Best Travel Cribs Reviews

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Best Travel Cribs Reviews

Whether you are taking your baby to his grandma’s house for a weekend or you are off for a long summer vacation, traveling with kids is definitely stressful.


The place you are staying in may not be baby-proofed, so you may not be able to find a comfortable and safe place for your little one to snooze off or play. This is the reason why many parents prefer carrying portable travel cribs with them. The best travel cribs are designed to provide a high-level of comfort and safety to your little one. They are lightweight and fold up quickly. Most of the travel crib toddlers come with covers so you can simply hang them on your shoulders. The best travel cribs can even double-up as a play area when your child is in a playful mood. Since it will a crib that you have selected, it is going to be much safer than what you can expect from the hotel you are staying.

Choosing the best portable crib is certainly time-consuming, as you have a lot of factors to consider. To make things easier for you, we have done extensive research and have come up with a list of the 10 best travel cribs that will suit your budget as well as your travel needs. From very basic travel cribs toddlers to some of the expensive, feature-rich portable infant sleepers, this list is thoughtfully crafted for parents who do not want to compromise with the safety and comfort of their kids, no matter what.

Best Travel Cribs At A Glance

Below is our list of the 10 best baby travel beds that can help you travel like a pro and have maximum fun and minimum fuss. But, before we look into it in detail, let’s have a brief look at the features and specifications of the toddler travel cots that make them worthy enough to be included in our list.

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome

Winner of 2017 innovation award by JPMA, this portable infant bed is a great choice for parents of infants who want to carry their baby along for outdoor trips. Whether you want to visit a beach or a park, this baby travel cot by Fisher-Price will keep your little one comfortable and entertained, while still protecting him from the sun and insects.

It is a dome-shaped portable baby cot that can be folded flat and has handles for easy carrying. The canopy is huge and it covers the dome fully. Perfect for using at home as well. It has a soft padding that will keep your baby comfortable when he is sleeping as well as during his playtime. This lightweight travel crib by Fisher-Price is perfect for infants.

The Good

  • This dome-shaped portable infant sleeper can be folded flat for transportation and storage.
  • Has handles for easily carrying it around.
  • There are two removable hanging toys.
  • The huge canopy protects the baby from the sun and insects.
  • It is one of the lightest travel cribs.
  • Can be used for sleeping and playing.

The Bad

  • The padding is thin. But, you can buy extra padding and cut it out to fit in this baby travel cot.
  • Only meant for babies who are less than 5 months old.

Final Thoughts

This portable infant sleeper is a great choice for new parents who want to be outdoors or travel a lot. You can even carry your baby in it to your office. It is easy to clean and is very lightweight, so being a new mom, you will be able to carry it easily. Definitely one of the best travel cribs.

Graco Pack 'n Play On the Go Playard

This Pack n play toddler travel cot is exactly what it sounds like. It is very easy to fold and store. When folded, it becomes very small in size and can be conveniently carried or stored. Carry bag is included with it. It has automatic folding feet and wheels for further mobility.

Designed to make your travel easier, this is one of the best travel cribs with a durable frame and, therefore, it can be used for napping as well as for playtime fun. A full-size removable bassinet is included in it. Can be used for babies under 15 lbs and unable to push up on hands and knees.

The Good

  • Rated as one of the best baby travel beds, this product features a push-button fold technology that lets you fold it down within seconds.
  • Has automatic folding feet and wheels, which make it further compact.
  • This is a two-in-one travel crib toddler. Can be used for sleeping and, when your baby has outgrown the bassinet, it can be used as a playard.
  • Comes with a full-sized removable bassinet.
  • The playard can accommodate children less than 35” tall.
  • Comes with a toy bar and a few toys.

The Bad

  • The mattress provided with it is thin.
  • Assembly requires some time.

Final Thoughts

Rated as one of the best baby travel beds, this product by Graco can be used for at least a few years. Initially, you can use it as a bassinet holder and then, it can double up as a bed as well as a playard. Therefore, it definitely deserves to be included in our list of the best travel cribs.

Lotus Travel Crib

If you are looking for the lightest travel crib that can be easily carried anywhere, even in aeroplane, this portable infant bed by Lotus is definitely for you. It comes as a complete kit with a compact backpack carrying case. The manufacturer claims that you can set it up in just 15 seconds.

It also claims that it is the only playard that holds a GreenGuard Gold non-toxic certification. It can be used as a crib as well as a playard. The sides are made of mesh and have a zipper for secure closing. Babies usually enjoy the zipper-style entry to their playard, as it gives them the freedom to find their way in and out. Counted among the best portable cribs, it is ASTM F406-11B approved too.

