Best Toys For 8 Year Old Boy [Includes Best STEM Toys]

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Best Toys For 8 Year Old Boy [Includes Best STEM Toys]

As protective and informed parents, we want our children to be the best version of themselves.


Whether it is in academics or sports and health, we want them to stay ahead in all the spheres, which is why we try to provide them the best of everything, be it food, education, or toys. Yes, toys play a crucial role in your child’s development. Numerous studies have proven that thoughtfully designed toys can boost your child’s IQ and EQ. The best toys for 8 year old boy can enhance spatial skills and working memory. They can improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. No wonder why buying toys for 8 year old boys requires some research. You cannot simply pick up anything from Target or Walmart and expect your child to learn various skills from it. You have to be very specific while buying them, so you get the best value for your money while your child learns various life skills without knowing that he is actually learning. To ease your task, our team has evaluated hundreds of products and have come up with this list of top toys for 8 year old boys that are quite popular among parents and kids.

Razor Scooter

Scooters are fun toys for 8 year old boy. They help build muscles and strength in kids along with improving their reflexes and coordination.

While there are many brands of scooters available in the market, Razor scooters are quite popular. This A2 model is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and features a patented T-tube and deck can that can be folded for convenient transportation. Like other toys for boys age 8, this scooter is suitable for taller as well as shorter kids, as it has adjustable handlebars. The Urethane wheels not only last longer but also provide a smooth ride to kids even on bumpy payment areas.

Safety is a crucial feature that you must not ignore while buying toys for eight year old boys. Other than providing a smooth ride, this scooter also features rear fender brake so kids or parents can quickly stop it during emergencies. It is one of the favorite toys for 8 year old boy who loves being outdoors with his friends.

Step2 Deluxe Train & Track Table

Boys of all ages are fond of race cars. Their racing tracks, however, do occupy a significant amount of space, often blocking a table in the living room.

If you often face this problem, this train track table will be of great help. It has a built-in, multi-level, molded race tracks that will provide hours of fun to your racing car enthusiast without occupying a significant amount of space. Such toy ideas for 8 year old boy are highly recommended for small homes as well as for parents who are tired of fixing the fallen tracks. Kids can play on their own or with their siblings and friends.

Like all other toys for 8 years boy, this track table is made of durable scratch-resistant materials. The table comes with a white lid that can make it double-up as an activity table. The height is perfect for 8-10 year olds. The deep tray can also be used for storing the cars as well as some other small toys. It comes with a 3-piece train set. It is counted among the best Christmas toys for 8 year old boy.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

Markers have been every child’s favorite.

No matter what your child’s age is, it is one product that you can buy for anyone and for any reason. No wonder why we have included it in our list of popular toys for 8 year old boy. Markers by Mr. Sketch are better than other cheap varieties. They are available in 12 exciting colors and scents. They leave bold marks on the paper, so kids can use them for highlighting as well as for their craft projects. Like other creative toys for 8 year old boy, they are also made of non-toxic materials and are certified by AP, so even younger kids can use them safely.

Unlike other markers for kids, these ones have a durable chisel tip that delivers three times broader strokes. They feature a large cylindrical design that 8 year olds can easily grip. The ink is very bright and it lasts longer. Such cool toys for boys age 8 are inexpensive and yet, kids love them.

The little golfer of your house deserves to have his own golf set that he can carry while going for a golf game with his father or play dates and picnics. This is why we have included this iPlay iLearn set in our list of outdoor toys for 8 year old boy. The all-inclusive golf set includes 2 golf club heads, 12 balls, 1 base unit, 4 ball channels, 1 ball feeder, 1 tee stand, and 1 golf club. You don’t need to buy anything extra to use it. The entire set is lightweight, so young kids can carry and even assemble it on their own! It is very durable and meant for outdoor use, although kids can use it indoors during bad weather.

Such sports toys for 8 year old improve social skills as well as strengthen fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive processes. They also promote physical fitness among kids, so if you are looking for screen-free toy ideas for 8 year old boy, this is a cool option.

SZJJX RC Off-Road Remote Control Car

This crashworthy, off-road motorized car for 8 year old is every boy’s dream.

Whether you want to drive it down the stairs or make it cross the big rock on its way, this SZJJX RC car can be driven on almost all terrains including gravel, stairs, rocks, sand, grass, etc. Not many toy cars for 8 year olds in this price range can match this feature. Each wheel of this toy is installed on an independent suspension system, making it shock-proof and capable of being driven anywhere. The tires are made of rubber and are skid-resistant, so you need not worry about skids and falls. No wonder why it is counted among the hottest toys for 8 year old boys.

