Baby Nursery Essentials Every Parent Needs

The excitement that comes with having a baby and, consequently, the need to prepare a baby nursery can be overwhelming. Expecting parents have tons in their to-dos when preparing for the little one’s arrival, and buying the right baby essentials is not the least.

8 Month Baby

An 8-month baby is very active and eager to explore new surroundings. He or she is becoming increasingly curious of the world around them and will start to comprehend what things are and how they work.

9 Month Baby

Your baby is now three-quarters of a year old and is fast approaching their first birthday. They’re probably very active by now and may even be crawling.

10 Month Baby

It may seem like only yesterday that your baby was content with sitting on the floor propped up by a pillow and watching the world go by.

11 Month Baby

11-month babies are incredibly active and curious beings that are constantly discovering new things that they can do with their bodies.

12 Month Baby

It might feel like only yesterday that your baby first entered the outside world, and now their first birthday is right around the corner.