Best Tandem Strollers Reviews

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Best Tandem Strollers Reviews

Tandem double strollers have made it much easier for parents of twins or two small kids to go out for jogging, casual walks, shopping, and even for adventure trips.


Whether they are of the same age or not, going out with them has become much easier these days, thanks to these innovative products. Unlike regular strollers, some of the best tandem strollers are designed to hold the babies as well as hold some other stuff such as small groceries bags, etc. Some of the best lightweight double strollers can even be converted into a single stroller by removing one of the seats.

Twin infant strollers are loaded with many useful features such as storage space, canopy, brakes, etc. However, the more features you look for, the more money you will have to spend. Further, most of the parents don’t really need their two baby stroller to have fancy but useless features. You want something sturdy, useful, comfortable, safe, and yet, budget-friendly. This is where we can help. Our research team has evaluated more than 200 dual strollers and have selected the ten best tandem strollers that will serve your purpose without burning a hole in your pocket.

Best Tandem Strollers At A Glance – The Top Rated Double Strollers

Before we get into the list of the best tandem strollers in detail, let’s look at some of their features and specifications that do matter a lot while selecting any one of them.

BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0 Jogging Stroller

Designed for active parents, this double stroller for baby and toddler by BOB Gear is perfect for jogging, shopping, and adventure trips and holidays. It features a mountain-styled suspension system that will let your babies sleep undisturbed even when you are trailing through rocky paths. If they are awake, you can simply change the recliner’s position to its maximum height and let them enjoy the ride too.

The front wheel of this top-rated double stroller has a swivel-locking system that can help you get through crowded streets easily. The wrist straps provide additional safety when you are on the roads, whereas the foot-activated parking brakes will secure the stroller when you are resting. This is one of the best double strollers for twins for fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to remain homebound even when they have two little ones to take care of.

The Good

  • This top rated double stroller has 9-position adjustable handlebar for your convenience and safety.
  • Both front and back wheels are removable. It takes a few seconds to attach or remove them.
  • Has foot-activated parking brakes and wrist straps.
  • To keep your babies comfortable, this twin infant stroller features ventilated seats and extra-large canopies.
  • Has an extra-large cargo basket beneath the seats.
  • Compatible with BOB and Britax infant car seats.

The Bad

  • The fabric of the canopy is thin.
  • The cup holders and tray are sold separately.

Final Thoughts

If it fits well in your budget, it is definitely one of the best tandem strollers and worth its price. You can adjust and fix the front wheel alignment to ensure that it runs straight when you are jogging with it. It also has a wrist strap and mountain-style suspension system so you need not worry about your children’s comfort and safety.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Counted among the best tandem double strollers, this Joovy Scooter X 2 model fits well through most doorways, which means you don’t have to fold it to get it through! This is a major issue faced by many parents, but not with the Joovy Range. It has a graphite frame that measures 30” in width and can accommodate side by side sitting.

Each seat and each footrest is independently adjustable, which is why this is the perfect twin infant stroller for your little ones. The adjustable 5-point harness will keep your babies safe while you are out for casual walks, shopping trips, or for a Sunday outing. It is available in 5 vibrant colors.

The Good

  • This tandem double stroller has a graphite frame, 7-inch front wheels and 9.5-inch rear wheels that give it sturdiness and stability.
  • It can easily fit through doorways.
  • The wheels of twin infant stroller have bearings so that you can easily push about 90 pounds of weight.
  • The bumper bar is removable.
  • Each seat and footrest are independently adjustable.
  • Also has two cup holders and two zipper pockets for parents.

The Bad

  • The cup holders are made of mesh and not plastic.
  • This double stroller for baby and toddler is slightly heavy in weight.

Final Thoughts

This unisex tandem double stroller is very affordable and yet it has all the necessary features that you would ever want. It can hold up to 90 pounds of weight and has an adjustable 5 point safety harness. These are just some of the reasons why it deserves to be on our list of best tandem strollers.

Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller

If your kids have a few years of gap between them, this Graco Roomfor2 two baby stroller should be an ideal choice for you. The younger one can sit at the front seat, whereas the elder one can sit or stand on the back seat, which is adequately padded for his comfort. The front seat can be fully reclined for naptime.

