10 Best Disposable Baby Diapers Reviews

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10 Best Disposable Baby Diapers Reviews

The anticipation and excitement of being a new parent is often followed by worry and stress about wanting the best for your newborn.


Disposable diapers are a major investment when it comes to your baby which is why we’ve put together a list of the best diapers for newborns. These are products that include diapers such as best overnight diapers, biodegradable diapers and diapers that are natural, organic, eco-friendly and chemical free.

We’ve specifically selected disposable diapers that have a high rating and ones that we’re sure you and your baby will love. Certain brands of diapers that we’ve included in this article include Huggies, Pampers and Honest.

Whether your first-time parents or an expert when it comes to babies, these reviews will take the pressure off having to choose a diaper that’s suitable to your newborn. It doesn’t matter which brand you choose; these positive reviews will have given you plenty of options to choose from.

We’ve done plenty of research in ensuring that we bring you only the highest quality product with the best reviews on Amazon, so that you can feel confident in your decision, regardless of what disposable baby diaper you wish to purchase. We’ve read numerous reviews to come up with this list so that

These diapers also meet all the standards set by the United States Consumer Report and Safety Commission which means that they all have statements made by the diaper manufacturer in ensuring that the packaging, display and promotion of the product is appropriate for the use of children under the age of 12, in this case newborns.

Before we jump into the 10 best disposable baby diaper reviews, here is a helpful table in looking at all the diapers at a glance along with their ratings and different features.

Best Disposable Diapers At A Glance

Before we get into a more detailed look at the best disposable diapers to buy this year, here is a quick overview of the features and specifications of the 10 best disposable diapers we think you’ll want to take a look at.

Huggies Little Snugglers Baby Diapers

These Huggies diapers are the softest diapers designed to help cushion your baby’s behind and ensure protection so that it does not leak.


Not only is the material breathable but allows for optimal comfort as well as protection. These are designed for newborns so not only are they extra gentle but very snug as well.

The Good

This diaper has a textured liner that provides a layer of protection between the baby’s skin along with the mess. It also includes a leak lock to ensure that the mess does not come out of the diaper. Along with a secure waistband, a wetness indicator and plenty of fun designs to choose from.

  • Hypoallergenic fragrance
  • Huggies Rewards (can sign up on the Huggies website)
  • Umbilical Cord Cut Out

The Bad

Unfortunately, some parents have complained that the Huggies packaging has been changed in recent years, which means that depending on your order, you may not get the softest diapers.

  • Material fluctuations
  • Packaging varies depending on your order

Final Thoughts

Even though the packaging may not be all the same and as soft as one would hope, this diaper is worth the investment when it comes to your baby.  We recommend trying them out for your new born as Huggies is a brand that you cannot go wrong with.

Pampers Swaddlers Baby Diapers

These newborn diapers are perfect for your baby, as it cradles their behind and offers protection in order to keep babies drier for longer. They are the #1 choice of hospitals and never expire.

Furthermore, they are designed for newborns which means that not only are they ultra-soft but will keep your baby as comfortable as possible.

The Good

This specific brand of swaddlers is designed for newborns in order to ensure that they are protected and stay dry. They also have a wetness indicator much like the Huggies in order to tell you when your baby might need to be changed.

  • Contoured Umblical Cord Notch
  • Unique Absorb Away Liner
  • Blanket Soft

The Bad

Some reviewers have stated that the price is known to fluctuate a little. Which means that depending on when you choose to buy them, they may very well be a little bit more expensive than you might anticipate.

  • Size might run a little too big
  • Variations in price

Final Thoughts

The benefits of this diaper outweigh the slight price fluctuations. It is also specifically geared towards newborns which means that your baby will have the best diaper for their behind in ensuring that they stay dry. Definitely worth a try!

By Amazon – Mama Bear Diapers

These diapers are a brand that not many have heard of, however they are just as good as Huggies or even Pampers when considering the reviews. They are specially designed for newborns with softness in mind.

