9 Best Kids Doctor Kits for playing pretend

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9 Best Kids Doctor Kits for playing pretend

When your little babies begin to grow up, they will start imagining what they would like to be in the future. Some children would dream to become doctors, and in that case, the best gift for them will be a kid’s doctor kit.


In their doctor playset, children will find all the tools a regular doctor uses on an everyday basis but in a replica size so they can handle them easily. But when your children have a kid’s doctor set, they will not only enjoy pretending to be a doctor. They will also learn that going to the doctor doesn’t have to be a painful experience.

Playing with a realistic doctor kit will take the stress off your children when going to a doctor’s appointment. Being in the leading role instead of the patient, they will explore the medical world in a fun way, taking away any fear. Plus playing pretend as doctors will bring them numerous benefits.

Finding the best pretend doctor kit for your child can take a long time since you have to check reviews, safety, included items, among others. We are going to solve that problem for you listing below the top 9 kid’s doctor kits on the market.

9 Best Kids Doctor Kits

idzLane Durable Kids Doctor Kit with electronic stethoscope 

The best doctor playset is one that is realistic in helping your kids explore the healthcare world; with the items a real doctor has.

This kids doctor kit does exactly that. Inside this doctor playset, you will find 12 items that will help your children learn about the body and lose their fears towards doctor’s appointments.

What makes KidzLane a realistic doctor kit is its sound effects which come with the cellphone and the stethoscope. The best part is, for your convenience this kid’s doctor set includes batteries. When playing with the stethoscope, your child will be able to hear a heartbeat and even a coughing simulation.

Also, this doctor’s play kit includes a carrying case to maintain all the medical tools in one place when your child is not using them. This case has a snap lock to ensure all the items are secure. Further, this kid’s medical kit is easy to clean and durable.

This is a perfect toddler doctor kit because of the size of the tools, which will make it easy for your child to manipulate them. The B toys doctor set for toddlers also includes a big case where you can keep all the toys.

Further, this toddler doctor set is durable, which means your kids will get to play with the kid’s doctor kit for years. Also, the doctor playset for toddlers is made from non-toxic plastic. This way you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals your kid might be exposed to.

Even when this is a doctor kit for toddlers, it also has great modern features your big kids can enjoy. For instance, the stethoscope includes heartbeat sounds, and there is a moving indicator for the thermometer.

The recommended age for this doctor’s play kit is for little ones who are 18 months plus.

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

whether you are looking for a boy doctor kit or doctor toys for girls, this is the best choice.

The Fisher-Price Medical Kit with a gender-neutral bag that comes in white colour with red, green, and blue details. This doctor playset for toddlers comes with seven medical tools, including a stethoscope, a thermometer, and a blood pressure cuff.

The manufacturer recommends the doctor kit for preschoolers between three and six years old. This doctor set for kids will teach your children how to cooperate and share activities. When purchasing a children’s toys doctor kit, your little ones will also experience in a fun way a doctor’s appointment, which will help them take the fear away when they have to visit the pediatrician.

This is a perfect kids’ doctor kit if you are looking for a Christmas or birthday gift, and the best part is this doctor kit for children is affordable on Amazon.

Learning Resources Pretend and Play Doctor Set

This is a perfect doctor’s kits for older children since it has more than nineteen pieces.

Including the basic tools for a general doctor, but also enough items to have your own little surgeon at home. It also comes in two colours blue and pink, which makes it perfect for either a boy’s doctor kit or a set of doctor toys for girls.

To ensure all the items in your kid’s doctor set don’t get lost, after long hours of playing, you can just store everything back in the included case. Some of the kid’s doctor toys in the set need batteries, specifically the cellphone and the stethoscope. The good news is with the purchase of this doctor set for kids, you will also get the batteries for the stethoscope.

Today, as a parent, it is also important to check if the children’s toys are eco friendly. Being one of the best toy doctor kits the Learning Resources items can be recycled and help the environment.

Semaco Kids Toys Doctor Kit

This is the best doctor kit for an older child because it not only includes more than 33 medical items they can play with.

It is also the most complete children’s doctor kit. Including all the tools your kids will need for a complete check-up.

Having this amount of toys at home can become a problem if you don’t have anywhere to store them. Luckily this child’s doctor kit comes with a doctor case box with a handle to carry it around the house and snap locks keeping the medical tools secured. But, what truly makes the Semaco Kids the best doctor set is the light and sound effects on the thermometer, stethoscope, ear scope and blood pressure cuff.

For your child safety, this children’s doctor bag is non-toxic and has been safety tested. Take into account the Semaco Kids realistic doctor kit is recommended for 3 years plus.

For its design and bright pink colours, these are the perfect doctor toys for girls. The toddler doctor kit also includes stickers your little one can use to decorate their medical bag and make it unique. This is an ideal kit to introduce your little girl to the medical world. Helping her lose the fear of going to the pediatrician’s regular appointments.

This great child doctor set resembles the one used in the Disney Junior Show, Doc McStuffins. Like in the show inside this kid’s doctor kit, your children will find an otoscope, stethoscope, syringe and thermometer. Also, she will have an official hospital ID. The best part is the stethoscope includes light and sound effects, which will create a realistic medical play.

The Disney child’s doctor kit is recommended for little ones who are three years old. For the extra features of the stethoscope, you will need to buy three AG13 batteries.

