Best Musical Baby Toys Reviews

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Best Musical Baby Toys Reviews

The purpose of the best musical baby toys is to supply the baby with a much-needed distraction, fun, and most important, education.


Music for child development has become and essential part of every upbringing, and that musical education can be delivered by the best musical baby toys that will help your baby through a fun and engaging way to improve their listening abilities and stimulate their senses as they play.

Best Musical Baby Toys – Overview

In this list we will go over the 10 best musical baby toys you can find easily from your computer. These toys come to assist with the learning progression of your toddler and improving essential senses in those first months to years of the developmental stage of a child, all while providing them with colorful and cute imagery to attract their attention and keep them interested as their hearing is stimulated by classical melodies and sounds. It is important for one to choose the best for their baby and that is what we aim to help you with this list and to present you with the best options available.

Best Musical Baby Toys at a Glance

In order to make your choice as simple as possible we made this super useful chart of the best musical baby toys, to give you all the basic information you need to make your decision. This way you won’t need to memorize to many details or features and focus on the essentials.

Without further ado, here are the best musical toys for 1 year olds, and the best musical toys for 2 years old on the web.

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

A toy can be much more than just quick entertainment for your baby, but a learning experience that can improve their cognitive abilities at a young age. And with this musical cube your young one will find both joy and education that will keep him going for a long time.

The Good

  • Encourages discovery and exploration, improving their cognitive abilities and learning capabilities
  • Interactive features that improve motor skills
  • Motion sensor that make fun sounds when cube is moved
  • 25 playful songs and melodies to keep them interested
  • Parent-friendly volume control and automatic shut off

The Bad

  • Might encounter problems after a month or two for some
  • Sounds can be annoying for older kids and parents

Final Thoughts

Vtech offers one of the best musical baby toys for 1 year olds and even slightly younger or older. Its educational aspect that is combined with its fun factor makes it a must have toy for your baby.

Discovering Music Activity Table

The best musical baby toy for an aspiring little musician. This activity table gives your baby countless hours of fun as well as allowing them to develop their musical ear as they create their own kind of fun and genius music. A perfect fit for a baby looking for some fun and a parent looking for the best musical instrument for babies.

The Good

  • Transforms into a toddler table and allows the baby to play on the floor or standing up
  • Can switch between 3 languages, English, Spanish, and French
  • Classical music and melodies discovery
  • Develops motor skills with easy to use design for little fingers.

The Bad

  • Problems with stability in table’s legs
  • Can have a short lifespan

Final Thoughts

Even without the legs, this toy will bring great enjoyment to your baby as it plays with the various buttons and listens to music in three different languages. It is one of the best musical baby toys found online.

ToyThrill Light Up Dancing and Singing Duck Toy

Ducks are cute, singing and dancing ducks are even cuter. This as one of the best musical baby toys will surely entertain your baby with its cute design and colorful buttons that when clicked plays music and makes the duck dance and sing on command. This toy simulates the baby’s senses and improves their cognitive abilities with a variety of musical modes.

The Good

  • Multiple buttons for a variety of melodies, songs, and dances by the duck
  • Can simulate heartbeat to sooth the baby when cranky
  • Glides around the room and flaps it wings for an added entertainment
  • Improves cognitive abilities and simulates senses

The Bad

  • Songs might be annoying for an adult and get stuck in your head
  • Might be smaller than expected

Final Thoughts

Whether its dancing, singing, or gliding around, your baby will find it very enjoyable as he chases him around the room and sings along to the various melodies and songs that the duck introduces. One of the best musical baby toys for one years old.

Discover & Play Piano Musical Toy

Of all the best musical instruments for babies, the piano raises above all else. With this piano toy your baby will develop their listening and cognitive skills while exploring instruments, numbers and animals. Your baby will create their own music using the five keys and different instruments for countless hours of entertainment.

The Good

  • 3 instrumental mods with discoverable animals and numbers
  • Easily responsive keys to a baby’s touch
  • Volume control of your choosing for your convenience
  • Accessible for home play and on the go play

The Bad

  • Keys resemble a long piece of fabric rather than individual keys
  • Smaller than one could expect

Final Thoughts

Discover & Play’s piano is one of the best musical baby toys you can find and a wonderful way to entertain your baby while letting them discover the classical sounds of the different instruments included and stimulating their senses with them.

Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony Toy

One of the greatest joys a baby can have, and something to pass the time while cooped up in his crib, is a toy that can be strapped on to the crib, especially if that toy produces sound and music. This star fulfills all those requirements and more, with six classical melodies and lights that can soothe the baby.

The Good

  • Crib strap for on the go entertainment
  • Gentle lights for soothing the baby
  • Introduces the baby to classical melodies, developing his listening skills
  • Comfortable for baby grasps

The Bad

  • Some pain might chip away after some time
  • Might have a short lifespan in some instances

Final Thoughts

Despite some shortcoming, Baby Einstein’s star is one of the best musical baby toys that can be found at an cheap price that would definitely calm your infant with classical melodies and lights for enough time for you to get a little bit of a rest.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Some of the best musical baby toys go for a more traditional design, and some go for a unique one. Munchkin’s Mozart Cube brings the masterpieces of Mozart directly to your toddler’s hands that would improve their listening abilities, as well as helping them enjoy it socially with others during playtime. All in a fun design for them to enjoy.

The Good

  • Contains classical Mozart music and other instrumental sounds
  • Lights up to the tempo of the music
  • Volume control between two levels of your choosing
  • Add or subtract instruments for a unique sound the baby can compose for himself

The Bad

  • Sounds might not match the instrument’s picture
  • Heavy for the baby to move around comfortably

Final Thoughts

Lights, colors, and Mozart, you can’t go wrong with that. This cube will keep your baby entertained and will introduce them to classical music essential for the development and growth of every child. It is one of the best musical baby toys.

