not just for keeping the baby busy watching something colorful. Studies have proven that they improve hand-eye coordination, boost cognitive development, stimulate various sensory organs, and encourage movement. 

This gender-neutral Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym is one such toy that your baby can use during his infancy and toddler years. There are 5 repositionable toys to promote tummy time. The piano can be played while sitting or can be removed and played while on the tummy. The mat is made of soft thick material to provide adequate cushioning to your baby. It has loops on which you can attach the toys. You can machine-wash it. 

Travel essentials


Car seat

Did you know: Motor accidents are the number one cause of death in children aged 12 and below in the US. Moreover, every year almost 120,000 children get injured due to motor vehicle crashes and the main reason behind it is improper or no car seat usage. So, the moment your little one has arrived, you would need an infant car seat. (18)

We have done all the necessary research for you and have chosen this Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat. It is compatible with all chicco strollers and features a 5-point harness system with one hand tightener for your baby’s comfort and safety. It has the removable newborn head and body support to accommodate infants safely. The backrest is made of breathable mesh to prevent overheating.

Diaper bag

Thought you would need a baby bottle, a few diapers, and wipes while heading out to your nearby park for a short break? 

Think again; you would probably be requiring a cap, a diaper changing mat, a nursing cover, a baby gym, some extra warm clothes, sun protection, and much more. No matter how short or long your trip is, while traveling with an infant, you will have to head out fully-prepared. Diaper bags can help you carry a lot of stuff conveniently. 

The RUVALINO Multifunction Travel BackPack for moms comes with a changing pad and includes two big zipper closure compartments and 16 pockets to store almost everything, right from the baby bottles to your car keys. The bag has extra-wide openings, so you can easily dig out whatever you need. It has an easy-grab handle and economically designed shoulder pads and back for your comfort.

Portable diaper changing mats

Did you know: The diaper changing stations at public places are not hygienic enough to let your baby lie on them directly. Further, babies can be messy and spoil the station before you could realize. This is why mommies must carry a portable diaper changing mat with them.   

The Comfy Clubs Portable Changing Pad can be of great help whenever you are away from home. It is a very lightweight, compact, foldable pad that you can comfortably fit in your purse or diaper bag. The stylish design gives it a clutch-like look. It is durable and waterproof. You can just wipe it clean when done. The size is big enough for infants as well as toddlers.


Did you know: Almost 50% of new moms suffer from back pain during the first year of their motherhood. Carrying your baby around can add up to the pain and make the recovery process difficult and lengthy, which is why strollers are highly recommended for going out with a baby. 

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller has a unique Tricycle-style design which makes it easier to maneuver. The tires are of bicycle quality, so pushing the stroller requires minimum effort. The front wheel has a locking mechanism, so you can set it to go straight. It has a weight limit of 50lbs and comes with a parent tray and a baby tray for holding some basic stuff. The seat can be reclined and has a 5-point harness system.


We have already mentioned in this article that the standard alcohol-based wipes can cause excessive dryness to your baby’s skin. Therefore, we recommend this WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes which contains 99.9% water and just 0.1% fruit extract. In the bathing and clothing essentials section, we have explained why these wipes are the top-selling products for babies with sensitive skin. You can buy a large pack, which comes with individual small packs that you can carry during travels.


Socks help keep baby’s feet warm and comfortable while they are outdoors. 

We have already listed Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Terry Socks in the bathing and dressing essentials section. These socks have a pull-on closure, so they won’t fall off. You can also buy this set of LA Active Grip Ankle Socks that are perfect for being used with shoes. They have anti-skid grip, so your kids can play on the floor wearing them without the fear of skidding.


Did you know: Almost 7-10 % of your body’s heat escapes through your feet. This helps regulate body temperature and prevent overheating but babies need to stay warm indoors as well as outdoors. Socks are sufficient for indoors but when heading out, you would need a pair of booties along with socks. 

This pair of Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Cozy Fleece Booties are made with 100% polyester and comes with a snap-on closure. The fleece cover helps keep the feet warm and cozy. These booties are machine-washable, so you can keep them clean and hygienic even if you travel a lot.


Did you know: On an average, babies can catch cold 8-10 times a year during their first two years. This is due to their immature immune system. So, you must not take a chance with them. You must make them wear an additional layer of cloth than what you are wearing. 

While heading out, this Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Hooded Sweater with Sherpa Lining will help keep your little one warm and cozy. The sherpa lining is the best way to provide warmth to the newborns during cold weather. It is hooded with two 3D ears that add to its cuteness. The full zip closure helps new moms put it on quickly.

Sun caps

Warning: Numerous studies have concluded that strong sun exposure during the first few months of babies increases their chances of suffering from UV-rays related diseases including cancer and melanoma. At this age, their skin is thin and vulnerable. So, you must ensure that they are as much covered as possible while going out. A sun cap can be of great help. 

