10 Best Foosball Tables for Kids You Can Find in 2020

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10 Best Foosball Tables for Kids You Can Find in 2020

Foosball for kids is a brilliant and creative way to get kids and families to socialize without technology. It’s one of those games like pool and air hockey that will entertain your kid for hours.


Foosball tables for kids bring everyone around the table as siblings, friends, and the whole family can share each other’s company while having an amazing time.

Children love foosball because it sparks competition, excitement, and the thrill of the game. It’s the perfect game for your next family and friends game night! And if you’re looking for a birthday gift for a young girl or boy, your search could be over right now. Here is a list of the best foosball tables for kids so that you have the best one to give for your kid’s next birthday or to show off at the next family gathering!

Best Foosball Tables for Kids

This 56″ full-sized foosball table is one that all kids will adore instantly. It has an arcade and game room look, offering a high-quality experience from the comfort of your home. This kids’ foosball table has chrome-steel rods as well as 5″ leg levelers. The legs are very sturdy and durable, and you’ll never have to worry about playing too hard on it when the competition is fierce because it has extra leg support with the panels.

It comes with 2 balls to play with. The players have a shiny and sleek look, with a beautiful black and red color contrast. The table is very sleek, suitable for your basement or game room, where you can play with it and socialize at kids’ parties and family gatherings!

A traditional and classic foosball table, this is one of the best because it has it all. The table is made from a bamboo laminate frame, which has that expensive, yet simple look that will fit right in your living room as a furniture piece. It comes with 3.5″ leg levelers so it gives players an equal chance. Also, this 56″ full-sized foosball table comes with 4 rows of players for each side, allowing more team play.

Made with chrome-steel rods, the play quality is great, and built to last long. This is a sturdy table and has quality construction. Moreover, the table comes with 4 foosballs which is more than others. The player designs don’t have faces, but there is a nice classic element to it, as it has white and black contrast players, just like in a game of chess!

Named a #1 bestseller, this foosball table is a fantastic 48″ competition-sized table. This is a beautiful fit for an in-house game room or basement lounge. It fits right in as furniture for an entertainment room because it has a nice light wood design. The wood is engineered fiberwood that is built for quality, aesthetic appeal, and durability.

As a foosball table that is not so expensive, it has quite a lot of features that you get in most foosball toys. It has 8 player rows, allowing for a greater challenge for the players. Also, it has two cup holders and two foosballs. It has good ergonomic grip handles and sturdy, durable design. Each team can enable 11 foosball players that have a more realistic look than some basic one-color players with no faces.

As one of the best foosball tables for kids, this is one to consider for its construction and design. It’s a full-sized 56″ table with 4 rows for each team. The sides come with 1″ thick aprons, giving it additional strength and sturdiness. Also, with chrome-plated steel rods, it allows you to play more intensely and not worry about it breaking.

This is a children’s foosball table, intended for both older and younger kids, but the challenge of more rows on each side means the kids can play in teams, adding to the social and competitive element! It’s furnished in high-grade wood material oak laminate, giving a furniture look to the table. Show off this sophisticated and classic table at your next party or social gathering!

This mini foosball table for kids is a cheap, perfect-for-storing table for game night or a kids’ party! Its dimensions are 40” x 20” x 9”, and it fits two players on each team. It has three rows of handles for each team, and the game comes with two foosballs.

Additionally, the design is bright and colorful and has nicely-designed players with faces. Since it has no legs, this could be exactly what you need! If you don’t want to commit to a large piece of furniture, this is the one for you, because you can use it anywhere in the house, but put it away once you’re done using it!

This foosball table is a good, sturdy portable tabletop. You can play anywhere you want in the house! It does have longer legs than other portable tabletops, which makes it bulkier for taking out of the house. However, the legs do offer additional value that doesn’t come with most tabletops. This one is higher up, meaning that it doesn’t force you to bend over too much. Also, you have the option to play while standing with this one, which is sometimes more comfortable than sitting while playing.

Moreover, it has a good handle grip as well as a nice design, including a sturdy wood construction and a nice color contrast for the players. There are 3 rows for each team, so it’s ideal for younger foosball players. It’s great to use, durable, easily moveable for parties, and best of all, cheap!

Turn your living room into a game room for a night with this kids’ foosball table! It’s compact and has dimensions of 40” x 20” x 8”. While it doesn’t come with legs, it’s even easier for storing and putting away when done using it. Play with it anywhere: on the dining table, the coffee table, floor, and more places! The bottom legs do have protective foam so that it doesn’t scratch your nice furniture surfaces. Also, it comes with 2 foosballs to play with.

It has good ergonomic handles, which allows you to grip them easier, turn, and make shots smoothly! It’s one of the best foosball tables for kids because it’s a sturdy table and won’t cost you much money nor inconvenience as a large toy. Not only is it perfect for family game night, but also at kids’ birthday parties and you can even take it with you to a friend’s or family’s party!