The Good

The Mama Bear Diapers like many others include an umbilical cord cut-out, a quilted liner and a wetness indicator. They claim to be soft and gentle on the skin which is always a plus when it comes to your baby.

  • Has Wetness Indicator
  • These disposable diapers have pocket waistband
  • Hypoallergenic

The Bad

Since the brand is still unfamiliar in the diaper market is important to make sure that along with reading reviews, you also do secondary research to ensure that these diapers will be suitable for your child.

  • Not a lot of information about the company or the diaper
  • Sizing differences depending on child

Final Thoughts

Although they can be a little messy, the good thing is that if you are not satisfied with your purchase you can always return them and ask for a refund. It doesn’t hurt to try them out if you are considering a new brand especially given the price point.

LUVS Ultra Leakguards Disposable Diapers

The LUVS brand of baby diapers are not only 252 count but they are also a months supply worth, perfect for your newborn.

They not only have ultimate leak protection but they also have nightlock which will keep your baby dry throughout the night.

The Good

These diapers come with Nightlock plus in locking away wetness along with a leakguard core that keeps the babys skin dry. They are also extremely soft on your child’s behind.

  • Wide fastening area allows quick changing
  • Large refastenable stretch sides
  • Available in New Born to size 6

The Bad

Currently this diaper can only be shipped within the U.S which can be an issue if you are trying to order them internationally.

  • Domestic shipping only
  • Slight price variations on Amazon depending on the size and type of diaper

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t completely satisfied with this diaper, there is a money back guarantee which means that you can easily try out the brand without breaking the bank.  However we are sure that you’ll have no reason to complain given all the features this diaper has.

Eco Friendly Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers by Andy Pandy

These diapers not only come in a fun packaging but are also odor resistant and provide premium comfort along with breathability.  They are eco-friendly made from bamboo which means that no harsh chemicals are going to be touching your baby.

The Good

This diaper is not only environmentally friendly but it also prevents diaper rashes and helps the earth by preventing pollution. Along with the other diapers in this review they also come with a wetness indicator so that you know when your child needs changing.

  • Made out of odor resistant material
  • Thermal regulating bamboo that keeps your baby’s skin cool or hot

The Bad

According to some reviews these aren’t ideal for newborns as the size is a little too big in comparison to other brands that provide newborn diapers.

  • Huge differences in sizing

Final Thoughts

Not only are these diapers environmentally friendly but they also come with thermal cooling bamboo that will provide comfort in hot or cold temperatures. They are definitely worth the try if you are looking for something different that will not only be environmentally friendly but safe for your newborn.

Bambo Nature Disposable Diapers

These diapers, much like the Andy Pandy brand of diapers, also contain bamboo as an ingredient which means that they are equally as environmentally friendly and soft when it comes to newborns.

The Good

These eco-friendly diapers minimize the risk of allergy and diaper rash because of their design, along with being ultra absorbent. They are perfect for both day as well as night time use.

  • Has the Nordic Swan Eco-Label
  • This disposable diaper has Dermatologically Tested Label
  • It also has the Forest Stewardship Council Label

The Bad

Some reviews claim that these diapers run a little wide and aren’t as absorbent as they claim to be. Although they do have minor flaws they are definitely worth trying out.

  • Absorbency issues
  • Sizing variations
  • Some diapers have known to leak

Final Thoughts

These diapers might not be as absorbent and the size does run a little wide but we recommend trying them out to see how your baby likes them. Not only are they natural and eco-friendly but we’re sure trying them out won’t hurt.

Honest Baby Disposable Diapers

The Honest company is co-founded by actress Jessica Alba and features a variety of products including diapers. Their mission is to provide safe, chemical free and reliable products for their consumers.

The Good

These diapers come in a variety of prints that are suitable for both girls and boys along with natural ingredients which means that they are made without chlorine or bleach processing, along with no latex, synthetic fragrances and lotions.