This is not just a fancy car. It is a proper race car that can go up to 15 km/h. Kids would love to race with it just about anywhere. The remote has a range of 100 meters and the steering wheel can turn the vehicle in all directions. Such cool toys for 8 year old boys are great alternatives to boring racing cars that can be driven only on plain surfaces.

Play22 Toy Truck

If you are looking for must have toys for 8 year old boy who is too much into car collections, ditch the cars and buy him this car carrier shaped like a truck with 28 slots in which he can proudly display all the toy cars he owns.

Measuring 20″ Inches Long X 7.2″Inches High X 3.5″ Inches Wide, this truck for 8 year old boy is big enough to accomodate most of his cars. 6 die-cast metal car already included inside the truck, just in case your child doesn’t have enough cars. Other than that, it also comes with construction signs, construction cones, construction road blocks, etc. that kids can use to create a roadblock scene. These are the best toys for boys age 8 who need to learn some road sense.

14 vehicles can be displayed on each side of the truck. The transparent panels on both sides latch well, so the cars stay at their respective slots even when the truck is moved roughly. The handle at the top makes it easy to carry. This is one of the best toys for 8 year old boy who has enough cars but doesn’t know what to do with them.


Science toys for 8 year old boy are quite popular, as they introduce kids to the concept of science and how it helps us in our daily life.

This fossil dig kit is one such toy that will help your child understand about paleontology and how it works. It contains a large brick with 12 real fossils embedded in it. Kids have to use the provided tools to dig them out. The tools include a chisel, a brush, and a magnifying glass. These cool accessories will make your child feel like a real paleontologist, which is why it deserves to be on our list of cool toys for 8 year old boys.

Unlike other excavation toys for 8 year old boys, the fossils included here are real ones, so kids can proudly display them in their home. For learning more details about each fossil, kids can refer to the 16 page learning guide that comes with it. Such educational toys for 8 year old boy not only keep kids occupied but also boost their knowledge and interest in science.


Available in many bright colors, this Joystar kids bike is one of the top-rated outdoor toys for 8 year old boy who loves accompanying parents for a jogging or cycling trip or doing a cycling race with his friends.

It is perfect for kids who have outgrown their first bike and now need something that can give them more independence and adventure. Early learners can use the training wheels until they have learnt to ride without them. They can also stay safe by using the foot brakes until they have learned how to use hand brakes. The saddle comes with the holder for safety. With a height adjustable seat, this is one of the hot toys for 8 year old boys that they can use for years.

Although there are many varieties of bike toys for boys age 8, we have chosen this because it is durable and almost maintenance free. The frame comes with lifetime warranty and the tires do not require frequent inflation. Moreover, the chain guard is customizable. Kids can put decals or stickers of their name or a special message to give it a unique look. This most popular toy for 8 year old boy comes 85% preassembled.

Razor RipStik Caster Board

Standard-sized caster boards are broader which is why most 8 year olds are unable to use them safely.

They have to widen their legs a lot more than they can. Thankfully, they do not have to be dependent on them or wait for a few more years to ride them. This RipStick caster board helps them enjoy this wonderful sport without getting hurt. One of the popular sports toys for 8 year old, it has a shorter torsion bar, so even short-heighted kids can ride it comfortably.

Like other good toys for 8 year old boy, it is designed to ensure the utmost safety of your kids. The torsion bar and the deck is covered with skid-resistant rubber to prevent slippages. The deck is concave, so kids will get a good grip. Being lightweight, kids can carry it along for trips and vacations. The 360 degree inclined urethane wheels helps kids enjoy their most by riding it in any way they want to. It is one of the highly-recommended hot toys for 8 year old boys who are adventure lovers and want to go beyond their conventional limits.

Base Plates for Building Bricks by Brickyard

Building toys for 8 year old boy helps unleash imagination and creativity. However, most of them stick to a specific design.

But, you can broaden the way they can be used by buying specially designed stackable base plates by Brickyard. These best-selling toys for 8 year old boys have bottom connections, so kids can create multiple levels or storeys. Not many baseplate varieties in this price range have this feature. Plus, the manufacturer is offering a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee too, which is why we have included it in our list of popular toys for boys age 8.

