14 Best Computers For Toddlers You Can Find In 2020

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14 Best Computers For Toddlers You Can Find In 2020

Computers have become an inevitable part of every person’s life, and toddlers are no exception. Not only can laptops and tablets be entertaining for kids, but with the right devices, they can be surprisingly educational and fundamental in preparing toddlers for preschool or kindergarten.


We know how important it is for kids to start learning at a young age, and that’s why we’ve taken the guessing out of it. There’s no need to wonder what the best toddler laptop or computer is because we’ve got the list right here!

LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet

One of the best tablets for toddlers is this learning tool from LeapFrog!

With app buttons and icons, your child won’t reach for your iPad anymore, because they’ve got one of their own.

With a variety of age-appropriate games and activities, the Learning Tablet covers a wide range of topics. Some topics include letters, numbers, colours, shapes, animals and their sounds, rhyming, and weather, to name a few. Your toddler can choose “Explore”, “Learn”, or “Music” mode to discover a variety of activities.

This tablet is designed for children between the ages of 1 and 3 years old. The screen is sensitive and responsive enough to the touch, so it’s simple for toddlers to use. With fascinating colours, icons, sounds, and lights, your child will stay engaged for hours on end!

Another fun tablet for kids, this Learning Tablet is a great early development toy. With buttons rather than a screen, the colourful keypad is great for little hands!

The fun and educational touchpad has 3 levels of activities, so it can grow with your child! They will learn letters, shapes, objects, spelling, and music through light-up buttons and sounds. This tablet is perfect for toddlers before they learn how to read, as it introduces them to the alphabet and letter names.

The tablet is made for toddlers 12 months and up and is excellent for developing their motor and communication skills.

A perfect toy for young toddlers, this device stops the kids from grabbing at your laptop and keeps them entertained with bright colours, lights, and sounds.

With shapes that can be pressed and squeezed, your little one will have no problem keeping their little hands occupied. This toddler laptop is also educational, teaching shapes, colours, letters, numbers, songs, and even a little bit of Spanish!

This Fisher-Price toy is sturdy and built to last. Recommended for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, this toy is definitely aimed at young kids to introduce basic learning concepts.

This is another toddler laptop that is great for even the smallest of kiddos! The travel-ready toy boasts some bright colours, shapes, and buttons, as well as a moveable mouse and light-up screen.

Your toddler can learn the basics of animals and their sounds, music and a variety of songs, shapes, and colours, all while building their motor skills.

This play toddler computer is built for children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years, and is particularly durable and sturdy for kids that are always on the go!

Another one of the best laptops for toddlers, this toy is great for learning the basics of language development. One of the greatest assets of this device is that it can be personalized in order to sing and spell your child’s name!

With fun animations on screen, this toddler learning laptop helps kids to practice their letters, basic letter sounds, and letter identification. Your children can act just like mom and dad by answering emails and receiving messages.

The Leaptop is created for children ages 2 to 4 years old, and is built to keep these young kids entertained and engaged for hours on end, while also helping with their literacy!

This colourful tablet is perfect for learning basic concepts, especially for younger kids. Children can learn spelling, ABCs, numbers, music, games, shapes, colours, and animals, all from pressing a few different buttons!

There are so many activities packed into this tablet. It doesn’t even need to be connected or set up through the internet! The catchy songs and interactive games will keep kids’ attention for hours! Try different modes like “Spelling Quiz”, “Songs”, and “Where Is?”

This tablet is particularly age-appropriate for children 18 months to years old. This durable device is built to stand the test of time and is easy to use anywhere and everywhere! It’s a great learning tool for toddlers and children in pre-school.

This educational toy has more than 10 different modes, including alphabet education, colour distinction, storytelling and more to keep your toddler engaged. It even has modes that teach basic math, such as addition and subtraction!

This lightweight and easy to use tablet is great for indoors, outdoors, or on the go. It is the perfect size for little hands and will develop a love for learning in your child.

The Learning Tablet is suitable for kids ages 3 to 6 years old and can be particularly helpful for children in preschool. With a simple to use design, your child will be developing their little mind in no time!

This tablet features over $100 worth of educational apps, all to help your child get ready for school! With access to tons of award-winning activities, kids can engage in age-appropriate activities to sharpen their expansive skills, beyond just language and math.

Made for children ages 3 to 6 years old, this tablet continues to grow with your child, as games become increasingly challenging. Unlike regular tablets, you won’t need to worry about your child surfing YouTube or the Internet, as the parental controls allow you to set it up exactly how you choose.

This kid-safe tablet boasts a durable outer shell and a shatter-free screen, and is great for little hands to carry anywhere and everywhere!

This unique tablet teaches in two different languages – English and Spanish! Through different games and activities, your child can learn letters, words, spelling, and numbers in both languages.

Though some have said that this toy may take some parent interaction to get the full experience, it is a good starter tool to help children become bilingual, a skill that they can use throughout their entire life.