This i play. by green sprouts Baby UPF 50+ Sun Protection Flap Hat is extremely helpful for protecting the baby’s head, neck, and eyes while being in the sun. The adjustable toggle helps get a customized fit whereas the tie strap helps keep it in place. The liner of the cap is made of breathable fabric, so it won’t heat your baby’s head.


Car seat covers

Myth: Car seats already come with a washable pad, so you don’t need to buy an additional cover for it. 

Truth: You do need it to protect it from dust, dirt, and germs. When you are not using it, the cover can safely enclose the seat and keep it hygienic for the next use. 

The Acrabros Stretchy Baby Car Seat Covers are not only meant for enclosing the seats but also the baby, thereby providing them adequate protection against wind, dirt, snow, drizzle, etc. There is a separate zipper, so you don’t need to remove the whole cover for removing the baby. When not in use, the cover can fold up into a compact square for convenient storage.

Sun shades for car windows

Warning: The UV rays from sunlight are not just harmful for the baby’s eyes but also for its skin. Prolonged exposure may even lead to cancer, permanent damage to the retina, and skin allergies and burns. 

Don’t settle down with the standard sunshades for cars because now you can buy certified sunshades that are proven to block 99.79% of UVA and 99.95% of UVB. The Kinder Fluff Car window shades are the only ones that have 15s static protective Film paired with 80 GSM mesh. These shades do not use any suction cup. They use static energy to attach to your vehicle, no matter which one it is. You can conveniently fold them in circles for storage.

Portable bed or playpen

Infants sleep for typically 16-17 hours a day during the first few months.

Nap times are crucial for babies but providing them a comfortable, cozy, and safe sleeping environment can be challenging for parents when they are outdoors or traveling. Thankfully, portable beds or playpens are extremely helpful for such situations. 

This Lulyboo Infant Travel Bed is one such product meant for parents who travel a lot and even for those who want to enjoy weekends outdoors. It can be easily converted into a backpack for convenient transportation. The waterproof bottom helps maintain its hygiene. It also has a removable activity bar that helps keep the baby busy when he is awake. You can also use it as a changing station.

Stroller rain covers

Did you know: The stroller rain covers are not just meant for protecting your baby against rain. They are also helpful for keeping babies safe from mosquitoes, dust, dirt, wind, snow, and cold. 

The Bemece Stroller Rain Cover fits well in almost all strollers, prams, and pushchair buggies. It has a large see-through window, so babies won’t mind sitting inside. This window also makes it easier for you to take the baby out without removing the cover entirely. It is made of non-toxic EVA film and has air holes to let fresh air in. The velcro straps help keep the cover in place even during windy days.

Nursing covers

Did you know: A nursing cover doesn’t just let the mother breastfeed discreetly but also prevents the baby from getting distracted. 

The keababies Nursing Cover for Baby Breastfeeding is made of premium quality, breathable, stretchy fabric, so both mother and baby will feel comfortable inside. Unlike many cheaper varieties, it is an opaque fabric, so you will get maximum privacy. Further, it covers the mommy and baby from all sides, giving you 360 degree protection. The cover is machine-washable and can be used as a car seat canopy. It comes in a storage box that can be used to keep it clean during travels.

Baby carrier

Confused between carrier and stroller? 

Don’t worry; you are not alone. Most parents want to provide everything they can to the new bundle of joy in their life and yet, they want to avoid anything that can become a clutter soon. While both of them are equally good, each has its own benefit. Strollers let the baby see the surroundings comfortably and sleep well when needed. Carriers let the newborns stay closer to their parents. Babies like the touch of their parents and can comfortably sleep in it as well. 

This Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier helps you carry your baby as you; facing in as well as facing out. It comes with a 2-in-1 bib to protect the carrier and clothes from spitups. It is adjustable, so your child won’t outgrow it soon. You can adjust the seat, the leg opening, straps, and waist belt. You can even machine-wash it.

Stroller toys

Many strollers come with a few toys that you can attach to the removable bar, so babies can enjoy them while they are not sleeping. However, the little ones are most likely to get bored with them quicker than you imagine. Give them more chances to stay calm in the stroller by changing the toys frequently. 

Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch is perfect for strollers of all sizes and brands. It has 8 different activities to promote cognitive and fine motor skills. Even if your stroller doesn’t have a toy bar, you can still attach it using the universal attachment clip. The arch can be adjusted to position itself as suitable for your baby. It also comes with a teether to keep the baby busy.

Once your little bundle of joy has arrived, your expenses will skyrocket, so you must spend wisely and buy only those things that you can’t do with and not those that will soon start gathering dust. Most baby registries often list products that can be avoided but they still list them because they want you to buy more from them. We understand that the registry can confuse you, but our above list won’t. This extensive, all-inclusive list is a result of weeks of research that our team conducted to figure out the products that a new parent would genuinely need. We hope it helps you. Do not forget to check out our checklist of things that parents would need for their babies once they are 3 months old.