These baseplates are compatible with all types of building toys for 8 year old boy including legos. They are great for making a large building table. The edges of the plate connect seamlessly and the corners do not leave any gaps. You can easily cut them in any shape and dimension you want. The thickness of the baseplates is twice as much as other brands. They comply with the U.S toy safety standards. These are some of the reasons why this product is better than the cheaper construction toys for 8 year old boy.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Not many video games for 8 year old boy are actually designed for young kids. You would have often seen kids struggling to stay on track and maintain a constant speed.

Nintendo has now come up with this amazing age-appropriate video game that comes with smart-steering technology, which prevents kids from running off the course. This is of great help as it saves time and kids do not get frustrated. Other than smart-steering, it also has an ‘auto-accelerate’ feature for beginners that is used to speed up the race without holding down the acceleration button. It is one of the great toys for 8 year old boy who loves video games but often suffers from stop-gaps.

The Mario Kart 8 video games for 8 year old boy have 48 racing courses and 5 new characters, so kids are not going to outgrow it any time soon. Everything is unlocked right from the beginning, except some features, so kids can enjoy the game right from start instead of waiting for days to overcome a specific challenge. It can be played solo or with up to 4 other players. Young gamers deserve to have these trending toys for 8 year old boy.

Razor Dune Buggy

The vintage-styled buggy is one of the awesome toys for 8 year old boy who wants to be outdoors driving motorized vehicles on his own.

Its compact size and hand-operated accelerator and brakes makes it suitable for young kids. Although it can be driven on roads, we recommend driveways, pathways, and even grassy surfaces to keep your kids away from speeding vehicles. This motorized car for 8 year old can go up to 10mph and can be used for 40 minutes on a single charge. For your comfort and child’s safety, has handle throttle, a padded seat, and a seat belt. If you are looking for some unique kind of outside toys for 8 year old boy, this is definitely going to serve your purpose.

The best outdoor toys for 8 year old boy do require some space but this one is designed to fold up vertically, so you can keep it away when not in use. The tubular steel frame makes it durable whereas the pneumatic tires and a rear suspension system help kids enjoy a smooth ride even on bumpy terrain. Such cool outdoor toys for 8 year olds are every child’s favorite.

Made By Me Window Art

If you are looking for non-messy, non-sticky crafts for 8 year old boy that they can make on their own with little or no help from you, this window art kit is what you need.

It includes everything that your little one would need to create stunning suncatcher shapes and designs for your windows. There are shapes, art illustrations, paints, transite cord, and suction cups. Kids can either trace the illustrations from the booklet and fill them with colors or create their own design and patterns. Once dried, you can stick them to the windows using a suction cup, and transite cord. Such learning toys for 8 year old boy help kids explore their creativity and improve concentration.

The paint colors are very vivid. They look pale when wet but once dried, they give a much brighter look to the artwork. Kids can squeeze out the paint easily and, even if they overfill the designs, the paint will settle down once dried. Such inexpensive and popular toys for eight year old boys are good stocking stuffers.

LEGO Minecraft The Farm

Lego toys for 8 year old boy are extremely popular at this age, as they promote critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

There are many types of lego toys for 8 years boy but this one is our favorite. With more than 260 assorted pieces, it can help you create a scene from the minecraft game. Some of the lego pieces are in the shape of crafting table, pumpkin helmet, a shovel, a skeleton’s bow, a skeleton, and animals. All the necessary accessories are included in the kit and have a very realistic look. Definitely one of the best toys for 8 year old boy who has most of the popular varieties of legos.

The lego pieces in this set are small in size as compared to the ones your child may have owned when he was 5-6 year old. It encourages kids to work with small pieces, which, in turn, helps boost their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It is compatible with other lego toy ideas for 8 year old boy, so children can mix various species and create unique sets. Top toys for 8 year old boys like this one are perfect for lego/minecraft enthusiasts.

EzyRoller Classic Ride On

Ditch the ride on car for 8 year old and buy him this classic ride-on cart that he can use to race with his friends or just go around the road with you.

It doesn’t require any battery. Your child needs to operate it by pushing the footbar back and forth. Although it sounds easy, kids do have to strategize their leg movements to ensure that the cart moves in a specific direction, so they can beat other players. Like other top toys for 8 year old boys, it is pretty safe for kids. The low to the ground design and low speed levels ensure that even the most adventurous child doesn’t hurt himself.

