Breast Feeding Necessity and Benefit

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Breast Feeding Necessity and Benefit

Breastfeeding is one of the most important times in a baby life. This is the time when he gets to have his nutrition needs fulfilled. This is also the time when the bond between the mother and the baby is created. The breastfeeding is indeed useful if you are looking at it from any point of view.


The breast feeding is beneficial for your baby because it is the source of nutrition for the first time of his life. The breast milk contains many Colostrum, which is the main nutrition component for a baby. It also provides the baby immunity of infectious illness. Research has been conducted, and the result shows that the baby that is breast fed are more likely to be able to hold their health after they grow up. Some of the disease that can be prevent by breast feeding, for example, the bacterial growth, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, and Ear infection. The breast feeding also helps prevent the carried illness such as asthma and neuron problems.

Not only for the baby, breast feeding is also useful for the mother. It is releasing your hormone after you gave the child birth. It also helps to prevent you from engorgement because of the breast filled with exceed milk. Therefore, your breast will not be swollen and painful. It also helps you burn your calories and postponing the menstruation. Therefore, your body will stay fit and the iron in your body will last longer. In addition, for the perfection, the breast feeding is useful since it gives you a stronger bones as well as help to prevent ovarian cancer.

With such benefits mentioned above, we can see that the breast feeding is indeed highly useful for the baby as well as for the mother. Therefore, it is very recommended. Especially, for a newly born baby with large needs of nutrition. Do it regularly for the best result and keep the consistency to a better state of physical condition.

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