This tablet is made for children 3 years old and up, and its lightweight and sturdy grip is perfect for their little hands! The tablet has a clear voice and images that will definitely develop their visual and auditory skills.

One of the best things about this Laptop is the Smart Stages technology that grows with your child. The 3 levels of play continue to challenge your toddler as they progress and learn, by offering new songs, phrases, and sounds at each stage.

With over 30 singalong songs, this toddler computer prompts and rewards your child’s actions. The easy to press buttons are great for even the youngest children.

Made for toddlers between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old, this learning laptop for toddlers is great for getting your little one started with increasingly challenging and educational activities.

This tablet is filled with activities that will help develop your toddler’s critical thinking skills. Games that promote a love of learning and teach letters, words, spelling, and numbers will keep your child occupied for hours.

Made for children ages 18 months to 6 years old, they will learn faster than flashcards or notebooks. A device that is great for tiny fingers, this tablet is durable and great for long car rides, airplanes, and travel.

Another great laptop to make your little one feel like they are working just like mom and dad, this VTech device even has a moveable mouse! The difference between a real laptop? The keyboard! While your toddler plays around, the keyboard plays songs along with them.

Built for children ages 1 to 3 years old, the toy is developmentally appropriate with large buttons, bright colours, and clear sounds. The simple screen and buttons are great for young toddlers, while catchy songs help to keep them entertained. This laptop even has some Spanish features!

Another great LeapFrog device, this educational toy also brings a focus to writing! By creating activities that introduce writing, drawing, and spelling, children can learn step by step how to write numbers, shapes, and letters.

The best part? The kids can use the plastic pencil or their very own fingers! Children can trace different visuals to learn to create, but there is also a free draw function.

Perfect for children between the ages of 2 and 7 years old, there is something for kids of all ages, and they can never be too good at writing!

More than just a toy, this learning computer for toddlers is meant to develop your child’s use of both English and Spanish! Different modes, like alphabet mode, number mode, and word mode, help teach the basics of each topic in each language.

Music is used to grab kids’ attention and keep them engaged, helping children learn concepts through song! This device is best for children 3 years old and up, and can help develop important cognitive skills in young kids.


One thing to consider when choosing the best laptop for toddler learning is their age and ability to focus. Younger kids, like ages 6 months to 2 years, may still need to see computers as toys in order to stay engaged and entertained. Children older than 2 years may be able to start challenging themselves, especially in their learning! There are many computers for toddlers and preschoolers that we’ve listed that not only grow with your children but have a wide variety of games that can be appropriate for many different ages.

Technology has become such a prominent part of the world that we live in, so it could definitely be worth introducing your child to computers at a young age. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of products that range from toy-like laptops to challenging and educational tablets!

It’s amazing that some of the youngest children in our society are better at using devices than people in their 40s, 50s, and so on. But that’s because today’s kids are growing up with technology!

It may never be too early for a child to start using a computer and you will be amazed at how quickly they understand how. With such a wide range of play laptops for toddlers, aimed at children as young as 6 months old, it could be beneficial to start there.

Some of the devices are pretty straightforward and it may only take some experimentation from your child to figure out how to use it! However, other products may need some demonstration from parents or older siblings, and your child will pick it up in no time.

This one could definitely be age and development dependent. Using a mouse requires certain fine motor skills that not all young children have yet. It could be worthwhile demonstrating how to use the mouse, and then seeing how your child experiments and plays with this new object.

This one is totally up to you! Many of the toddler laptop computers we’ve listed are toy-like devices, so they may be thoroughly engaging. But it never hurts to take breaks from screen time and too much of one toy or device could make your child sick of it.

This is pretty dependent on a number of things, like your price range, the age of your toddler, their current intellectual level, and even their motor skills! There is no one-size-fits-all. But we think that any of the products listed above could be a great choice.

Some of the devices take much more setup than others. For example, some of the LeapFrog products need a connection to the internet in order to be set up. But some other devices simply need a few batteries and you’ll be good to go! However, none of the products listed above should require extensive setup.

Many of these laptops and tablets are educational within themselves! Some serve as fantastic tools for starting your toddler with basic learning. They can learn things like letters, numbers, and colours. Meanwhile, other devices can help challenge your child with games that teach math or Spanish.

Obviously, there are lots of choices when it comes down to the best learning computers for toddlers. It is hard to choose the best toddler computer when there are factors that only you can consider, like your child’s age, your price range, their current education level, and so on.

We think that for a toddler's first computer, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop could be an excellent choice. It has a variety of educational activities, ranging from letters to numbers to teaching Spanish!

But if you’re looking for something that is more of an educational laptop for toddlers, we think the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready for School Tablet could be a great fit. It has such a large amount of games and activities that challenge your growing kid!

All in all, it could take a few different tries. But we hope that you find a toddler learning computer that will keep your child engaged, entertained, and educated!

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