The conventional ride-on toys for eight year old boys require kids to use their hands too but not this one. Kids only have to use their legs to propel, leaving your hands free for other fun activities such as throwing a ball. With extendable bars and a weight limit of 150 lbs, kids can use this cart for years, just like other popular toys for 8 year old boy.

Rawlings Youth Football

Football lovers deserve to own a classic Rawlings Youth football, which is why we have included it in our list of the best outdoor toys for 8 year old boy.

This football is an officially licensed NFL product, which is why it is much better than many other cheaply-made football toys for 8 year olds. It features Cowboys logos on team-colored molded rubber ball. The ball features Rawlings patented HD grip, which makes it easier for kids to hold and throw it to long distances. If you are wondering what toys do 8 year old boys like, simply go with this one and you won’t be disappointed.

Not many football toys for 8 year old boys are meant for young kids. Most of them are big for their hands, so kids won’t be able to throw them to a long distance. This cool toy for boys age 8 is different. It is perfect for small hands and comes fully inflated. Like other fun toys for 8 year old boy listed here, this one too will be able to bear rough use by kids.

Snap Circuits Electronics Exploration Kit

Stem toys for 8 year old boy help introduce kids to the concept of science, maths, engineering, and technology.

They help kids take an active interest in learning how the everyday objects operate and why is a specific thing designed in a specific way. While being one of the cool toys for 8 year old boys, this Snap Circuit exploration kit is a one-of-its-kind game that helps kids build 100 working circuits with just 30 parts! Yes, from a working bell and a flashlight to a volume control siren, the parts of the kits can be used to create many common household objects. This is one of the best toys for 8 year old boy who is curious about everything around him.

The circuit parts are small snap-on parts that need to be connected in a specific way to create a specific working model. Kids can refer to the instruction manual to learn how to build them. The other educational toys for 8 year old boy do not use real circuit parts, so the working experience that your child gets is very less. No wonder why it is rated as one of the most popular toys for 8 year old boy.

Scientific Explorer Science Kit

This scientific explorer kit is one of the best stem toys for 8 year old boy that teaches kids easy and safe experiments and helps them understand the concept of chemical reaction.

This 20-piece kit includes everything your child would need to perform more than 10 activities. Be it about creating jiggly crystals or a color-changing volcano, your child will feel like a wizard while performing these tricks in front of his friends. Test tubes, test tube stands, plastic cups, pipette, measuring scoops, and all other accessories and chemicals are provided, so you need not buy anything.

Interesting and educational toys for 8 year old boy like this one are a great way of helping kids understand how every chemical reacts with another. Soon, they will develop an interest in chemistry and would be able to relate them during classroom teaching. Our top toys for 8 year old boys are absolutely safe for kids and this scientific set is no exception. This is one of the unique toys for 8 year old boy who is bored with almost every other toy.


There is no dearth of learning toys for 8 year old boy but this kit is different and unique.

The set contains a large brick with 15 real gemstones embedded in it. Kids need to dig them out using the chisel and brush provided. A full-color 16-page information guide is also included, which will help kids learn about each gemstone and how it is formed and mined. No wonder why it is one of the best toys for boys age 8 who is an active learner and a budding geologist.

As mentioned, the gemstones are real ones, so your kids would love to display them once he has dug them out. The brick is sized appropriately for young diggers. It is lightweight and the tools have a good grip. This is one of those hottest toys for 8 year old boys that will make them feel as if they are the richest and luckiest persons on earth.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run

If your child is bored with the conventional construction toys for 8 year old boy, buy him this marble maze run and, we bet, you will find him spending hours building designs that will ultimately lead the marble to its target slot.

The game is pretty simple. There are 9 towers that you need to arrange on the game grid in a way that when the marble is dropped at the beginning, it will use gravitational force to reach the target piece. This may sound pretty easy at the beginning, but it is one of those top toys for 8 year old boys that require logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Kids will have to experiment for hours to solve one puzzle. Challenges and their solutions are included in the instruction booklet.

With just 9 grids, you can solve 60 challenges, so your child will have much more to do than he can with the other construction toys for 8 year old boy. As the complexity of the challenges increase, your child will develop critical thinking skills and learn reasoning and planning skills. Definitely one of the best toys for 8 year old boy who has everything.

Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes

Making paper and flying them all around was absolute fun during our childhood and our children are no different.