There is a pivoting cup holder for easy entry of your child. The front wheels have suspension system that protects your baby against bumpy rides. The seat cushion is removable and washable. No wonder why it has received so many amazing double stroller reviews.

The Good

  • This top-rated double stroller features a one-hand fold feature with a storage latch. It takes just a few seconds to fold it for storage.
  • The front wheels measure 6.7 inches and have lockable swivels and suspension system.
  • The front seat of this double stroller for baby and toddler is fully reclinable.
  • Compatible with Graco SnugRide Classic Connect & Click Connect Infant Car Seats.
  • The handle has parents tray with two deep cup holders.
  • Pivoting child tray for fuss-free child entry.

The Bad

  • When the front seat is fully reclined, the child at the back may have trouble sitting properly.
  • The canopy is small in size.

Final Thoughts

Having a sitting or standing feature for the elder child, this is definitely the best lightweight double stroller for siblings who have a few years of gap. It has a compact design and the storage basket below the seats have a lot of space to carry all your babies’ stuff. The price is simply unbeatable.

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler & Baby Stroller

This feature-rich double stroller for baby and toddler definitely deserves to be on our list of best tandem strollers. With reversible and detachable seats, it offers you 7 different seating options such as single car seat, double car seat, face to face, back to back, face forward, and eyes to you. All the seating arrangements are completely safe; you can experiment with them to make it a fun thing for your babies.

Having dynamic front and rear wheel suspension and sandals-friendly brakes, it is one of the best double strollers for twins. The aluminum frame makes it very light-weight and can be folded easily. Although being expensive, this lightweight twin stroller has received a lot of double stroller reviews where buyers have mentioned that the versatility of this product is amazing and worth its price.

The Good

  • This top-rated double stroller offers 7 different seating options and adds more fun to the outings.
  • Compatible with a lot of car seat adapters.
  • This lightweight twin stroller has big 10” quick disconnect wheels with a suspension system that ensures a smooth ride on almost all surfaces.
  • Adjustable seats and footrests.
  • Has sandal-friendly brakes and a 5-point safety harness.
  • There is an extra-large storage basket zipper to hold your babies’ stuff.

The Bad

  • It has a large footprint as compared to the other double prams listed here.
  • It lacks a parent tray.

Final Thoughts

The multiple seating configuration is its USP. Further, this lightweight tandem stroller has large solid wheels, so maneuvering it should be pretty easy. The contoured handle makes pushing easier for parents. Definitely a good buy.

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller

This two baby stroller with patented quick-fold technology offers you exactly what you want; fold or unfold it with just one stroke. Yes, it is an awesome feature, as you won’t require anyone’s help or even use your own muscle power to fold it up for storage. The side-by-side seats are well-padded and can be reclined to a near-flat position for naptime. It is compatible with many car seat adapters.

For your convenience and safety, this best lightweight double stroller has an adjustable handlebar. You can adjust its height as per your convenience. With all-terrain wheels, this is definitely one of the best double strollers for twins that you can use for walking, shopping, and even adventure trips.

The Good

  • It is one of the most compact double strollers when folded featuring their patented quick-fold technology that lets you fold it up with just one hand.
  • Has an adjustable handlebar.
  • This twin infant stroller also features hand-operated brakes for your convenience.
  • Has all-terrain wheels for easy mobility.
  • Features an adjustable UV 50+ sun canopy that will provide enough shade to your babies during sunny outings.
  • Has adjustable five point safety harnesses with shoulder pads and buckle cover.

The Bad

  • This dual stroller doesn’t have a cup holder or any other form of organizer.
  • The storage basket is small as compared to the other best double strollers for twins listed here.

Final Thoughts

Although this is a little expensive lightweight tandem stroller, the patented one-hand fold technology and shock absorbing front and rear wheels make it worth the price. The canopies provide adequate shade to keep your babies comfortable. Go for it parents.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Double Stroller

If you are looking for the most compact double stroller when folded, this one should be your first choice. This KolCraft Cloud Plus weighs only 23lbs and is very easy to fold and carry. This lightweight twin stroller is designed for active parents who want to take their kids for a morning walk. You can also use it for day trips, vacations, and even for daily use.

It has a lot of storage area with a removable child tray and one parent tray. The seats are reclinable and the canopy above is designed to provide adequate sun protection. It has received some amazing double stroller reviews where people have mentioned that they love its compact size.

