Best Gifts For 9 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

‘I’m bored’ are the two little dreadful words that the tweens repeated say, especially to their parents. Despite having many games, puzzles, and building blocks, it is not uncommon for the 9 year olds to complain that they have nothing enjoyable and that they need something else.

Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

Ten year olds are quite tricky to deal with. Their teenage years are rapidly approaching and they have already started looking and acting more maturely. At this age, you never really know what they want. They are eager to try all those things that you have been asking them to avoid. At the same time, their taste for things has changed dramatically.

List of Emotions for Kids – Names of Facial Expressions

One of the most important and stressful elements of any new parents life is learning to read their child’s emotions. As their young boy or girl grows older, he/she will learn how to express themselves through a number of sounds, but also through their own unique facial expressions.

Best Superhero Toys for Toddlers Reviews

When we were kids, we used to dream of doing great things just like our favorite superheroes. We wanted to live a double life like them and save the world from bad guys, while still keeping our identity hidden.

An Almost Father’s Day Gift

So here is how it was planned in my head. We would make key chains for Father’s Day. They would be in the shape of keys with little drawings on each and a card attached to read “you hold the key to my heart” (because in this house daddy definitely holds that key.) Sounds very sweet, right?

Best Ride On Toys For Big Kids Reviews

One of the most defining moments in a kid’s life is when they get their first ride on toy, whether it be an electric scooter or a four-wheel cart, the child will cherish that memory for life.