Building Cognitive Intelligence for 8-12 Month Baby

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Building Cognitive Intelligence for 8-12 Month Baby

Infants in the age range of eight to twelve months can learn specific things with. Although you see it more troublesome and cannot be silent, in fact, they are very excited to see all the things around.


Suppose all objects calling your baby to touch and identify further. Growing old, he will pay attention more detail and depth of the objects that he faced. However, motor activity cannot be limited.

Funny, your child will be more interested in you than the toy itself tooling. If any toys are not going to make dissatisfied, they will still roam the kitchen, bedroom, den, deep into your closet. This is an adventure for that great curiosity, and you can steer their intelligence. You have to be more creative to deal with it. Use objects that are easy to use like putting a spoon; to distinguish the color of clothes, preparing cushion is also a stimulating activity. For the game, choose gradually from a simple detail to the most intricate detail. Complicated toy without the guide will not make it smart.

This time also you need to be careful placing of goods. Your baby can feel and try out any object they can get. They will do things to recognize objects that they get, throwing, biting, knocking, tearing, or whatever. You have to show how the thing works, and prevent your baby from harm. Texture, shape, color, size, weight, everything will take him to recognize objects that they won. Most babies use their mouths to identify objects as items that can or cannot eat.

During these months, their brains will collect data each object and group them into different categories. It is important to build their memory of the objects they refer to are no longer able to recognize it again. You can try to play guess, or try to compare multiple items with the same texture. Your baby will drift permanently recognize and identify with specific terms.

In the end, you will see your baby has been able to identify objects and understand their functions. Stimulation you will greatly affect this. You can make it mimic you, but you also have to give an explanation to enrich memory. Especially when you want to make your baby recognize on variety objects that they rarely encountered. For the parent’s guide, all this stimulation is really vital to build your baby cognitive intelligence in the future.

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