The Good

  • Counted among the best lightweight double stroller, this is a JPMA certified product perfect for active parents.
  • It has a Disney-approved design.
  • Can be easily folded by standing.
  • This lightweight twin stroller has expandable canopies with peek-a-book windows to help you keep an eye on your babies.
  • The reclining seats feature 5-point safety restraint system and each seat can accommodate 40 pounds of weight.
  • The front wheels have suspension system for your babies’ comfort and safety.

The Bad

  • The seats don’t recline to near-flat state.
  • The wheels are slightly smaller in size as compared to the other twin infant strollers listed here.

Final Thoughts

This inexpensive and yet the best lightweight double stroller definitely deserves to be on our list of top rated double strollers. Its weight is its USP. Most of the other twin strollers weigh a lot more than this one and it simply becomes impossible to carry them frequently.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

If you are a fitness enthusiast, this top double stroller is perfect for your active lifestyle. While it is designed to make jogging easier and safe with your babies, it can also be used for walking, casual trips, shopping, and for almost every activity. It has bicycle wheels that make maneuvering easy on all terrains, even on grass and gravel.

The front wheel is lockable and it ensures that when locked, the dual stroller will only go straight, thereby making it easier for you to jog. There is a quick-release button to remove the front wheel so that it can be stored or carried easily. The trigger fold technology further makes it easier to fold and carry this double stroller for baby and toddler.

The Good

  • This tandem double stroller has pneumatic bicycle tires for easy and safe movement.
  • It is one of the best lightweight double strollers with a sturdy construction.
  • The seats feature multi-position recline system.
  • This double stroller for baby and toddler features a trigger-fold mechanism for easy folding.
  • It has a 5-point safety harness to keep your child secure.
  • It is a JPMA certified most compact double stroller.

The Bad

  • There is nothing in the middle of this dual stroller to separate the kids.
  • The seats are not completely reclinable i.e. they cannot reach the near-flat state for naps.
  • Not compatible with car seats.

Final Thoughts

It is a very inexpensive two baby stroller. Although it lacks a few things such as kids’ tray and full-recline feature, the price does beat all these things. Above all, it is very sturdy and one of the best tandem double strollers.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

This sit and stand double stroller for baby and toddler is another amazing product from Baby Trend. It can be used for twins as well as for kids who have some years of gap. The rear platform can be used for sitting as well as for standing. It accepts all Baby Trend car seat adapters as well as some select adapters from other brands too.

The shade canopy is huge and removable. It also features a 5 point safety harness to keep your child safe and stable during the journey. It has foot-operated rear brakes as well. Although being a very inexpensive top double stroller, it still features a one-hand fold system for your convenience. What more can you get for such as low price! Highly recommended.

The Good

  • This sit and stand Baby Trend tandem double stroller accepts car seats at both front and rear sitting position.
  • Has a removable and swing away child tray with cup holder. You can place it in the front as well as at the back.
  • Accepts all Baby Trend car and most other brands’ infant car seats.
  • One-hand folding system is highly appreciated in a lot of double stroller reviews.
  • Has a covered storage area in the parent’s tray.
  • The canopy is removable.

The Bad

  • The back position is not very stable for car seats, so you must place it in the front position only.
  • The front seat is not reclinable.

Final Thoughts

The price of this top double stroller is unbeatable, so if you don’t mind missing out a few luxury features, this is definitely a great choice. It is easy to move around and easy to fold and unfold and can accommodate car seat adapters of most popular brands. There is a 5 point safety harness and rear foot-operated brake. What more could you expect at such as low price!

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

This is another amazing top double stroller by Graco. It features a one-hand fold and stand design, making it easy for you to handle your baby while closing it. It is a very thoughtfully designed tandem double stroller with stadium-style seating i.e. the rear seat is a bit higher than the front one so that no one's view is blocked. While both the seats are reclinable, the rear one can be reclined to near-flat position for comfortable naps.

You can even place your baby’s bassinet on it. Counted among the best tandem strollers, it has locking front-swivel wheels with suspension to ensure maximum safety and comfort to your babies.

