10 Best Music Players for Kids You Can Find in 2020

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10 Best Music Players for Kids You Can Find in 2020

Music plays an important part in our daily life. A song can inspire us, put us in a great mood, relax us, or even educate us. For parents, music can also be a wonderful distraction for your child which is why you may want to invest in a music player for kids.


There are many different music devices for kids available on the market today. For those that aren’t comfortable giving their children a cellphone, a kid-friendly mp3 player is just the right compromise.

If you’re looking for the best kids music player, bellow we assembled a comprehensive list that includes options like the best music player for toddlers and the best babies mp3 player.

One of the reasons you may want a music player for babies is to help them sleep at night. A quality white noise machine can provide the soothing sounds that your baby needs to fall asleep. We love that this one has 3 different timer settings that are longer than usual at 1, 2, 3 hours, or continuous play.

The night light function has 8 different colors, features adjustable brightness to make nursing at nighttime easier, and has a pulsating mode to help guide your breathing as you fall asleep.

With 31 soothing sounds (7 white noises, 7 fan, and 17 nature sounds), this powerful speaker has many different options. The sound is also adjustable for different environments. This portable music player for kids is also intuitive (auto-save function) so you can turn it on in the car or stroller to your preferred setting with little hassle.

If you’re wary about exposing your children to more screen time then this is the perfect toddler music player for you! It comes with 24 classic children’s rhymes that your kid can sing along to with the attached microphone. The device also holds an additional 1GB of memory (approximately 16 hours of music) so you can add your children’s favorites as well.

For a toddler mp3 player with speakers, the sound quality is great and since it’s portable you can take it with you anywhere. For quiet listening, simply plug in headphones. The Bluetooth function allows you to stream content from your phone if you need more options to keep your child busy.

It also comes with rechargeable batteries (charging cable included) to ensure countless hours of musical bliss which is key in any music player for 3-year-olds.

Most children music players don’t act as a bedside night light like this one does, which is why we love it. The brightness and color are adjustable via a touch sensor panel on the top. It provides 3 levels of warm light and 7 different colors. The sleep mode option will turn the unit off automatically after 20/40/60 minutes. It also comes equipped with an alarm function to help get your kids on a consistent sleeping schedule.

This is also a well-made portable music player for kids that guarantees up to 12 hours of music before you need to charge it. You can play music via the aux cord or stream wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can customize your child’s sleeping playlist. It’s a perfect companion for trips and a true candidate for the best mp3 player for toddlers.

VTech is known for producing award-winning learning toys for kids with several developmental benefits. Their Rock and Bop Music Player is the best toddler music player with headphones on the market. It comes with ten musical learning games that introduce letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time, and more. There’s a variety of music on the device that can be played in classical, hip-hop, and rock styles. A unique remix mode lets your child experiment with different instruments and melodies as well.

Parents will be pleased to know that the kid-safe headphones limit the volume to protect your children’s ears. The durable design also makes this the perfect music player for 2-year-olds who are just getting into music.

What do you do when you’re not ready to give your kid a cellphone but they’re ready for a more complex listening device? You get them a starter kids mp3 player. This Wiwoo device is designed to catch the eye of children with its bear paw button design.

Outfitted with 8GB of memory and 128GB in external memory, you can upload your kid’s favorite music or preselect a radio station for a different listening experience. It charges within 2 to 3 hours and can provide up to 30 hours of playing time.

For its price and functionality, this is undeniably one of the best music players for preschoolers.

This is a great kid-friendly music player for its ease of use. The button layout is intuitive with separate volume buttons and a back button. The compact design easily fits in a pocket.

A good mp3 player for toddlers also takes safety into consideration. This child music player comes with a max volume limit setting that prevents sound from suddenly going too loud. The brightness of this unit is also adjustable to protect your child’s vision.

Other features include a built-in speaker and 8GB of internal memory (2000 songs). The 3-hour charge will last for an impressive 26 hours. As a fun bonus, the device includes puzzle games making this more than just a digital music player for kids.

A complaint from some parents searching for a kid’s digital music player is that the screens are often too busy. This KLANGTOP device features a simple screen so you don’t need to worry about your child accumulating more screen time.

This 8GB player, which can carry up to 32GB with an external memory card, will play music uninterrupted for 30 hours and only take 1 hour to charge. The small, lightweight size and wearable clip mean you can attach it to your kid’s pocket without any trouble.

Other functions include Bluetooth technology, voice recording, and FM Radio. It even comes with headphones! For its excellent price, the versatility of this device makes it a top mp3 player for kids.

When looking for the best mp3 player for children, you want something that’s inexpensive, has a lot of storage, and is incredibly durable. This music player checks off all those boxes.

Unlike others on this list, this player has a 2.4 inch LED screen so your child can select their favorite songs with ease. The Bluetooth technology gives your child the option to play their music on speakers or Bluetooth headphones, cutting down on chords. Other functions include FM radio, voice recording, and video play so you can upload home videos.

What makes this a nice music player for 6-year-olds is the touch screen which mimics a smartphone for a fraction of the price. The ability of this mp3 player to hold 16GB worth of music with a playing time of up to 50 hours on just 2 hours of full charge is exceptional.