They love paper planes and other airplane toys for 8 year old as much as we did, which is why this book deserves to be on our list of fun toys for 8 year old boy. The book comes with 10 different paper airplane ideas and 40 colorful papers in 20 different designs. A 56-page detailed instruction booklet is also included with the set, so the young ones will be able to make those planes without requiring much assistance from you.

The award-winning book is one of the hot toys for 8 year old boys who are fond of origami and paper folding ideas. The paper sheets provided are thick and durable, but they do help the planes fly higher and to longer distances. If you run out of paper, you can use any other craft paper. Creative toys for 8 year old boy like this one will keep the kids busy for hours.

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

Lego lovers can now make their favorite dinosaurs using this lego mighty dinosaur kit.

This 3-in-1 kit includes everything that they would need to make three different dinosaurs; Pterodactyl, Triceratops and T Rex. Accessories such as bright orange eyes, posable joints, a large mouth with pointed teeth, etc. are provided to give them a realistic look. Further, a dinosaur prey with buildable rib cage is also included for pretend play. This is much better than those dinosaur toys for 8 year olds that just light up with batteries or make some scary sounds.

The dinosaur models have simple articulation with posable joints, including a movable head and tail, so kids can make them pose as they want. Like other lego toys for 8 year old boy, the pieces in this set attach very well. The final structure will be stable for display and pretend play. The pieces are easy to take apart as well. Such STEM toy ideas for 8 year old boy help boost creativity and imaginary skills.

LEGO Star Wars Building Kit

This is another popular building toy for 8 year old boy that complies with STEM standards.

With 717 pieces, this kit contains everything that you would need to build Poe Dameron’s signature X-Wing Fighter that was featured in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. The final model will have a realistic look and features such as retractable landing gears, opening wings, opening cockpit, spring-loaded shooters, etc. So, this is one of those trending toys for 8 year old boy that can be used for building as well as for display. Kids can create a Star Wars scene using the pilot and ground staff figurines, access ladder, ammunitions, weapon rack, helmets, and other provided accessories.

As mentioned, the final assembled piece works like a real Star Wars plane. The shooters can go up to 10-15 feet. The wings can be moved to attack position and normal position and the pilot can be made to climb into the cockpit, which stimulate roleplays. The other popular toys for boys age 8 in this price range do not offer any such working features, which is why we have chosen it for our list. This Star Wars kit is compatible with other good toys for 8 year old boy by Lego.

Nerf Toy Blaster

If your child is bored with football, basketball, soccer, and other standard outdoor toys for 8 year old boy, why not buy him this Nerf Toy Blaster!

We bet he will go crazy shooting the darts at his friends or at random targets. The darts can go up to 90 feet, which adds excitement and fun to the game. Popular toys for eight year old boys like this one are highly recommended for kids who need to improve their fitness as well as their fine motor skills and targeting skills.

This blaster toy comes with 6 official Nerf Elite darts. The dart barrel flip opens and kids need to load them in it. Once loaded, they have to slide the barrel back and then they can start shooting. Outside toys for 8 year old boy like this one are guaranteed to provide you fun and laughter. The darts are made of foam, so this toy is suitable for indoor play as well. Although inexpensive, this is one of those unique toys for 8 year old boy that will be used for years.

Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride

Board games are great toys for boys age 8 who want to spend some fun time indoors with their parents, friends, and siblings.

Like all other strategy-based toys for eight year old boys, this one also requires kids to plan in advance and make strategies to get maximum points while defeating the opponents. The game is pretty simple. You need to connect various North American cities with train routes and gain points. Whoever makes the maximum number of points, wins the game. This sounds simple but there are many rules and moves that help you gain extra/bonus points. This is where advance planning is required.

Like other great toys for 8 year old boy, this one is made of durable material and comes with plenty of extra trains, so if you lose a few of them, you can still play the game. There are endless ways of making maximum points, so no two games will be similar to play. This favorite toy for 8 year old boy board is compatible with Alexa, so kids can play with it too.

Jenga Classic Game

If you are looking for toy ideas for 8 year old boy that will make him laugh, shout, and cry at the same time, nothing can beat the classic game of Jenga.

No wonder why it is still rated as one of the best toys for 8 year old boy. If you or your child haven’t yet played it, be ready for a stacking game that requires extreme level of hand-eye coordination and balancing skills. This set has 54 hardwood blocks that you need to stack on each other to build the tallest possible tower. Once you have run out of the blocks, you will have to remove the ones that are already in use and add them to the top of the tower. This is how the tower will grow in height. The last person to remove the block from the tower without crashing it will be the winner of the game.