  • secure fit
  • softness
  • comfort
  • super absorbent core with fluff pulp

The Bad

These diapers are a bit on the pricier side in this list, coming in at around $55 which means that for those that might be on a budget these aren’t ideal.

  • Can cause a rash due to the material used

Final Thoughts

These natural, environmentally friendly diapers are definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for something long term that will help your baby’s behind. In terms of getting your money’s worth we are sure that you won’t be left disappointed.

Pampers Cruisers Disposable Diapers

These are the second type of Pampers on this list and these are specifically designed for your child when they begin to crawl. This is because they are designed to move along with your child and stay put in ensuring that they do not slip off while at the same time providing comfort.

The Good

These diapers have a unique 3 way fit that ensures the legs, waist and bottom are secure so that your baby can move easily. They also include flexible leg cuffs that help prevent leaks.

  • Extra absorb channels
  • Soft stretchy sides

The Bad

Some have complained that the sizing is a bit off in terms of their child which of course will vary from baby to baby.

  • Issues with sizing
  • Not good as an overnight diaper

Final Thoughts

If your child is starting to crawl and you need a diaper that will stay on the move with them, while providing comfort, then we recommending checking out the pampers cruisers.

Huggies Little Movers Diapers

The second type of Huggies Diapers on this list include the Little Movers which are designed for babies that are beginning to crawl. These are like the Pampers Little Cruisers since they both provide comfort while your baby is on the move.

The Good

These diapers are specifically designed for babies on the move that are learning to crawl or have already started crawling. Their shape is designed to hold leaks in place along with a snug waistband that will prevent the diaper from slipping off.

  • Double Grip Strips
  • Dry Touch Liner and Leak Lock System
  • Contoured Shape and SnugFit Waistband

The Bad

Certain reviews have claimed that these aren’t necessarily eco-friendly or biodegradable which means that it could be a problem if that is a concern for you.

  • Gel comes out of the diaper
  • Does not fit all babies equally
  • Can cause diaper rashes

Final Thoughts

In our opinion these diapers are worth trying out, especially given the extra features that it comes with including a secure waistband and a dry touch liner and leak lock system. Furthemore, Huggies is a trusted brand so we’re sure that these diapers are worth the try!

Pampers Baby-Dry Disposable Diapers

The third and final type of pampers found on this list include the Pampers Baby Dry which are designed to keep your baby fresh even when they’ve made a mess. They provide up to 12 hours of dryness overnight and come with 3 layers of absorbency.

The Good

These diapers, like the Pampers Cruisers also come with 12 hours of overnight dryness along with extra absorbency channels that will keep your baby drier for longer.

  • Wetness Indicator
  • Soft material like cotton
  • 3 layers of added absorbency

The Bad

Parents have complained that this new design feels cheap and scratchy in recent years which means that it might not be as soft as they claim. They also seem to have issues with holding waste and have leaked or ‘exploded’.

  • Slight changes in design
  • Material isn’t as soft
  • Feels ‘cheap’

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to try these specific type of Pampers, they are worth a try especially if you’ve used Pampers before. Despite the few negative reviews we feel this is still a worthy diaper brand that’s worth a chance.

The Bottom Line

We have looked at a variety of diaper brands in this review and it seems that there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time parent or an expert when it comes to changing diapers. The variety of options we have given you will allow you to explore various brands and types of diapers in ensuring that you choose one suitable for you and your baby’s needs. As always we’ve done thorough research to make sure that we include things like adjustable waistbands, hypoallergenic fragrances as well as diapers that are biodegradable so that you can do your part in helping the environment.

Remember that as a consumer you will be faced with many choices, especially when it comes to your newborn, however by reading reviews and conducting your own research, you can make a well informed decision that will benefit both you and your child.  Baby disposable diapers come with a variety of brands that include huggies, honest, bamboo natural as well as diapers that are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Although it might seem like a lot, we wanted to be thorough so that you as a consumer have more of a choice when it comes to deciding what to buy. We hope this review helps in deciding when it comes to your child.

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