Battat Deluxe Doctor Kit 

The Battat set is one of the best kids doctors on the market for its affordable price.

Inside the doctor kit for children, you will find eleven pieces including a stethoscope, syringe and safe plastic scissors, among others.

The material of the doctor kit toy is BPA free plastic, which means this doctor set for kids is not only durable but also you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals. Cleaning all the medical tools in the child doctor set is extremely easy. All the pieces included you can just wash with some water and soap, making sure all germs are eliminated after long hours playing with your little doctor.

This is a great versatile set that makes for a perfect doctor kit for toddlers and older children. The manufacturer recommends the age limit for this children’s doctor kit for 18 months plus. As an extra eco-friendly feature, the packaging of this medical set is recyclable.

This doctor set for kids offers an incredible upgrade of tools compared to other kid’s doctor kits in the market. The medical toys for kids on this set include an x-ray machine, stethoscope, thermometer, ear scope, syringe and more.

These are perfect doctor toys for boys or girls thanks to its light blue and green colours, which makes these children’s doctor kit gender-neutral. But what your kids will like even more is having the opportunity to turn their doctor role play into a realistic scenario. With features such as interchangeable x-ray cards, lights and sounds, it will almost feel like they are professional doctors.

Many of the tools included in this kid’s doctor kit need batteries, but this children’s doctor set already includes batteries for your comfortability. To make sure your kid will get to play with its medical toys for a long time, this kid’s doctor kit all comes with a carry case where you can store all the toys.

This doctor set for kids is one of the best in the market for its double-decker trolley which turns any house call into a real visit to the doctor’s office. The Fajiabao toddler doctor set includes medical tools such as x-ray film, thermometer, syringe and stethoscope, among others.

Because we are talking about the best pretend doctor kit in the market, you need to know this kid doctor kit also includes sounds and lights. Plus, it comes with a toy basket if you don’t feel like pushing the car around. Further, there are stickers to decorate the medical kit.

The best part is this is a children’s doctor kit recommended for 3 months and up. With this medical kit, you will be able to introduce your babies to medical appointments preparing them for future pediatrician visits. Even when they grow up, this kit comes with several features to entertain older children as well.

Tips When Choosing the Best Kids Doctor Kit

Even when we have selected the best kids doctor set on the market, there are some things you might want to take into account when choosing the perfect one for your children.

Age Appropriate

As all parents know, children love to put their toys in their mouths. When buying a children’s doctor set you want to make sure that manufacturers made it for the age of your kid. Usually, you can find this on one side of the box. This is an important step since we don’t want our children’s toys to become a choking hazard for them.

Type of Doctor playset

As in real life, there are different tools for every type of doctor. Some child’s doctors kit aims to play the role of a nurse, dentist, surgeon, general doctor, among others. Depending on what your child dreams to be, you should look at the items the child doctor set includes. This way you will ensure your child will love the gift and will spend hours on end playing with it.

Items included

As we mentioned before is vital to check the included items on your kid’s doctor kit. Having all the tools a real doctor has access to will only male the experience more realistic for your children. This also means they will have the possibility to create different scenarios for their games, which will allow them to experience the medical world from their perspective.

Older Kids

Every parent knows that as your kid gets older, they want to have more realistic things that resemble the role they want in the real world. When buying a kid’s medical kit, consider the age of your children and what they might expect from it. If we are talking about older kids some stuff to look out for can be some electrical toys x-ray machine or a simulation ECG.


The best doctor play set for your child will be one that gets him/her closer to the healthcare world. The more medical toys for kids that are included in the kid’s doctor kit, the more realistic play role your children will have. Also, the best play doctor kid will be one that is easy to clean since your children will be playing around with it all day and dropping them on the floor or foam mat. Some of the best brands for a doctor’s play kit are Ficher-Price, KidzLane and B.Toys.

If your child is eager to have a children’s doctor kit, then you can easily learn how to make a Toy Doctor Kit at home. First, you will need an old bag or a box. To cover the box you can choose some colours and paint them. For the bag, if it has visible labels, you can cover them with red cross stickers to show it is a medical bag. Finally, to have the best pretend doctor kit, you need items. Old shampoo bottles, tubes and small boxes can help you with that, you just need to label them and throw some decoration.

When trying to make a more durable children’s doctor bag, wood is a great material option. In this case, the perfect wood for the job is balsa since it is easy to cut and give form. Also, you can purchase a small wood box to contain all the items you’ll create. First, you can draw the form of tools such as a syringe, stethoscope, thermometer, scissors, toothbrush, glasses, among others. If you feel they are too thin, you can cut two layers of balsa and paste them together. All that is left to do is decorate with some painting or markers.

In the end, the best kid's doctor kit is one that will allow your child to play pretend as a doctor. The perfect doctor kit for your little ones needs to include at least the basic medical tools of a general doctor such as a stethoscope, syringe, thermometer and a case to carry everything around the house. Also, you can get the right size medical kit to put it in your stroller and take it to the park.

Always remember to check if the medical toys for kids you are going to purchase are age recommended for your children, making sure they will be safe while playing. Also, ask if the materials in the tools are free of any harmful chemicals that might affect your child.

Buying a kid’s doctor kit is important not only if your child wants to play pretend as a doctor. But also to help all children with their fears of going to the pediatrician’s office. This way they can adapt to the medical world at their own pace and have fun at the same time.