This game keeps you on the verge of excitement, which is why it is one of the popular toys for 8 year old boy. It requires a lot of patience and hand-eye coordination. Not many fun toys for 8 year old boy help kids practice so many skills at one time.

Spin Master Games HedBanz Board Game

This is one of those top toys for 8 year old boys that the whole family can and will play together almost every day and will enjoy hours of laughter.

It is a guessing game in which players have to wear headbands and place the picture card on them in a way that only others can see it. When it is your chance, you will have to guess what card you are wearing by asking questions/clues. 6 headbands, 69 picture cards, 3 sample question cards, 1 sand timer, and 1 instruction sheet are included in this set.

This guessing game guarantees fun and laughter but, like many other cool toys for boys age 8, it teaches deductive reasoning skills and critical thinking skills to kids. They will learn to come up with multiple clues and related information. Since it is a fun family game, the question cards are pretty simple and divided into three categories; animal, food, and object. So, even younger ones can join the game. Not many inexpensive toys for 8 year old boys offer so much fun and usability.

GlowCity Light Up Basketball

Ditch the conventional football toys for 8 year olds and surprise them with this light-up football by GlowCity.

The brightly lit ball will give them more reasons to go out and play with their friends, especially in the evening. Although there are many light-up outdoor toys for 8 year old boy, this football is different, as it uses two LEDs instead of just one, so it glows brightly from all sides just like a fireball. It looks whimsical and works great as a football. The light-up feature is motion-activated. Once the ball starts moving, it will glow and when it stands still for more than 40 seconds, the lights will turn off automatically.

Although it is one of the cool toys for 8 year old boys, it is very durable and sporty. The ball is made of high-quality materials to be able to bear rough use by kids. It uses rechargeable batteries, which are already installed inside it. An extra pair is included for your convenience. Although it is an expensive sports toy for 8 year old, it is worth its price.

SET Enterprises Five Crowns

This rummy-styled board game is one of those toys for boys age 8 that will keep them occupied for hours.

It is a family game that guarantees fun and excitement to players of all age groups. Initially, you may have to explain some tricks and strategies to your child but, within a few days, he will master all the skills required to make the king go wild. He will start making his own strategies and one can make endless strategies to win, so kids won’t outgrow this fantastic toy for 8 year old boys any time soon.

Out of all the hot toys for 8 year old boys in the board game category, we have selected this one because others are just too common and most kids have them. It is an addictive game that can be played by two or more players and the playing time is usually between 30-60 minutes. The game is very affordable and has great value. These awesome toys for 8 year old boy can be given away as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and even as return gifts.

Simon Game by Hasbro Gaming

The classic Simon game has been one of the popular toys for 8 year old boy for decades, which is why it deserves to be on our list.

As you know about this game, the kids need to follow the light patterns and repeat them. The game starts with simple patterns but as you keep playing, the patterns start becoming more complex. If you do not complete a sequence successfully, you will get a ‘fail’ sound and the scoreboard at the center will display your score. Educational toys for 8 year old boy like this one require absolute attention and, therefore, it helps improve concentration and memory in kids.

Like other cool toys for boys age 8 that have lights and sound features, this one also comes with a volume control feature, making it suitable for flights, car rides, and for situations where kids need to play silently. Unlike the older versions that we had in our childhood, this version has almost endless varieties of patterns, so kids won’t get bored so quickly. Counted among the best toys for 8 year old boy, this is a great choice for a child who doesn’t settle down so easily.

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8 year olds are impatient, excited, and adventure-lovers. They want to try new things every day and then, they get bored very easily. So, finding toys for eight year old boys that help them improve their attention span and help them polish their motor skills, logical and critical thinking skills, as well as motivate them to utilize problem-solving skills is very important. Our team of experienced parents understands how challenging this can be, especially at this time when we have access to the online world, which is full of so-called ‘miraculous’ products. While we parents do not hesitate to spend some extra dollars, we do want to buy the best toys for 8 year old boy and not the ones that get dumped after 2 days. This is the reason why we have come up with this list of cool toys for 8 year old boys that will save your time and effort. If you still have any questions, these FAQs will be of great help.