The Good

  • This double stroller for baby and toddler features one-hand standing and fold design for your convenience.
  • Both seats have individual canopies and removable trays with two cup holders in each of them.
  • Stadium-style seating with the rear seat placed slightly high to provide a clear view to the child sitting on it.
  • This is one of the best lightweight double strollers with reclinable seats and individual footrests.
  • There is a spacious storage basket and a parents’ tray.
  • It has removable seat cushions.
  • Compatible with all Graco car seat adapters.

The Bad

  • Doesn’t have shoulder straps.
  • Hard to access the storage area when the rear seat is in a flat position.

Final Thoughts

From so many double stroller reviews, it is obvious that this product definitely deserves to be on our list. The build is sturdy and the back seat is great for older kids. The one-hand fold system is amazing at this price.

Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller

Joovy, the manufacturer of this product, claims that this is the most compact double stroller with an easy trigger-fold design that lets you fold and unfold it using just one button. All the four wheels have suspension system, so your babies won’t get disturbed even during a bumpy ride. The front seat has a 3-position recline system, whereas the back seat can be used for sitting or standing.

The built-in standing platform is very stable, as compared to what other best tandem strollers are offering. The linked parking can make it further safer for you to go out with two kids. This tandem double stroller comes with a universal car seat adapter that fits most of the brands. Even when you are using a car seat, there is still plenty of space for the second child.

The Good

  • It has trigger fold technology for quick fold.
  • It is one of the most compact double strollers when folded.
  • Comes with a universal car seat adapter.
  • Four-wheel suspension system.
  • The front seat has 3 reclining positions, whereas the back seat can be used for sitting or standing.
  • It features an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and, therefore, it is one of the best lightweight double strollers.

The Bad

  • No parent tray.
  • The tires could start squeaking after some time but all you need to do is to oil them.

Final Thoughts

This is a great double stroller for baby and toddler. It lets the elder child enjoy the trip sitting or standing, whichever way he wants. Since it is very lightweight and compact, you can conveniently carry it. Definitely a great buy at an affordable price.

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Most Compact Double Stroller – Overview

Carrying two kids is not that easy. Both of them want their own space and independence. If they don’t get a relaxing and comfortable ride, you could end up sorting out their elbow fights. So, it is obvious that you need something that is big enough to accommodate them comfortably. But, a dual stroller doesn’t need to have a huge footprint. Most compact double strollers listed here have smart-fold designs that let you fold and unfold them with just one button. They are wide enough to accommodate both kids side by side or in a row. However, they can easily pass through doorways without having you get your kids out of it.

Most compact double strollers are convenient to store, carry, and maneuver. They are made with lightweight frames so that you can quickly put them in your car. Since they are compact in size, very often with removable wheels, they can fit in the trunk of almost all cars. Their wheels have swivel-locking system to help you maneuver with ease. Since the wheels have to bear the weight of two kids, they are highly durable and easy to move too. The double strollers have huge storage baskets underneath the seats where you can throw off all your babies’ needs. Usually, most compact double strollers have ample of space for parents stuff as well such as cup holder, a covered tray, etc. Therefore, they are definitely worth the price.

Best Lightweight Double Stroller – Overview

The above list includes some of the best lightweight double strollers available in the market. Lightweight twin strollers are in trend these days and why wouldn’t they be! Who would want to carry a heavy tandem double stroller when you already have two kids to manage. These days the strollers are smartly designed for active parents who do a lot of outings with their babies no matter how young they are. They are loaded with tons of features to make your life easier. Plus, they are made of lightweight and yet durable materials so that you can quickly put it in the trunk of your car and carry it wherever you go. Many of them have aluminum frame, as aluminum is lightweight and yet highly durable. Some of the lightweight tandem strollers listed here are even lighter than the single strollers, weighing less than 30 lbs! Yes, that’s what you need to be out of the house with two kids without losing your mind.

The best lightweight double strollers listed here can be used for jogging, walking, shopping, and for traveling. Other than being lightweight, they are compact too, which means they can fit into the trunk of your car and pass through the doorways. So, when selecting the best tandem strollers for your babies, make sure you buy the one that is both lightweight and compact.

