Cesarean Delivery and Breastfeeding Form Babies

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Cesarean Delivery and Breastfeeding Form Babies

Cesarean childbirth is an alternative for women who do not want normal vaginal birth or hs risk for vaginal birth. Caesarean birth commonly called a c-section which requires serious planning to minimize the effects that may result.


A side effect that may result from less planning surgery is the length of the recovery process and the inability of mothers to breastfeed after giving birth. However, it will not be long because the mother can breastfeed after they totally recovered. Mother will soon be able to breastfeed as a mother who gave normal birth. Breast milk can be out directly after surgery.

Sometimes, mother who had just given birth with cesarean was worried about the side effects caused by painkillers. Anesthetic is usually given in some places while performing surgery. However, this medicine will not adversely affecting baby. Babies will only feel sleepy and less active when he is drinking breast milk because of the impact of drugs flowing in his blood. Drug would not have a prolonged effect. Besides anestesic, another medicine which are usually given is pain medications. This medication is usually given after a cesarean childbirth through IV and then pills. It will help stimulate the breast milk to come out and stimulate the hormone oxytocin for uterine recovery. But if things happen that are not desirable due to the use of these drugs, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Another very important note is cesarean post cesarean surgery is finding a comfortable place for nursing. Please do not hesitate to ask for help a family or nurse to get a comfortable nursing position. This is very important for mom’s recovery and the baby to have comfortable place to get his nutrition.

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