15 Best Baby Walkers You Can Find In 2020

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15 Best Baby Walkers You Can Find In 2020

Baby walkers are a great way to help your baby learn the coordination and balance needed to start walking. You want to keep your child safe while ensuring that they play and develop every day, so selecting the best baby walker and safest baby walker for your child’s needs, is super important.


There’s a lot of different types of baby walker designs and factors to think about when choosing this product for your baby. Choices regarding assembly, safety features, which are the best walkers for hardwood floors, or even finding a compact baby walker for small spaces, all go into choosing the best baby walker for infants. Find a breakdown of the top-rated baby walkers and baby walker reviews of 2020 below.

Joovy Spoon Walker

Although this looks like a simple baby walker, The Joovy Spoon Walker is one of the best-rated baby walkers on the market.

This high chair and walker combination features a wide base so fingers and toes won’t get caught during use, machine washable seat, and this baby walker also comes with a food tray.


  • adjustable height
  • machine washable seat
  • food tray
  • collapsable for storage
  • easy to transport and travel with

Things to Consider:

  • not ideal for thick carpet
  • has no brakes but does have rubber stoppers


When choosing new toys for your child longevity is also a factor to keep in mind. This sit to stand baby walker helps your child in several stages of development, making it a versatile choice for your child.


  • This walker transforms from a walker to a ride-on wagon, and finally to a scooter.
  • Plays melodies and other fun sounds to entertain your kids.
  • Has a storage seat to store items.
  • Easy assembly

Things to Consider:

  • not for outdoor use
  • not great on hardwood floors
  • difficult to turn

A great way to help your baby strengthen their leg muscles and learn to stand without holding them for hours on end. This walker is adjustable for height making it one of the best baby walkers for tall babies. This walker would be ideal for infants as young as six months to a year and a half, or until your child can better walk on their own.


  • three adjustable height settings
  • plays music and makes noises
  • has attachments to clip on your child’s favorite toys
  • easy to clean seat pad
  • removable toy tray turns into a baby walker with food tray

Things to Consider:

  •  it does not collapse for storage
  • not good on carpet

This walker is ideal for any sized space since it’s fully collapsable, making it an ideal compact baby walker. With a maximum weight of 26 pounds, this baby walker has adjustable height stations to use as your baby grows and has safety brakes.


  • adjustable height
  • collapsable for storage
  • safety brakes
  • anti-fall grips

Things to Consider

  • works better on thin carpet and hardwood
  • plastic is not too durable and may not withstand excessive force

Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo

Fisher-Price is one of the best-known toymakers for babies and infants and this jumperoo shows why. If your baby is not at the stage where they can work a walker yet check out some of the best baby bouncers.

Baby bouncers are ideal for younger toddlers learning how to stand. The bouncing feature lets them learn to balance and build strength. Other bouncers attach to a doorway in your home but the best baby jumpers are stationary as they’re more secure and won’t collapse while in use.


  • four different height settings
  • spring wheels for safe jumping and bouncing
  • collapsable for easy storage
  • plays music and has noise effects
  • doesn’t need to be secured in a doorway so it’s more secure

Things to Consider:

  • don’t exceed the maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds.
  • toy ring is hard to clean
  • toy bar is not adjustable, difficult to reach for smaller infants

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, Sit to Stand Toddler Toy, Wood Walker

If you're looking for a walker that is a little more solid and has some extra heft, try a wooden baby walker.

This cool baby walker has a classic style and ranks as one of the best wooden baby walkers on the market for it’s solid and durable design. Differing from a seated walker, this push walker is meant for babies closer to 12 months and over, meaning they won’t outgrow it within a few months.


  • also functions as storage for toys
  • has furniture bumpers so it doesn’t damage walls or objects
  • helps build balance and coordination
  • the wood is more durable than plastic
  • easy to assemble

Things to Consider:

  • the paint may flake over time
  • moves quickly, is a fast roller

BRIO 31350 - Toddler Wobbler

Another great option for the best wooden baby walkers, the BRIO 31350 offers a reliable simple baby walker choice for parents.

This is a baby walker with rubber wheels and adjustable handle, so it can adjust to your child’s height making it an awesome choice for taller babies.


  • Adjustable handle
  • baby walker with rubber wheels
  • Adjustable brakes
  • Made from solid beech wood
  • For ages 9 months to 3 years
  • storage for toys

Things to Consider:

  • Difficult to steer
  • Loud wheels
  • Moves very quickly and is very light

Another great option from Fisher-Price, the Learn with Me Zebra is a push style walker for toddlers 6 months to 4 years of age and is one of the best-rated baby walkers on the market. On top of helping babies find their balance and build strength, the interactive panel also helps them learn their ABC’s and 123’s!


  • lights, sounds and toy panel to keep your baby entertained
  • works great on carpet and tile
  • two ways to play: sit like a scooter or stand for a push walker
  • sturdy handle and base to help with coordination

Things to Consider:

  • no brakes to control speed and the wheels can move very quickly.
  • does not collapse or fold

Safety 1st Dino Sounds 'n Lights Discovery Baby Walker with Activity Tray

This cute and stylish walker is chock-full of fun features to keep any child entertained.