What Criteria We Used In Evaluation Of Best Tandem Strollers

Even though there are hundreds of options available on Amazon and with your nearby baby store, choosing a tandem double stroller can still be a daunting task for you, because you need something that is portable, safe, sturdy, movable, and budget-friendly too! If you read the double stroller reviews, you will find out how challenging it could be if you end up buying a fancy double stroller that doesn’t pass through the doorways or the one that requires at least two people to fold it and put it in the car. To make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of the 10 best tandem strollers that deserve to be at your home. To provide you with the most reliable options, we have used the following selection criteria:


No matter what your budget is, no parent would ever want to compromise with the safety of their babies and this is why we recommend the top double strollers from renowned brands. Well-known brands never compromise with safety. Their products are expensive because they do invest a lot in safety features, although most of them have started selling affordable tandem double strollers too. These manufacturers have high safety standards and they also get their products evaluated by JPMA and other credible agencies. These agencies are responsible for certifying only those products that are absolutely safe for kids in all terms.


Two baby strollers, by their name, sound huge and bulky, but you don’t really want them to be that way. So, we have selected some of the best lightweight double strollers that you can easily load and unload from your car and even carry them through the stairs. These tandem double strollers are made of aluminum frame, which makes them lighter in weight and yet, durable enough to last long. Such strollers are compact in size. Whether you choose the side-by-side sitting arrangement or one behind another arrangement, most compact double strollers that we have selected can easily pass through the doorways and fit well in your car. After safety, these are the two main factors that you must not ignore. After all, there is no point buying a top double stroller that you can’t carry anywhere in your car. Another factor that you can’t ignore when it comes to portability is the folding and unfolding technique. You don’t want to let your kids run around while you use all your energy and muscle power to unfold/fold it. In our list of best tandem strollers, we have selected those models that come with single-click fold/unfold technology. You can easily fold them up with just one-hand and that’s exactly what you need when you have two babies.


Many dual strollers are loaded with endless features that make them tempting options but, in our list of best double stroller for twins, we have recommended only those that are absolutely safe for use no matter what additional features they carry. Most of the double prams listed above come with a 5-point safety harness that keeps your baby in place while you are jogging. The safety harness is so strong that it can hold the baby safely even during accidents. The best tandem double strollers come with foot-operated brakes and locks. Some of them have swivel-locking front wheel that makes it easier to jog or walk, knowing that it is going to go straight no matter what. Their wheels have suspension system that keeps your baby comfortable during bumpy rides. These features deserve to be paid for.


Here are some of the common questions that you may have regarding double strollers:

Every parent wants to make sure their newborn is safe at all times, especially during sleep time. This is why you want to make sure that your mattress will fit the crib frame tightly. Every single mattress on our list above is also infant rated for the perfect firmness needed to keep your baby safe. We also suggest looking out for dual-sided mattresses since they grow with your baby as they adjust to softer sleeping surfaces.

It's always important to research the benefits and potential concerns associated with the different types of mattresses on the market (foam and innerspring) in order to make an informed buyer's decision. As always, value quality. Your baby will need a waterproof, hypoallergenic sleeping surface that meets all safety standards and that's made out of solid materials

Tandem double strollers are the advanced versions of single child strollers. They are used for carrying two kids. The kids could be of the same age i.e. twins or could have a few years of age gap. The double stroller for baby and toddler are available in various designs; i.e. side by side seating, front and back seating design, sit and stand design, etc. Tandem strollers can be used for newborns until kids reach a specific weight. The best tandem double strollers can usually accommodate 40-50 lbs in each seat.

Your nearby baby care shop would have some of the top rated double strollers but we still recommend buying from Amazon where you can compare it with many other similar products and read the double stroller reviews to find out what you can expect from it. The double stroller reviews are from genuine, verified buyers, so you can get reliable information from them. Moreover, almost all manufacturers offer discounts on Amazon, so you can get a good deal there.

Amazon is also a great place to buy twin strollers. We have already listed some of the best twin infant strollers with side by side sitting options and fully reclinable seats. Some of the best double stroller for twins also have row-style sitting arrangement. The back seat is slightly raised to give a clear view to the child sitting there. Such lightweight twin strollers are perfect for preventing elbow fights.


Our research team has worked hard to ensure that we provide you with a list of the best tandem strollers for your growing family. This list caters to almost everyone. From affordable two baby strollers to some of the bestselling but expensive double pram, we have worked hard to prepare a list that caters to the active parents, who want to go out with their kids more often, whether it is for jogging or for holidaying. We hope this list helps you. For more such helpful information on various baby products, please keep reading our blog.

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