This is for the soccer lover! This foosball table has a mini stadium look, giving you and your friends a feel of imitating a real sport! It comes with 2 foosballs to play with, as well as 4 rows of players for each team. It has ergonomic handles, to help players with turning and making shots.

This doesn’t have an expensive wood look like the others. Instead, it has a very sleek engineered wood design in black. It even comes with leg adjustability, so that players of different heights can have an equal challenge and advantage. It’s a very sturdy and solid design and is made for durability.

Among all the mini foosball toys, this is certainly one of the best for younger children. It has 2 rows of players on each side, so younger kids can manage on their own if they want to go solo. It’s only 20″ long, which is perfect for storing away and portability!

This is a perfect gift idea, and a fun and creative way to entertain kids and allow them to socialize at birthday parties or sleepovers! This classic game has great grip handles, 2 foosballs, and beautifully-designed players with a shiny look. Great for any surface, even the floor if the younger kids so wish, this is one of the best and cheapest tabletop games for your kid!

This foosball toy has all your child ever wanted in a toy. With this 40″ long table, you have more feel of competition than other mini foosball tables. Also, the design has a realistic soccer field look, for those kids who are into soccer. It’s very solid and has strong grip handles for turning the rods fast when the game is more intense!

The game comes with 2 foosballs that launch into a real-looking goalie’s net, a feature only on mini foosball games! It’s extremely easy to move, store away after playing, and is portable to bring along with you to other people’s houses for kid’s parties and social gatherings!

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Foosball tables are mini tables with players, nets, and mini soccer balls called foosballs. You mimic a soccer game by having your players score a goal in your net. You control the players with the rods, moving it horizontally, and turning it to try to score a goal! The first player or team to score 10 points wins the game! Check out all the rules of foosball to play a real game below.


Price is something you'll want to keep in mind. While it's easy to think that the most expensive ones are the best, this is however not usually the case with foosball tables. There are many $500-600 tables, but they are designed for arcades and game centers and therefore may not be worth it for home use. A home foosball table is not going to be used nearly as much as one for the public, so you're looking for a durable one for leisurely use. Furthermore, since you'll want to keep your table as pristine-looking as possible, it's recommended to look into foosball table covers to buy at the same time. This is especially helpful if you store your table in the garage or an unfinished basement.


Foosball for kids has a variety of options, based on the kid's ability. It ranges from mini foosball tabletop games to full arcade-sized tables. First, the mini tables have fewer rods for one team to control and is shorter as it has short legs or none at all.  These are suitable for younger children. Younger children don't use so much force, so instead of looking for a super durable one, the best one for younger children will be that has the most comfortable handles and can function best. Second, the arcade-sized kids' foosball tables will have legs, meaning that sturdiness, durability, and movement function will at the top of the list.


Though foosball toys are toys in a sense, they are not a typical game that you would find at a toy or children's store. You'll find them at Amazon, Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Target, and many more online-only stores. For these stores that have brick and mortar locations, there may not be in-store availability for these kinds of items. Check out our list above for all the best foosball tables right now, where you can get to the website with one click!


Children's foosball tables can range from $30 to $500. First, the cheapest ones that range from approximately $30 to $75 are the mini foosball toys that are intended for younger children. These are cheaper, but are smaller, have fewer players to control, and aren't challenging enough for older children. If you're buying for an older child, these start at above $100. However, it's worth it because they have better designs and can be used by adults as well.


You will usually need 2 or more people for the set-up, a screwdriver, and possibly a hammer. After opening the package, find your instruction manual, and check to see that all the parts are there. Next, follow the instructions. It won't take too long to set it up, usually around 45 mins or longer. Watch this video and follow along.


Standard size foosball tables are 30'' to 56" long. Essentially, it refers to regular-sized, non-portable, non-mini tables. When you're looking for foosball tables, note that some are called competition-sized or full-sized which are similar. These will be generally 40"-48" long. Also, there are arcade-sized tables, which are 56" long, the biggest size you can get. Note that all mini tabletop foosball games are mainly not standard, though a few of them are the standard length.

Mini foosball for kids often allows fewer players, because there are fewer rods for each team. The smaller the table, the fewer the rods because it allows younger kids to have a chance to play alone, at an appropriate challenge level. In other words, there will be 2 players, one for each team. With full-sized children's foosball tables, 4 players in total are ideal. You can choose to have a 3-child team, but it may feel tight and offer less challenge.



Not only is foosball for kids, but also for all ages! You can get a mini one for small kids or a standard-sized one, which all have pros and cons, but all will serve the purpose of fun and of a way to socialize. No need to research anymore for the best one, because we’ve already done the work for you.

Getting a foosball table for your kid to enjoy is a worthwhile idea to consider, and if you are looking for even more ideas for toys and activities for kids, check out all our gift ideas.