10 Best Kids Roller Skates Your Active Child Will Adore

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10 Best Kids Roller Skates Your Active Child Will Adore

Active children want to keep moving. Sometimes they run out of ways to stay active even if they play sports or move around a lot. The fun thing about little kids’ roller skates is that they’re very versatile.


They can be used in many different places and for different reasons: doing roller derby, leisure skating in the park, or showing off tricks on the sidewalk! Beyond the aspect of fun, there are many health benefits including working on cardio health and improving balance.

As a result of all the components to roller skating, there are different types of skates. Plus, roller skates are now more fashionable than ever. Which are kids’ beginner roller skates and the best roller skates for a 3-year-old? All this and more key information down below, so keep scrolling for a list of the best kids’ roller skates so finding one will be as easy as it needs to be!

Best Kids’ Roller Skates

Comfort and fit are what make these the best roller skates for girls. The inside will probably feel sweaty or dirty after a workout in them, but there is no need to worry about discomfort since the liner is removable and washable! Also, these are adjustable for up to 4 sizes, giving you more fitting options as your child grows.

As indoor and outdoor roller skates for kids, it works in many environments and offers more opportunities to use it! Something to note is that these only come in bigger sizes, meaning they’re mainly roller skates for 7-year-olds to 10-year-olds, depending on the individual child. One final thing to consider is that these are good kids’ training roller skates, as the design includes trucks located in the chassis that help with cruising and turning.

With this classic white design, skating in these will feel so good. It doesn’t have buckles for closure, but the lace ties are fashionable and still very secure. When you consider this specific pair of skates, you’ll have to pay attention to the size you choose, especially since these aren’t children’s adjustable roller skates. Also, it has a sleek white vinyl design and padded ankles for extra comfort, which helps in preventing blisters.

As kids’ outdoor roller skates, they are very ideal for sidewalks and pavement, but they are also compatible with indoor rinks. Chicago Skates offers this model in sizes Junior 10 to Youth 4, meaning these are roller skates for 5-year-old to 10-year-old children. Moreover, it has semi-precision bearings and lightweight design, allowing the child to have a smooth and free skate!

Roller Derby offers a tradition of classic and high-quality products, but this model represents the fashionable design of their skates. The design has a nice appeal, featuring a fun comic and tractor-style design. These are indoor and outdoor roller skates for kids that have super comfortable padding inside, preventing blisters or discomfort. It’s easy to unbuckle, as there are secure cam-lever buckles.

This tractor-design feature makes it one of the best kids’ training roller skates because the wheels at the back are larger than others. As well, among the other Roller Derby skates, this model is noted for boasting a wide chassis, helping for balance and comfort. In other words, this is the one to get for beginners or younger children who struggle to balance or skate without help.

Here’s a very light ride for your kid. Although it’s not built with a lot of extra features, this one is perfect for a kid who wants a comfortable and smooth skate along the sidewalk or at an indoor rink in retro style! One of the key aspects of this product which makes it one of the best roller skates for kids is that it excels in the category of movement quality. It has ABEC-6 bearings, meaning that it has better agility and movement ability. These can be good kids’ beginner roller skates, especially since these are for older kids who have already developed better balance.

Moreover, something to note for buyers is that this model is also available for adults, so look for the youth sizes and they are not adjustable in size. The youth sizes will fit older children, as these are roller skates for 8-year-olds and up. The size you get will depend on your child’s foot length, so you can refer to the size chart to determine which is the right one.

These kids’ adjustable roller skates meet the needs of growing children. It comes in two sizes, Junior 10 to 13 or Junior 13 to Youth 3. The small size is roller skates for 3-year-old to 5-year-old children. The larger size is roller skates for 6-year-old to 10-year-old kids.

The design and features of this product make it one of the best beginner roller skates for kids. Although it’s a bit bulky in comparison to others, the bulkiness will make your child feel safer. It has good padding and a solid, secure feel as they start skating for the first time. Also, these roller skates come with front and back brakes, ensuring maximum safety for beginners and younger ages.

These skates are the best roller skates for toddlers you can buy right now on Amazon. In an adorable Minnie Mouse design, PlayWheels delivers a safe set of training roller skates for kids. The set includes knee pads for added safety protection. It doesn’t come with a helmet, but wearing one is highly recommended for kids at this age.

Although it comes in only one size, these 3 to 4-year-old roller skates are adjustable for the individual fit. It’s recommended for kids up to 45 lbs and whose shoe size is Junior 6-12. If you’re looking for roller skates for a 3-year-old boy, Playwheels offers this same product in Toy Story and Paw Patrol designs.

If you’re looking for roller skates for a 5 to 11-year-old boy, then look no further! These have a lightweight design with a low top, offering your active boy an easier time to move around. It has a very basic and simple look, so this is ideal for kids who don’t prefer flashy designs. Also, the design has a nice shoe look with super comfortable padding.

Another cool aspect of this one is the large front brake, which is a safety add-on, making the ride easier and more convenient. For cheap roller skates for kids, it’s very durable, comfortable, and built for smooth gliding and turning!

Here’s one of the best roller skates for 5-year-olds and up your child will love. These adjustable roller skates for kids have a lovely design, based on the trending Jojo character. Fun to use with friends or siblings, these are the perfect gift idea for your kids’ next birthday!

