Book Sharing With 6-To-8-Month-Old Baby: Time to Learn and Play

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Book Sharing With 6-To-8-Month-Old Baby: Time to Learn and Play

Book Sharing with 6-to-8-month-old Baby is actually very fun way to teach your baby. By books, baby can learn pictures and words with the help of the parents. This activity will increase the communication skill so that he’ll be prepared for school.


Book Sharing before bedtime could be a fun routine to do. You may turn off the TV, and get a book for your baby. The routine can be started with the parents reading the story and making the baby read along or to copy the expression shown in the book. This routine will help your baby prevent bedtime struggles. Putting him in the crib and letting him fall asleep alone will minimize the chance for the baby to wake up at midnight.

What The Baby Can Do:

  • Pay attention to a book for a few minutes at a time
  • Hold onto a book and touch the pictures
  • Taste a book
  • Copy some of the sounds you say and the expression on your face

What Parents Can Do:

  • Look for a comfortable, tranquil, safe place for book sharing
  • Express pictures with your hands, face, and voice
  • Enjoy a game of copying your baby playing with books
  • Help your baby turn the book’s pages
  • Name and point to the figure your baby is keen on

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