10 Best Kids' Punching Bags You Can Find in 2020

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10 Best Kids' Punching Bags You Can Find in 2020

With kids’ punching bags, you can play and punch at the same time! It’s a fun solution for kids to keep moving when indoors.


Standard hanging kids’ punchbags with gloves resemble the ones that professionals use, except they are smaller and hold less weight. These punchbags for kids have evolved into what is called kids’ punching bag toys, which include the kids’ clown punching bag used at parties as well as inflatable and standing punching bags for kids. It’s a perfect gift idea that both boys and girls enjoy and it entertains them all year round since they are good for indoor settings! Even within the category of kids’ blow-up punching bags, there is a wide variety of types. So keep scrolling for a list of the 10 best (and we’ve even included cheap punching bags for kids) you can find right now!

10 Best Punching Bags for Kids

1-Ringside Kids' Punching Bag Set

This kids' punchbag and gloves set is a unique find because it comes with boxing headgear. It comes by no surprise that it's named "Amazon's Choice" for toddler boxing gloves and has high ratings.


The punching bag and gloves for kids especially work for kids in the age range of 2-5 years old. The punchbag weighs 2 pounds, making it easy for a young child to hit. Also, it has straps so you can hang it from the wall with a wall mount.

The headgear and gloves will fit children from the age range mentioned above as well as the gloves. It’s a deal for toddlers because it comes with protective gear which isn’t included in other types of kids’ punching bag sets, and this one is even quite cheap!

2. Whoobli Punching Bag and Gloves for Kids

Whoobli's punching bag stand for kids is perfect for kids who like to stay active, move around, and let out their energy.

Also, it comes with a pair of gloves and a pump. For the weighted base, you can fill it with either sand or water.


This kids’ punching bag stand is a best-seller on Amazon, notable for its durability and wide height adjustment. It can adjust from 34″ to 44″, suitable for ages 3-8, and it’s perfect to use as the kid grows or to use with siblings!

What better fun kids party game than punching a clown bag? This is a replica original kids’ clown punching bag from the 1960s that is sure to provide a fun time for kids! Also, another cool feature is the squeaky nose!

This kids’ punch bag is inflatable and comes with a sand-filled base, making it sturdy. This one is perhaps the most popular and best kids’ punching bag for kids because of the fun design. Kids can play with it at parties or even simply during the summer with friends! The height is 46″ and the recommended age by the manufacturer is 4 years and up.

Named #1 best-seller in punching bags, this punching bag stand for kids is amazing because it comes with gloves that are double-padded and is one size fits all! Also, it comes with a pump for inflating the bag.

Moreover, this kids’ stand-up punching bag has an adjustable height of 35″ to 50″. According to the manufacturer, this stand-up punching bag is for kids of all ages. Be sure to select the “junior” option as you add it to your cart because there is also a model for adults.

This is the punching bag with gloves for kids who are interested in boxing or martial arts. It comes with gloves so your child won’t compromise on comfort. It hangs by sturdy steel chains and is made from Maya Hide Leather, a high-quality leather.

If you’re unsure how to hang this kids’ punching bag, all you’ll have to do is install a wall or ceiling mount. It’s quite easy to do and well worth it because a kids’ hanging punching bag is good especially for those training in karate or kickboxing. Also, it comes unfilled but you can fill it with old clothes or fabric.

Since this is a punching bag with gloves for kids, your child will not only be more active indoors but they will get the feel of boxing! The height of the stand adjusts from 41″ to 53″, suitable for kids ages 4 to 12. This is particularly useful if this toy will be shared among siblings, cousins, or friends!

This punching bag set for kids has a base with rubber suction cups to keep it in place. For the base weight, you can fill it with either water or sand. It has steel tubing, making this kids’ stand-up punching bag sturdy and improving the boxing experience. Also, you’ll save money with this particular set because it comes with a pair of children’s gloves and a pump.

This punching bag comes in a fun T-REX character and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has a sand base to hold it up and has a good bounce-back quality. Additionally, the height of this punching bag is 47″, which is great for ages 3 and up.

It’s also super convenient to bring out for parties, as a fun decoration and activity! One convenient aspect of kids’ blow-up punching bags is the folding capability when deflated.

If you’re getting a punching bag for a kid interested in martial arts, then consider checking out this punching toy. Punching dummies for kids are ideal for those looking to train in martial arts or practice punches on a body-shaped target.

This stand-up punching bag for kids does not come filled, but it’s simple to fill! All you’ll need is cotton filler or even textile cuttings and it can be filled for a weight up to 80lbs. Note that if you’re going to purchase one that comes filled it will be far more expensive, so get an unfilled one!

Luniquz designed their punching bag for kids to train or simply have fun boxing. It comes with high-quality leather-coated gloves, which also have air holes, thick padding, as well as velcro for tightening. The punching bag comes unfilled, but it won’t cost extra money to fill since you can use clothes, sponges, rags, or old towels up to 20 lbs. In other words, it works with anything soft.

Not only is it a kids’ punching bag and gloves’ set, but it also comes with a chain mount and a safety carabiner for installation! Also, according to the manufacturer, this specific model is intended for kids 16 and under, however, if you think your child can handle more challenge, Luniquz does sell a heavier model that can hold up to 35 lbs.