This is a simple kid’s music player that takes inspiration from the classic iPod design. The buttons make this a kid-friendly music player because they’re raised from the surface which is great for sensory development. It’s also lightweight and compact enough to carry with you everywhere.

The 70-hour battery life that charges completely within just 1.5 hours is wonderfully convenient. With 8GB of memory, you don’t have to worry about running out of space because that’s approximately 2000 songs at your child’s fingerprints. When you’re buying a kid’s digital music player you don’t want to spend too much and this inexpensive device is perfect for those looking for a deal, and some style!

Out of all the music devices for kids, this is one of the most popular options. The priciest selection on this list, but worth it if your child wants something that can do more than play music. The 4-inch Retina display delivers quality graphics and Apple’s App Store has hundreds of free educational games for different age groups available for download.

If you already use Apple products yourself your child can communicate with you via iMessage and FaceTime when Wi-Fi is present. The Bluetooth function allows your kid to play music over speakers and the quality camera is perfect for pictures and videos. The best mp3 player for kids is a classic with a sleek modern design and multiple useful applications that your child will be more than satisfied with.

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When searching for a kid-friendly mp3 player, we suggest focusing on the devices’ ease of use, durability, features, sound quality, memory, and price.

The interface should be easy enough for a kid to use without adult assistance. Thus, a music player for 2-year-olds should be basic and a music player for 6-year-olds can be more sophisticated. The device should also be structurally well-made to protect against damage. It should have features outside of music play that’ll interest your child (games, Wi-Fi, or a camera) based on their age.

The best music player for kids will have great sound quality and store more than 200+ songs without external storage. Lastly, consider the price of the item. A great mp3 player for kids should be affordable for you and most of the options on our list above are just that!

The best mp3 player for children will depend on 2 things: age and need. A newborn isn’t recommended to listen to music from headphones nor have they developed a keen awareness of music. Thus, you want to focus on buying a music player for babies that has white noise and different lighting to help hack their sleep instead.

A music player for toddlers can be more advanced, but should still be centered around education like this VTech Rock and Bop Music Player.

Once your child has reached an age where they’ve outgrown all the previous options, then you can consider purchasing one of the many kid-friendly mp3 players on this list depending on your preference.

The process of putting music on an mp3 player for kids is very straightforward. If you’ve ever uploaded music to your own mp3 player or iPod growing up you’ll be just fine.

First, you attach the USB cable that your child music player comes with to your computer. Once the device pops up on your desktop that means it’s ready to migrate music. All you do is click and drag the files over using software like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

The upload process may differ depending on the operating software that your music player for kids uses, so make sure to consult the manual or Google for further instructions.

The easiest way to download music for your kids mp3 player is to use songs that you already have. If you have CD’s, you can burn those songs onto your computer and transfer them to your mp3. Similarly, you can look through your own digital music library and use some of those songs as well. Or, you can purchase music off iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

There are a couple of music sites such as SoundCloud, Free Music Archive, Jamendo, and Noisetrade where you can get non-licensed music for free. If you already own a Spotify or Apple Music account, investing in an iPod Touch allows you the ability to share your streaming account with your kids for unlimited music.

The best portable music player for kids has a long battery life and a compact design. Luckily, most mp3 players are designed with those two things in mind.

You’ll want to make sure your kid's music player comes with a lithium battery that’s rechargeable, not traditional batteries that will eventually need to be replaced. We also suggest selecting a device that has a slim design that’s lightweight and small enough to fit in a pocket or small bag.

This AGPTEK A02 8GB MP3 Player has a 70-hour battery life on just a 1.5-hour battery charge and a sleek design.


Even the best kids mp3 player will come with basic earbuds, which is why you'll want to invest in something with better quality to protect your child's ears against hearing loss. These Mpow Kids Bluetooth Headphones are spectacular.

The sound quality is amazing and they can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or with the attached audio cable. The headset itself is adjustable (4-16-year-olds) and the ear pads are soft and breathable for optimal comfort. These also fold for easy storage and convenience. Our favorite feature is that they’re designed to play at a lower volume which can be increased via a switch for noisier environments. At its price, it’s a steal.

If you decide to not invest in one of the many music devices for kids on the market, you can use your phone instead. If you have a smartphone this is very easy to do. All you need to do is create a playlist of songs for your child on your music app of choice. This way their music is separate from your own.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still transfer music files to your phone using the USB cable. Just attach it to your computer and migrate your songs over.

Of course, if you have a spare phone that still works you can convert it completely into an mp3 player and give it to your child.

Music is a huge part of our lives and if you want to pass on that gift to a child, there are tons of different options on the market for an mp3 player for kids. It’s always best to start off shopping for the correct age group. A toddler music player should be less sophisticated than a music player for kids in grade school.

In general, the best kids mp3 player will provide enough space for a big catalog of music, a sturdy design for longevity, and a kid-friendly interface. It’s also important that you teach your child how to use their device properly (never exceeding a certain volume level) and you should aim to restrict their usage to a few hours per day as well.


Our list of carefully curated kids mp3 players will make your buying experience easy!