  • As mentioned above, 8 year olds are impatient fellows. If your child also refuses to wait for his turn or is always hyperactive, we recommend you to buy those toys for 8 years boy that help him cool down and learn to wait. Jenga Classic Game and Simon Game by Hasbro Gaming are some such great options.
  • Kids of this age are yet to learn problem-solving skills. Until now, they have often approached their parents but now is the time when you should encourage them to learn how to identify and solve their problems and toys are great to start with. Lego and building toys are best toys for boys age 8, as they always encourage kids to try new ways of solving their puzzles.
  • Outdoor toys for 8 year old boy are excellent alternatives to video games and mobile phones. We have listed the best ones above.
  • Early teen and tween years are crucial for improving and maintaining positive parent-child relationships. So, always look for good toys for 8 year old boy that he can play with you. Spending some quality laughter time together will help you understand him better.

Everything! Yes, 8 year olds are curious fellows who want to try new games and toys, especially the ones that challenge them in a positive way. But, as we all know, each child is different and has a different taste. So, while looking for the most popular toys for 8 year old boy, always buy the ones that fit in his interest level or the ones that you genuinely believe he should try. If you are buying it for someone whom you don’t know very closely or for someone whom you want to surprise with a unique gift, our recommendations are Razor Scooter, Razor RipStik Caster Board, Rawlings Youth Football, and Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes.

Generally, kids of this age, specifically boys, prefer games that promote social interaction. Very few kids love to play alone. So, we recommend those toys for 8 year old boys that help them enjoy the most with their friends or siblings. The top options that we have found for you are EzyRoller Classic Ride On, Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride, Spin Master Games HedBanz Board Game, Marky Sparky Rocket Launcher, and WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball.

Any toy is the best one if it keeps kids occupied for hours and helps them boost their mental, emotional, or physical abilities. STEM toys for 8 year old boy are one of our favorites. They not only boost their imagination and critical thinking skills but also encourage them to accept challenges and try finding a solution for them. Some of the best toys for boys age 8 based on STEM philosophy are Snap Circuits Electronics Exploration Kit, ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run, LEGO Star Wars Building Kit, and Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit.

Well, our kids are not that easy to please. They want unique toys that their friends don’t have but they would love to. Whether it is a book that helps them learn magic and woo his friends or it is a different type of rocket launcher, popular toys for boys age 8 let kids do much more than we can imagine. Shifu Orboot Augmented Reality Interactive Globe, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Gemstone Dig Kit, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and ThinkFun Logic Game are some such options.

Anything that helps a child learn a new skill or information is a good toy for him/her irrespective of his age group. Whether you want to buy a ride on car for 8 year old that helps him learn and improve balancing skills or you are looking for some science toys for 8 year old boy that stimulate his interest in chemistry and chemical reactions, anything is good provided it is age-appropriate, stimulative, and fun. Even books are great choices. Why not buy him a book on ‘Awesome Jokes That Every 8 Year Old Should Know!’ and help him entertain his friends or maybe this book ‘Bet You Didn't Know: Fascinating, Far-out, Fun-tastic Facts!’.

If you are looking for good toys for 8 year old boy, do not assume price as a key factor. Very often, the least expensive toys are liked by kids the most. All that matters is that they should be good enough for keeping kids busy. However, if you are looking for some best toys for 8 year old boy for a special one, our recommendations are LEGO City Police Station building kit, Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks, LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle building kit, and Magnet Building Tiles.

8 year olds ought to be active. They should be fun-loving, adventurous, social, and emotional too. They require more independence than ever and want to be with their friends. The outdoor toys for 8 year old boy listed here are great options for them. You can buy Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower, iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set, Razor RipStik Caster Board, EzyRoller Classic Ride On, and Nerf Toy Blaster.

Building toys are the most popular toys for 8 year old boy, as they keep kids occupied for hours while boosting their imaginary skills and creativity. There are hundreds of age-appropriate building toys that you can buy but our team has filtered out the cheaply-made ones with bad reviews and have come up with the list of the best ones. They are Klutz Lego Gadgets Science & Activity Kit, TINKERTOY 30 Model Super Building Set, LEGO Star Wars Building Kit, and ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run.

Parents these days are obsessed with buying almost all varieties and types of toys for 8 year old boys available in the market. While you may go on buying as many toys as you want, nothing can replace your love and attention. Many of those toys will get dumped into drawers and storage boxes within a few days. So, instead of buying too many toys, it is important to sit with your child, understand what he is interested in, and then buy him the most suitable one. To save your time, you can ask your child to check the above list of the best toys for 8 year old boy and ask him which one he wants. We hope you and your child find this list helpful. For more such information, keep reading our blog.

By Editorial Team

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