Building Cognitive Intelligence for 4-7 Month Baby

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Building Cognitive Intelligence for 4-7 Month Baby

Baby was designed to learn about the disease since he was a newborn. As a parent, you sometimes became curious indeed, the extent to which your baby has been learning and growing.


Actually all babies will learn and develop best when they are given the proper stimulation. You will easily be able to recognize it from his reaction to the discomfort. Over time, you can see your baby adapt and respond to their baby’s style. This proved your baby development, especially in the first four months of a baby’s life in the world.

After four years, you have to teach the principle of cause and effect. Baby you should know what actions can trigger a response d area. They have to see how he dropped the ball rolling, to understand the origin of the sounds of musical instruments and learn to know your response to their behavior. This experiment would be interesting for them to learn, and appealing to parent to find out how fast your child learns to any kind of response.

Many new things they have learned during this time. How you tinkling piano, forks and plates do reads even damaged items when they drop. Their sensitivity to all things that cause a reaction with the surrounding environment is important to build. Baby has much to learn about facial expressions; you can do so by making a funny face or creepy together. This is a fun yet meaningful stimulation for the developing baby. More and more expressions they learn the better.

Especially need to give your child objects to stimulate them. All the theory that you cannot teach to speak, but they learn from practice, see and hear. Do not need a complicated case, Newton’s laws or anything. You also have to soothe them when you go to another room, put or hide toys like playing peek a boo. This is the stimulation that they recognize their usual consistency familiar objects. That all objects in all around could be the same, but could be different, you will teach them more about this later.

This stimulation is not going to run complicated. It is enough to give them the sense that some things will cause a reaction, either pleasant or unpleasant feeling. They will get what you mean when they read with good response.

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