The Good

  • This is an ASTM approved and GreenGuard Gold certified travel crib toddler.
  • Lightweight, portable, and comes with a backpack cover.
  • No Phthalates. No Lead. No PBE or PBDE Flame Retardants. Full-side breathable mesh.
  • The side door has zip for easy entry.
  • Can be set up in 15 seconds.
  • Has removable and machine washable crib cover.

The Bad

  • This product is expensive as compared to the other lightweight travel cribs.
  • It doesn’t have a mesh cover on its top.

Final Thoughts

If it suits your budget, this is definitely one of the best travel cribs for parents who travel a lot. You can use it at home as well. Since it can be used as a playard, the price is quite justified.

Graco Travel Lite Crib with Stages

This is a one-of-its-kind portable travel crib that lets you adjust the height of the bassinet to keep your baby safe from falls. The bassinet is removable and has a large canopy to protect your baby from direct sunlight during day-outings. There are soft toys that will give him a lot of playtime fun.

Once your baby starts sitting, this toddler travel cot can double up as a playard. The manufacturer claims that it has a space-saving design and it is about 20% smaller than their traditional playards. This baby travel cot can also be used for small rooms or apartments, as it can pass through the doors easily.

The Good

  • This travel crib toddler comes with a height-adjustable and removable bassinet.
  • The bottom of the crib has a thick mattress that can be used for sleeping.
  • It is very compact and comes with a carry bag.
  • Designed for newborns to children up to 35” tall.
  • 20% more compact in size than other traditional playards.
  • Has wheels for easy mobility.

The Bad

  • Mattress sheets not included with this toddler travel cot.
  • The toys are velcroed and not looped into the canopy. Once your baby starts pulling them they could fall directly on him but they are soft toys, so they won’t hurt him.

Final Thoughts

The compactness of this lightweight travel crib makes it a great choice for parents who own a small home or apartment, although your child could outgrow it sooner than the other best travel cribs listed here. Since it has three stages of height adjustment, you don’t have to break your back while handling him.

BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light

Counted among the best baby travel beds, this product by Babybjorn is easy to set up and move. You can use it at home to make your baby sleep in the same room where you are. You can also carry this along for your holidays, sleepovers, and your stay at grandma's house. The fabric is removable and washable and, therefore, keeping it clean is not going to be a challenging task for you.

This toddler travel cot has mesh fabric on all its side so that you can keep an eye on your baby from any direction. It can also double up as a playard. The legs of this crib are slightly angled which gives it extra stability as compared to many other best travel cribs listed here. Can be used by newborns to children up to 3 years of age.

The Good

  • This travel crib toddler is very easy to set up and fold.
  • The mattress that comes with this portable infant sleeper is thicker than the other competitive products.
  • It has a very stable frame and high-quality airy mess along its sides.
  • Can be used by newborns as well as 3-year-old toddler.
  • It is Oeko Tex Certified.
  • Can fit through the doorways.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t come with a separate bassinet for the newborn period.
  • It is expensive as compared to many other portable baby cots listed here.

Final Thoughts

It is a very comfortable and safe travel crib. The durable and stylish carrying case makes it further easier to carry it along, even in the flights. Since it can be used by kids up to 3 years old, it is totally worth its price.

Graco Pack 'n Play Portable Napper and Changer Playard

This is another thoughtfully-designed portable infant sleeper by Graco. It is much more than just a convenient and safe crib. This pack n play playard portable napper and changer comes with a removable bassinet that you can carry along anywhere in your home or outdoors. The napper and changer platforms can be switched easily.

It has a handy diaper stacker for your convenience. Once your infant outgrows the bassinet you can use it as a playard. What separates it from the other best travel cribs listed here is its unique single push-button fold technology. In fact, other than being the lightest travel crib, it is a portable baby care station that you can carry anywhere you want.

The Good

  • This portable travel crib comes with a removable bassinet and a reversible napper and changer station.
  • Although being lightweight, it is very spacious and can be used as a playard by kids who are under 35 inches tall.
  • Features a single push-button fold system.
  • Comes with a convenient carry bag.
  • Features 3 soft toys for your baby’s entertainment.
  • Has wheels for easy mobility.

The Bad

  • Assembly will require some time.
  • The napper/changer fabric is not removable and washable. It can only be wipe cleaned.

Final Thoughts

The price of this baby travel cot is simply unbeatable. It offers you a lot more than what you can expect from the other best travel cribs in the same price range. Although assembling it requires some time and patience, it’s worth the effort.

Brica Fold N' Go Travel Bassinet

This foldable portable infant sleeper bassinet is very inexpensive and is meant only to be used by kids who are less than 3 months old. It gives you the flexibility to take your baby out wherever you go without having to worry about his sleep. The padding is very soft and comfortable for your little one.

It has a locking tubular steel frame that makes it durable, foldable, as well as convenient to carry. Being one of the lightest travel cribs, it weighs less than 3 pounds. Comes with a removable, water-resistant mattress pad and fitted sheet.

