Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Drone Deals for 2019

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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Drone Deals for 2019

With the holiday season right around the corner, many people may have already started getting their Christmas lists in order and have begun searching for presents for their loved ones.


One part of the holiday season is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These are two days right after Thanksgiving where many retailers offer major discounts on their products and it is how many people shop for Christmas Gifts. This year, Black Friday is November 29th and Cyber Monday is December 2nd.

Drones often go on sale during this time and can be great for the devout hobbyist in your life, or a beginner that is interested in getting started. Many in-store retailers such as Walmart will run deals on drones for Black Friday, and you can see Cyber Monday drone deals from online retailers such as Amazon. This buyer’s guide highlights some of the best drones to look for this holiday season to grab at a discounted price.

Outlaw SE GPS Drone
The Outlaw SE is a high-powered GPS drone that is great for any serious drone hobbyist in your life. This drone is equipped with a high-quality 1080p HD camera that allows pilots to take pictures and videos from a birds-eye view. They can even connect their phone to the controller and fly in first-person. Not only that, but the Outlaw SE drone has a battery life of 20 minutes which is great for a drone at this price. You can expect this great drone to be on sale for Cyber Monday this year and you can see the current price of the Outlaw SE here on Amazon.

818 Hornet Drone
If you’re shopping for someone who is interested in drones but has never flown one, the 818 Hornet is a great starter drone. This drone is extremely easy to control so beginner pilots won’t feel overwhelmed. They will also get a great amount of practice time because the Hornet comes with 2 batteries with 15 minutes of flight time per battery. It’s equipped with 3 skill levels as well as pilots improve on their flight skills, they can challenge themselves with intermediate and expert flight modes. This drone is expected to be offered at a discounted price online for Cyber Monday so keep your eyes open and be sure to read reviews on Amazon for the 818 Hornet Drone.

DJI Spark Drone
DJI is a well-known drone brand known for carrying professional-grade camera drones. The DJI spark is a smaller model and comes with great features. It’s equipped with a 1080P 2-axis stabilized gimbal camera that pilots can take the clearest aerial photos and videos with. If you know someone with experience flying drones, and an interest in photography, they will love the DJI spark. Plus, it’s compact size makes it great for traveling. It also reaches high speeds of 30 mph and has a flight time of 16 minutes. Read more about the DJI Spark Drone on Amazon. You definitely won’t want to miss out on getting this drone at a great discounted price this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Holy Stone Predator Mini Drone
The Holy Stone Predator Drone is a great drone for beginners because it’s easy to use, affordable, and small. This mini drone comes with a 2.4Ghz transmitter system so there won’t be any interference while you’re flying. Despite its size, it comes with a 6-axis gyro stabilization system to help pilots stay in control at all times. It also allows the drone to perform flips and other stunts that many other drones can’t execute. The predator drone is easy to use and has a battery life of about 8 minutes. This may seem short but you can always purchase extra batteries. The Holy Stone Predator Drone may be one sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday and since it doesn’t cost as much you may have some extra spending money to splurge on accessories for it. Be sure to check out reviews and prices for the Holy Stone Predator on Amazon.

Syma RC Helicopter
Another great drone product that’s a little different than your typical drone model is an RC helicopter. The Syma RC Helicopter is a great choice for kids and beginners and you can read more reviews for the Syma Helicopter on Amazon. It’s easy to fly and is best flying indoors. You get about 10 meters of flight range and a flight time of only about 5-8 minutes. It’s a great toy for learning the basic controls of flying and is even equipped with two-speed modes. Pilots can start slowly as they learn how to fly and then switch to the faster mode once they feel comfortable. This affordable toy may be offered at a discounted price online for Cyber Monday and will make a great holiday present for someone interested in aviation.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday FAQs

  1. When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday is on Friday, November 29, 2019. Most stores open their doors early in the morning around 4 or 5 A.M. However, it is becoming more common for Black Friday to start the night before on Thanksgiving. Some retailers may even choose to run their deals through the entire weekend.  Be on the lookout for when retailers in your town or beginning their Black Friday deals.

  1. When is Cyber Monday 2019?

This year, Cyber Monday will start on Monday, December 1, 2019. Most online stores do participate in this day and will offer deals such as discounted items, BOGO deals, and free shipping. As with Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals may start early on the weekend or last until Tuesday or Wednesday. Subscribing to Email updates of your favorite online stores is the best way to keep track of what deals are happening.

  1. What kind of drone deals are available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday for 2019?

Tech items often go on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so you can expect to see discounts on drones as well. Retailers may offer drones at a discounted price or you will be able to bundle and save on a drone by purchasing drone accessories as well. Major retailers like Best Buy and Walmart carry some drone models and be sure to check online stores as well, especially Amazon.

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