Breast milk Reaction to the Consumption of the Mother

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Breast milk Reaction to the Consumption of the Mother

Pregnancy is one magical process that shows us women body has such incredible system where they can actually create a life inside of their wound.


And the fact that they will be sharing their body with the fetus is also amazing, if you think about how they will split the nutrition that the body contains. Therefore, it is indeed important to pregnant women to carefully pay attention to anything that she consumes. Because, it could affecting the fetus as well and to have the high rate of alcohol, sodas, caffeine, and the chemical ingredient entering your body would likely cause some negative effect for the fetus.

Not only the pregnancy period, the breastfeeding period is also very magical and incredible. Imagine how a woman could produce milk filled with food as their baby’s first consumption. Even if the science has managed to answer that scientifically, it is indeed still amazing to know what women’s body capable of. At this time, most of the women are also paying a careful attention to their food and beverage. Because, in general opinion, it will also affecting the breast milk quality. However, it is actually not entirely true, because the truth is the breast milk does not entirely depend on the mother’s consumption.

A woman who is breastfeeding is indeed needed to take food with calories and nutrition as much as she could. However, it is not necessary for the breast milk quality, but more to the mother’s body condition. Because, the breast milk that are produced by the mammary glands are already absorbing the first flow of whatever food entering the body and the mother will have to take what is left. Therefore, it is important to have a good consumption, so that the left over food will not be that poor.

Even though the kind of consumption entering the mother’s body is not really affecting the breast milk quality, some especially kind of consumption should be carefully considered. Alcohol, caffeine, and un prescribed drugs are examples of the kind of consumption should be decreased. Because, some baby could be more sensitive than the other could, that he could be affected by the composition that the milk contains. For example, the baby could get sleepy so easily. Therefore, always aware of the changes and reaction that the baby shows due to the kind of consumption that the mother have.

Furthermore, some other factor could also affect the breast milk quality. For example, the drugs that entering the body in the process of childbirth could have several effect for the baby. During epidural blocks, the mother might have some drugs and other kind of anesthesia directly injected. This could affect the breast milk quality; therefore, you should really be more careful with that. Furthermore, it will be better if you tell your doctors, including your obstetrician and anesthesiologist, that you are going to breastfeeding your baby beforehand, so he knows how much drugs could he gives you safely. With such understanding of breastfeeding and how to make the process smooth and proper, it will definitely be easier for you to deal with your baby’s first period of consumption.

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