The Good

  • It is a very lightweight and portable infant bed for babies who are less than 3 months old.
  • Perfect for travel. Can be used for a visit to the park, sleepovers, coffee meetings, stay at grandma’s house, camping trips, travels, etc.
  • Has a safe T-Lock system and a tubular steel frame.
  • To fold this baby travel cot, you just have to press the release button.
  • It is made of breathable fabric and has mesh sides for good airflow.
  • It is so compact that you can even fit it in a suitcase.

The Bad

  • The mattress is thin.
  • It is only meant for a few weeks of use but that’s why it is so inexpensive.

Final Thoughts

This portable travel crib is perfect for occasional use such as a camping trip, train travel, etc. If you already have a baby crib but need something more portable and lightweight for your newborn, this should serve your purpose. Great for new parents who want to take their little one out on weekends.

Chicco Lullago Travel Crib

If you are very specific about cleanliness, this Chicco travel crib toddler is meant for you. All the fabric parts are removable and washable and that's what separates it from many of the other best travel cribs whose fabric is usually spot-clean or wipe-clean type.

It is a one-piece top structure with snap-on legs. The feet of this baby cot is made of anti-slip material, so you don’t have to worry even when you accidentally bang on it. You can fold it in less than 1 minute and carry it with you in its matching carry bag. The mess windows make it airy and easy to supervise.

The Good

  • This portable baby cot has a one-piece top structure which makes it very safe and comfortable for the baby.
  • The snap-on legs can be removed as well as added within seconds.
  • Has anti-slip legs.
  • The fabric part is completely washable.
  • It has a very sturdy as well as lightweight frame.
  • Comes with a generously-sized carry bag for easy travel and storage.

The Bad

  • It sways when the baby moves.
  • Heavy to be carried in planes.

Final Thoughts

It is a very affordable travel crib toddler and, therefore, the lack of a few features such as a hanging toy bar, wheels for moving around the house, etc. gets covered up. Perfect for regular use as well as for traveling.

2in1 Stationary & Rock Mode Bassinet One-Second Fold Travel Crib

This portable baby cot is very versatile in use. It has a rocking mode that lets you soothe the baby and put him to sleep easily. The stationary mode can be used when the baby is sleeping or playing. It has breathable mesh all around it, making it airy for the baby and easier for you to supervise him.

 Being a lightweight travel crib, it has an easy pull-up button that you can use to fold it within seconds. It comes with its own carry bag for convenient transportation and storage. You can use it at home or carry it along for your work travels, holidays, or for a stay at grandma’s house. Rated as one of the best travel cribs, this 2 in 1 bassinet by MiClassic complies with all relevant CPSIA regulations.

The Good

  • It can be used as a rocking bassinet as well as a stationary portable infant bed.
  • It features a quick and easy pull-up and fold mechanism that helps you carry it anywhere you want in its own carry bag.
  • It is one of the lightest travel cribs.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Complies with all relevant CPSIA guidelines.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.

The Bad

  • The height of this portable infant bed is low. It could even be lower than your bed.
  • Its footprint is wider than other portable baby cots.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the most versatile and best baby travel bed, this stationary cum rocking bassinet by MiClassic deserves your attention. It is portable enough to be carried for journeys and can be set up quickly with minimum fuss. You can even use it as a rocking baby bed. What more can you expect from this really inexpensive travel crib toddler!

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Sweet Wonder Play Yard with Carry Bag

This pink and black colored toddler travel cot will add a lot of charm to your nursery. It can be used as a lightweight travel crib as well as a baby bed for home. Manufactured by Disney, it is a very spacious and sturdy product with lots of pockets to hold your baby’s stuff.

The bassinet has breathable mesh on all its sides which makes it easier to supervise your baby. Counted among the best portable crib, it can also be used as a playard during fun time. There are wheels that make it easier to move this portable infant sleeper from one room to another. For vacations and travels, you can simply fold it and pack it in its carry bag.

The Good

  • This foldable and portable infant bed is perfect for home use as well as for travels.
  • Very spacious with organizational pouches and a removable toy hanger.
  • Can be used as playard as well.
  • Has open breathable mesh on its sides.
  • Being a portable infant sleeper, it has two wheels for easy mobility and comes with its own carry bag.
  • Has locking indicators that tell you when the crib has been unfolded and locked correctly.

The Bad

  • Assembly is time-consuming but you can refer the YouTube tutorials for help.
  • If overloaded, the side organizational shelf can fall off but can be attached again.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other Disney products, this travel crib toddler too is a great choice for parents who want something portable but not boring. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. The storage space is very helpful while changing.

