Calming Fussy Babies Is Easy

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Calming Fussy Babies Is Easy

Fussy baby is healthy. Parents should be patient in dealing with a fussy baby. Fussy baby has a few reasons. Hungry or bedwetting is the most frequent reason.


One of the easiest things to do is carry the baby to calm them. Carry them with a warm blanket. This will make the baby feel safe because being around people who love him. Hold the baby and hug her. It makes the baby feel comfortable and safe. Take walks with the baby carrier to provide a calming body motion for infants.

Besides that, calming the baby with a soft song is a very useful thing. Soothing voice will make the baby feel in the womb. Another voice can make a baby is quiet fan noise, white noise device, and the sound of the heartbeat.

Do not overfeed the baby. Give two to two and a half hour meal pause. Full stomach makes babies uncomfortable and fussy. Finger or thumb will help the baby when feeding time is not yet come. Thumb sucking would be a distraction from eating.

Infant sensitivity to some types of foods can also make a fussy baby. Make sure the mother did the right diet to reduce caffeine and spicy food so babies do not eat that through breast milk. Infant formulas that do not fit well can both because baby become a little bit more sensitive. Reduce the portion of milk gradually and consult your doctor if the baby proved to be sensitive to a particular brand of formula. Do not give dairy when the baby is crying, awakened, or eating.. Note how long it takes a baby to get back on the milk. Consult to your doctor. Do not forget to limit the infant sleep time. Baby can sleep a maximum of three hours at the noon.

A very important thing to be kept is your emotions. Do not shake the baby’s body. Put the baby on the bed and calm yourself. Consult to your doctor if you experience stress.

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