Fashionable and functional are the main characteristics of this product. As one of the best roller skates for girls, it allows them to skate in adorably-designed skates, but it also caters to the needs of growing children. These are kids’ adjustable roller skates, good for different 4 sizes. Additionally, it comes with a reinforced boot as well as quality leather material for durability. Lastly, these kids’ indoor and outdoor roller skates have smooth rolling because of the sealed bearings.

A high-quality pair of skates for a high-quality fun time! Skate with these bold soda pop colored-skates infused with glitter! It’s good to use in both indoor and outdoor environments, so whatever experience your child has, these will be an awesome fit!

Concerning the age recommendation, these are good for children starting from Junior size 12. As one of the best roller skates for 5-year-old to 12-year-old children, these have a durable and comfortable frame, offering a smooth ride. Each size comes with 4 adjustable sizes. You can adjust it with the hidden knob on the bottom so that you won’t have to compromise with more bulkiness.

What’s the perfect gift for an active boy? Roller skates for a 9-year-old! It’s designed for older kids, as the sizes start at Youth 1-4. For both size options, they adjust for 4 different sizes, so your child can use them as they grow. Customers have said these are good roller skates for 7-year-olds and 8-year-olds.

It features cool light-up wheels, so no matter where you are, show off your cool skates! As indoor and outdoor roller skates for kids, these are good to use on various terrains, such as indoor rinks or the sidewalk.

These relatively cheap roller skates for kids offer extreme comfort with thick padding and ankle support, as well as a durable frame. Made with high-quality plastic and polyurethane wheels, durability is a key factor in the design.

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Roller skates are not all the same. First, it's important to think about your child's age and level of experience. The best roller skates for a 4-year-old is not the best for an 11-year-old, for example. If you're looking for roller skates for a 4-year-old, then you should look for ones that offer the best balance and are a bit bulkier, for added protection. Second, the best ones are not just the ones that are the flashiest. Ultimately, function trumps fashion.

The best roller skates for girls and boys conform to the same standards. The best are those which provide the best speed, movement, and agility functions. If they are compatible with different types of terrains, then these will most likely also be durable and good for a variety of skating challenges. The best roller skates for toddlers will be good for balance and come with protective gear because you'll be saving more money in the long run.

You're now on the hunt to find where to buy roller skates for kids. There are so many places that sell them. Amazon, Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, SkatePro, and the list goes on. You can find them at most department stores, but online stores like Amazon have a range of roller skates for 3-year-old boys to roller skates for 9-year-old boys. Also, when you're looking where to buy children's roller skates, keep in mind that online stores do offer the best and most brands and design types.


The best way to choose among the plethora of options is to narrow down. First, you can narrow down your options by age. Which age group are they good for? Are they roller skates for toddlers or roller skates for 6-year-olds? Second, there are different types such as kids' adjustable roller skates and there are those that don't adjust, which means you have only one size option if that isn't a problem for you. After you narrow down your options based on needs and specifications, read reviews and save some for later to compare all the best ones!


Cheap roller skates for kids are not hard to find. But since you'll want a 5-star product, you should plan on spending a bit more, though there are high-rated ones that are under $50. Another thing to keep into account is the size and color you're buying. Amazon will often give a price range, meaning that it'll be cheaper for smaller sizes and more expensive for larger sizes. When you're looking at roller skates for a 10-year-old or older, they may be the same size as the smallest adult so you can expect to pay a bit higher for those.


The best roller skates for kids that are adjustable are those that can fit up to 4 different sizes. These are ideal for fast-growing children. Generally, roller skates of this fashion tend to be bulkier since they have more features involved. Since you may have to compromise a bit on the light feel of the skates, finding a fairly light pair of adjustable skates will give you the best of both worlds.


This is an important factor to consider for your child because it can make a difference in their experience. Bulkier ones weigh around 3-6 lbs.  Little kids' roller skates and ones that are lace-up only will be lighter, weighing around 1-3 lbs. Bulky skates are only a problem if you want to do tricks or have the goal of speed in mind.


Lace-up skates tie the same way as regular shoes. You put the lace ties through the holes on both ends, and cross each end to the other side, putting them through those holes. However, some come with buckles and velcro. For buckles, it's a matter of snapping on or off and the velcro is the same as velcro shoes, which can be tightened a bit for a better fit.


It's quite simple if you have beginner roller skates for kids, which come with front brakes. Point the brake on one foot towards the ground, and with the other continue pointing forward. By this method, you will smoothly come to a gradual stop.

It's a good idea to switch to rollerblades once your child has built up confidence with the skates. Since blades have only 4 wheels in the middle, it will require more balance ability. If your child is quite young, then it's recommended to start them off on skates, so it's easier and safer. Once they are older and have experience then you can switch to blades. Also, give them a helmet and knee pads to start, because it will give both you and your child peace of mind that they're safe as they are starting.

Kids' roller skates are a must-try for all kids! In contrast to rollerblades, not only can you use them on the sidewalk or at parks, but also in indoor rinks and to do cool tricks with them! If you're feeling retro vibes, this is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy! For toddlers to preteens, there are roller skates for all. If you're struggling to get your kid active, then this is what will get your kid hooked on active pastimes. You can get a purely a simple one or a fashionable one, but in any case, your kid will adore the fun exercise!