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone

The Xylophone is one of the best musical baby toys we all played as children, and this one brings innovation to the table with a unique design for discovery and extra fun. Three balls to hit with a hammer and let them roll down the xylophone beneath them or take the xylophone from underneath it and create your own sound.

The Good

  • Different ways to play with detachable parts
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and improves motor skills
  • Develops early musical education and listening skills
  • Durable wood material and water-based paint

The Bad

  • May be out of tune for some but not all
  • Balls can be difficult to push through holes

Final Thoughts

Hape Pound & Tap bring an innovative but simple and fun design to the xylophone that brings in more entertainment for the toddler while they play with the musical notes and create their own sound. It can be considered one of the best musical baby toys found online.

Baby Einstein Rock Light and Roll Guitar Toy

Ever wanted a Rockstar baby? Now you can have him, with one Baby Einstein’s best musical baby toy that would give your baby entertainment at home and outside while listening to classical melodies or creating their own music using the buttons or rattler.

The Good

  • 10 classical melodies for listening skills improvement and senses stimulation
  • Lights to keep toddler’s attention
  • Plays good, non-annoying, sound
  • Volume control of your choice between 2 settings

The Bad

  • Might be too bulky and heavy for toddlers younger than 1
  • Few button choices for sound

Final Thoughts

This simple yet fun toy will bring your baby a great educational distraction and will help greatly in their development. Your child will love playing around with it and listening to the multiple classical tunes it offers. Its on of the best musical toys for babies 6 months old or older.

Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy

Everybody loves cute little sea creatures, and musical animals are the best musical baby toys you can get for your baby. These musical toys will expose your baby to countless of classical melodies and music that will improve their listening abilities.  They will provide countless hours of distraction and education to your baby.

The Good

  • Different musical modes that grows with the baby
  • Composer mode to let the baby add or subtract their own instruments
  • 8 different classical songs included
  • Colorful lights to keep the baby’s attention

The Bad

  • Plastic appears cheaper than other Baby Einstein’s toys
  • Might be too quiet for some

Final Thoughts

These collections of toys represent some of the best musical baby toys available to soothe your little one with some essential classical music that is both entertaining and educational.

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Sometimes what you and your baby need is an intimate time with a good book, especially one with fun colorful drawings and musical rhymes to enjoy all at once. A multi-purpose book that is both educational and entertaining, developing listening and ocular abilities as you read to them and they follow with the cute pictures and melodic sounds.

The Good

  • Big easy to turn pages that contain colorful pictures and nursery rhymes
  • 5 colorful piano buttons to introduce colors and instruments
  • 2 modes: Musical mode and learning mode that can be switched at will
  • Visually stimulating with bright pages and light up properties

The Bad

  • Hurt finger possibility, might require some supervision
  • Can have a short lifespan

Final Thoughts

VTech’s Musical Rhymes book is a great way for you and your baby to share a moment while they explore the colorful pages and classic tunes. One of the best musical baby toys online that is both affordable, fun, and educational.

Music For Child Development – Benefits

There are so many benefits to introducing music, and classical music in particular, to your baby as it develops in its early months and years. The benefits are so great that it has become an essential part of any child growing up. Using the best musical baby toys to do so will help get the baby’s cooperation in their development.

Learning music at a young age builds up the groundwork for learning other subjects and improving their skills in other areas they will use in life.

  1. Language Development

While a child possesses the ability to ultimately decipher the sounds we make and turn them into words, growing up in a musical environment can greatly assist in that adventure, making them use their neural abilities and encouraging them to follow along with the music to better develop these skills.

  1. Increases IQ

Music in general and music lessons have been studied and shown to increase brain activity, making it work harder and improve itself over time. Introducing the baby’s cognitive abilities to music will help develop them further as they finetune their mind to the sounds of music.

What Criteria We Used In Evaluation Of The Best Musical Baby Toys

To determine the best musical baby toys for you we have evaluated these toys on the criteria of:

  1. Safety

When compiling this list, we wanted to make sure that the baby will receive the most out of the best musical baby toys while being as safe as possible and not stain themselves while using the toys due to too much complexity.

  1. Developmental Value

One thing the best musical baby toys need to bring to the baby is educational and developmental assistance in order to benefit as much as possible to those first few years. That was important for us too and we wanted to make sure that the baby gets as much as out of the toy as possible.

  1. Level of Enjoyment

In the end, how much a baby will enjoy the best musical baby toy is the most important factor in parents mind. Because if they’re not interested, no amount of educational value will persuade them otherwise and the toy will find itself on the shelf alone.

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It is essential for music to be introduced at a young age in order for the kid to get used to the sounds in infancy and find the patterns as they grow up. As their brain is finetune to musical flow so they can start following with reading notes and their pattern in order to play and make music themselves.

To teach music to preschoolers you must engage them with it. Make it as fun as possible with toys and activities that will make the child want to play more. Engaging music with their friends or relatives is a sure way to ensure they want to participate.

For babies and preschoolers, it’s perhaps safer to makes sure that the music is coming from the best musical baby toy you can find so they can play with it or a larger musical device rather than a handheld device. As the kid gets older you can introduce these handheld music devices when you think your child can handle them.

Classical music is music composed by expert musicians in the past and a great starting point to kickstart your baby’s listening and cognitive development as many studies show. It has become an essential part of any household and an important lesson to the child.


Music is one of the most important part of the developmental stage of a baby that can bring wonderful benefits for the baby’s future. For that these top 10 best musical baby toys will help fulfill that need with a fun and engaging way that will stimulate the child’s senses in more ways than one. Your baby will have a joyful time with them and will be educated along the way.

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