Baby’s Common Disease and How to Take It Care

Knowing the physical condition of the baby is important for parents. Because of the baby’s immune system is still not stable, the physical condition of the baby is susceptible to various diseases.

Book Sharing With 6-To-8-Month-Old Baby: Time to Learn and Play

Book Sharing with 6-to-8-month-old Baby is actually very fun way to teach your baby. By books, baby can learn pictures and words with the help of the parents. This activity will increase the communication skill so that he’ll be prepared for school.

Breast Feeding Best Timing

For a newly born baby, they usually have not able to take any solid meal. Their digestion system has not able to processing the food, and they do not have any teeth so it will be difficult for them to chew on his food.

Babies Sleeping Position

When parents hear SIDS, it is really scary, and they may imagine many terrible things related to that. However, parents may do not know that simple matter like babies’ sleeping position can be the cause of SIDS.