A karate punching bag for kids is the solution for your child who wants to stay active and train in karate. Since this specific karate kids’ punching bag doesn’t require gloves, you won’t experience any discomfort in the hands because it’s an inflatable kind.

You can fill the base of this kids’ karate punching bag with either water or sand. Then, you inflate the bottom, neck, and top separately! It’s sturdy and over 5 ft. tall.

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To choose the best punching bag for kids, you'll need to find one that's sturdy or has good bounce-back. It's important to note this quality because you need one that won't just fall and also that poses a challenge for you. Another tip to take into account is that the best punching bags for kids are appropriate for the age. If your child is younger, then it's better to look for a kids' punching bag that's inflatable. For older kids to preteen ages, it's better to get a leather one, because it's more challenging for their physical abilities.

Sometimes you may not want to spend money on items like a kids' punching bag toy. It's quite easy to make your punching bag at home and cheap, too! You can make one with old pillows that you fill with sand and put in a duffel bag. You'll have to duct tape both the pillows and the duffel bag. Your kids with definitely have to wear gloves with these kinds, because it's not soft like inflatable punching bags for kids.


An easy way to hang a kids' punching bag toy is by installing a wall mount or bracket. It will only work with punching bags that come with straps or a homemade duffel bag punch bag. If you're using an inflatable or standing punching bag for kids, then you won't need to hang it since it is already upright.

This will all depend on the type as they are varied. First, there are kids' inflatable punch bags. These are filled with either sand or water at the bottom so that it stands. Second, there are kids' punching bags with a stand. It will likely have a long stand, with a smaller punch target at the top. The last type is the kids' hanging punching bag. These come with straps, which you'll have to hang with a chain or a wall bracket, so it can stay upright for punching.

The most common fillings for the bottom of punchbags are sand or water. These are the least messy and easiest options. If you're worried that your kids' inflatable punch bag breaks for some reason, then water is perhaps your best option. However, if you know that you'll mainly keep the punch bag in a room in the garage or outdoors, you can even go with sand!

It depends on the child's age. For a younger child, it's best to go lighter. Essentially, this means most blow-up punching bags. For example, inflatable kids' punching bags are better, because it poses less challenge concerning weight. Also, a kids' punching bag with a stand is good because for younger children because it isn't so heavy and easier to hit. For older children, you can consider heavier ones that hang. These are also known as karate punching bags for kids.

If you're filling an empty kids' hanging punching bag, then consider rice, sand, or old clothes. The main thing is to fill it all the way so that it's tight. Many people hang their punching bags in their in-home gym, basement, or garage, or areas in the house they're not so scared to risk a mess. Additionally, there are punching dummies for kids you may have to fill, and you can fill it with old clothes or cotton fill.

First, the best method for repairing leather punching bags is taping it with duct tape. It will seal off the tears and rips and will secure the area so the filling won't fall out. If you're buying a kids' punching bag set, then it will very likely come with repair patches. Another option for kids' inflatable punch bags is a vinyl pool repair it, which you can find at hardware stores.

A super easy and quick way to make a homemade punchbag for kids is with a pillowcase, filler material, and a sturdy rope. Fill the pillowcase with old clothes, fabric, linens, basically anything soft. Do not use sand or rice because it can come apart and leave an undesired mess. Then tie the pillowcase tightly and hang it from the ceiling by installing a small hook on the ceiling or duct taping it there.

A super easy and quick way to make a homemade punchbag for kids is with a pillowcase, filler material, and a sturdy rope. Fill the pillowcase with old clothes, fabric, linens, basically anything soft. Do not use sand or rice because it can come apart and leave an undesired mess. Then tie the pillowcase tightly and hang it from the ceiling by installing a small hook on the ceiling or duct taping it there.

You can find them at Amazon, Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Kohl's. Before you go to the store, it's best to think about what kind of punchbag you want. If you're looking for a kids' karate punching bag or a kids' punching bag with gloves, Dick's has what you need as they carry quality punchbags designed for training. Walmart and Kohl's are similar, but Amazon has all kinds of variety and even cheap punching bags for kids.

The best one will be sturdy, but also be able to withstand more force and have a good bounce-back. Since freestanding ones are also inflatable punching bags for kids, they are lighter so they're tailored for less force. However, customer complaints about freestanding punchbags mostly concern when they don't bounce back well. It's important to note that freestanding punching bags with the base are probably sturdier and ideal for kids close to 12 years old.


Kids' punching bag prices vary from $15 to $50. The cheap punching bags for kids are the basic inflatable punching bag for kids. A kids' punching bag stand tends to be average-priced and depends on the quality. Hanging punchbags tend to be more expensive, due to the material. The kids' punchbag and gloves are also more expensive as they are geared for training and aren't just toys.

The kids' toys that came from punching bags are called inflatable kids' punching bags. They are made from the same material as inflatable pool floats, except they are weighted at the bottom so they can stand up. They are meant to be punched but aren't meant to be hit so hard as the kids' hanging punchbags are cheaper and made from plastic.

Whether it's a stand-up punching bag for kids or one that hangs and comes with gloves, your kid is bound to have the best time playing while punching. It is an attractive toy for kids because it has entertainment as well as fitness value. Also, it is key to remember when looking for the ideal one to buy, is the age of the child you're buying for. This will narrow down your options and help you determine which will be the best!