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The Lightest Travel Crib – Overview

Travel cribs toddlers are highly recommended for parents who want to take their kids for holidays, work-related travel, and family visits. They are very compact and can be folded to easily fit into car trunks. The lightest travel cribs can even fit in the hand luggage and can be carried in flight. They are ideal for parents who you want to enjoy being out of the house without bothering about the comfort and safety of their babies. The best travel cribs listed here are safe, comfortable, as well as lightweight. Most of them can be folded and set-up with just one click, which makes them extremely easy to use. Many of them can even double-up as a playard for the babies, which again justifies their price. Some of the best baby travel cribs listed here also feature a removable bassinet or changing table that can make your work much easier. A few of them also have storage shelves.

The lightweight travel cribs listed above can also be used at home in place of the regular cribs, but they are specifically designed for travel purposes and, therefore, they lack a few fancy features that the regular ones have. However, we strongly recommend that you must always choose minimalistic portable travel cribs. The fewer accessories and fancy features they will have, the lighter they will be in weight. Moreover, minimalistic portable baby cots can be folded into a very compact size, which can make it easier to be carried in hand luggage. This is the reason why our team has come up with a list of some of the lightest travel cribs that you can carry and set up almost anywhere within seconds.

What Criteria We Used In Evaluation Of the Best Baby Travel Bed

Modern parents love to enjoy every moment with their babies and do not hesitate to travel to a new country or take a week-long break to grandma’s house. The latest baby care products such as portable travel cribs have made our life much easier. You can now safely plan travels without bothering about your baby’s sleep knowing that he is going to get his regular sleeping place wherever you go. Baby travel cots are available in a wide range of budget and have various designs and features that serve different needs. In our list of the 10 best travel cribs, we have selected only those products that are genuinely useful and affordable to most of the parents. Here are some of the criteria that we have used to select them:


Although kids outgrow portable infant beds very quickly we still prefer recommending the ones that are manufactured by leading childcare brands. This is because they have a huge R & D budget that they spend to invent more compact and lightweight travel cribs so that you can enjoy your outings with minimum fuss. Their products undergo rigorous safety checks and have all the necessary features that you may need for your convenience and your baby’s comfort. Brands never compromise with the quality, which is another reason why we strongly recommend that you must not fall for the cheaper, fancy portable infant beds which may break down any time leaving you and your baby in trouble.


The best baby travel beds that we have listed above are strictly designed in accordance to the latest safety standards. Flame retardants and other harmful products are not used in any of them. The cheaper portable travel cribs often carry mattresses and changing pads that are treated with flame-retardants, which are clinically proven to cause a wide range of health problems in babies. Most of the toddler travel cots listed above have breathable mesh all around it to ensure proper airflow within it. They come with well-fitted mattress so that the baby doesn’t get trapped between the mattress and the crib.


While selecting the lightest travel cribs for you, we have also ensured that we pick only those that have a very compact size so that you can even carry them with you in flight. We have given more importance to usability than features. This is because the more features and accessories they will have, the more space they will occupy. So, we have carefully selected only those portable infant sleepers that have a very compact design and can be carried easily.

Ease of use

Nobody wants a portable travel crib that takes a lot of muscle power to set up or fold because it will defeat its purpose. Travel-friendly products should be designed to provide you hassle-free experience and baby travel cots are no exception. In this list, we have listed the best travel cribs that can be folded and set up within seconds without any hassles. They come with their own carry bags for easy transportation and storage. They are lightweight and can be carried very easily.


Baby travel cots are quite different than the conventional cribs that are supposed to be used in the nursery. These are smaller and much simpler ones that are meant exclusively for traveling purposes. While they serve their purpose very well, portable travel cribs cannot replace the conventional baby beds. If you are a new parent, here are some questions that you may have in mind regarding portable infant sleepers.

It depends on the size of your toddler travel cot. Some of the compact and lightweight travel cribs are designed for smaller babies between 3 months to 18 months. The other best baby travel beds are slightly bigger in size and can accommodate kids up to 3 years of age. While ordering, make sure you check its weight-bearing capacity so that you can get an idea of how long it will last.

Above, we have listed some of the best travel cribs that are absolutely comfortable for the little ones. If you choose from the above list, you may not have to do anything. However, if you want, you may add an extra mattress at the top of its existing mattress to make it softer and more cushiony. But, remember that when you add an extra mattress, you will be shortening the height between the cot and its top, thereby making it easier for your toddler to escape.

The basic baby travel cots are designed for kids above 3 months old. However, some of the best travel cribs listed here do come with a bassinet that allows you to use it even for newborns. The bassinet can only be used for a few weeks and your baby will outgrow it sooner than you expect.


Traveling with kids has never been easy. You will have to deal with a lot of crying spells and nagging episodes but, a portable infant bed will ensure that when your baby is tired and sleepy, he will get a convenient place to rest no matter where you are. We hope this list of best travel cribs helps you find a suitable product for your baby depending on her age and your budget. For more such helpful information on the latest baby products, keep reading our blog.

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