Causes of Diapers Rash and the Treatment Ways

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Causes of Diapers Rash and the Treatment Ways

When you have a baby, you have to build awareness that every single thing about him can be managed and controlled by you. Because, your baby is depending on you for his care, and if something is wrong with him, he can only rely on you to fix it.


Everything about the baby should be carefully monitored, including his skin condition as well as the diapers usage. Because, both of them are significantly affecting your baby’s comfort.

There are several problems that can be caused by the diapers usage. One of them is the skin rash, which is usually occurring on the diapering area. It is red and sometimes could cause discomfort for your baby. Therefore, prevention as well as treatment is needed. The rash is usually happened when the baby is four to eight months old. In addition, the older he gets, the rash could occur more often.

The rash is usually happened to the children who have high intensity of stools. It is also often happen to a baby who suffers from diarrhea. For essential cause, the rash is happening because of the baby’s skin is not fully cleaned and dried. It can also cause by the skin is exposed to the stools. The skin could be fragile, and the result is that it can be easily turned when it is rubbed. It can also cause by the yeast infection or a bacterial. Besides, the diaper material can also be the cause if your baby is allergic to it.

If your baby has this rash, do not worry since it can be treated and would not last long. However, if your baby’s rash is last longer than two to three days, it is better to take him to the doctor. Especially if the rash is combined with a fever or the rash have pus filled sores because it can be more severe illness.

To prevent the development of the rash, it is best to clean your baby’s diaper as soon as possible. Moreover, clean the area thoroughly. Do not use scented or alcohol wipes. If you need to use helping instrument, you can use a gentle soap. To clean the area, do not rub it. You can just use the water pistol. In addition, when you dry the area, just pat it and do not rub it. Furthermore, make sure that you have fully dried the area before you were applying some lotion. Remember not use the lotion with steroids ingredients without doctor prescription. In addition, if you already applying the lotion, put on a diaper but do not make it too tight. Make it slightly lose to make sure that the stools do not tightly contact the skin.

The rash is indeed a common thing for a baby. However, it is better if you can minimize the occurrence because it makes the baby uncomfortable. Moreover, always be cautious about the unusual and severe rash. Do not take it lightly because it could be very painful and even more difficult to treat.

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