This walker boasts a toy rack that converts to a baby walker with a food tray, sounds, lights, and dino themes toys. It also folds down making it a great baby walker for small spaces. The variety this walker offers has made it one of the top-rated baby walkers.


  • adjustable seat height with three settings
  • collapsable for easy storage
  • machine-washable seat pad
  • easy to clean surfaces
  • ideal baby walker for tall babies

Things to Consider:

  • smaller children may have difficulty reaching the floor
  • the seat pad can be challenging to remove

Designed for younger babies, from six months and up, this walker offers a great option to entertain and teach young infants how to stand and balance. It also comes in at a lower price point making one of the cheap baby walker options on the market, but certainly not cheap in quality.


  • adjustable height settings
  • the toy tray can be removed for on the floor play
  • collapsable for storage
  • wheels have guards to prevent going over stairs or different leveled floors.

Things to Consider:

  • height settings can be difficult to adjust
  • difficult to move sideways and backward

Another great option for a simple baby walker, the Laugh and Learn car is a great sit to stand baby walker that transforms from a scooter to a bouncer and a push walker. The walker has Fisher Price’s smart technology that include different songs and activities based on your child’s development stage. The design of this walker makes it the best walker for infants who are a little older, from 9 months to 3 years old.


  • three interactive stages that grow with your baby
  • lots of lights, sounds and songs
  • easy to assemble
  • safe springs that “bounce” as your child moves
  • sturdy design

Things to Consider:

  • the wheels may get stuck and not turn sometimes

This Tiny Love product offers an activity center and can be a stationary table or mobile walker. This sit to stand baby walker features 20 different activities to keep your child busy making it highly rated and one of the best baby activity walker on the market. This 4-in-1 walker is also collapsable making it an ideal baby walker for small spaces.


  • can be converted to a jumper, walker, pusher or stationary activity center
  • machine washable seat pad
  • 360 rotating seat
  • adjustable height options
  • compact baby walker

Things to Consider:

  • a little heavy so it can be difficult for smaller children to push forward.
  • difficult on some carpeted flooring
  • some potential pinch points on the toy tray


This stylish and cool baby walker is another 3-in-1 option that transforms from a sit to stand baby walker. Designed for the future car lover baby,


  • interactive car sounds, turning steering wheel and working horn
  • high backed seat helps give extra neck support
  • changes from a seated walker to a push walker and later folds down to a toy car with storage.

Things to Consider:

  • maximum weight is 25 pounds and accommodates children under 30′ inches tall
  • seat is not removable put wipes clean easily
  • not the best baby walker for carpet

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Sitting as the best-rated baby walker is the VTech Learning walker.

This sit to stand baby walker functions as a table toy with buttons and interactive pieces then transforms into a push-style walker. This is a baby walker with big wheels making it an ideal baby walker that works on carpet. The VTech walker also comes in on the much lower end of the price spectrum make it one of the best cheap baby walker options.


  • educational activity panel that features over 70 sing-along songs
  • baby walker works well on carpet
  • large wheels also make it more sturdy so it does not tip over

Things to Consider:

  • the plastic wheels may move too quickly without proper supervision

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Frequently Asked Questions

Baby walker reviews can be overwhelming especially since every child has different needs. When choosing the best baby walker make sure to consider several different factors.

  • If you're looking for the best baby walker for tall babies, consider a walker with adjustable height settings.
  • The size of the baby walker for small spaces
  • Consider which is the best baby walker for hardwood floors or which is the best baby walker for carpet depending on your home.
  • Some walkers may be made from different materials so decide if you want a plastic or wooden walker and how sturdy they are.
  • If you're more focused on walking or having a cool baby walker that feature buttons, sounds and songs, to keep your baby busy.

A walker is an infancy device that helps toddlers learn to walk. They are meant to allow infants to move on their own, instead of being stuck in one place for a long period of time. There are many different types of baby walker designs, from seated walkers, to push-style of sit to stand walkers. Make sure to evaluate the pros and cons of the types of baby walkers that best suit your child's needs. The best baby walker for a baby learning to walk should be one that is sturdy enough to support them and allow them to develop the right strength and coordination.

The best baby walker would be a walker that helps your child develop their strength and coordination to learn how to walk. Medical professionals agree that push-style walkers are generally the best baby walkers and are amongst the best-rated baby walkers.

A push-walker gives your baby a full range of motion and better control over their muscles and movements as opposed to a seated baby walker or a jumping walker.

Push walkers also have larger wheels making them a better choice for a baby walker that works on carpet.

The price of a baby walker can range anywhere from below $50 to close to $200. It all depends on what you're looking for and prices can range if you want a simple baby walker, a sit to stand baby walker, or a baby walker for small spaces.

The best baby activity walker will typically run you more one because you're paying for more of the toys and features than the physical walker.

Buying a cheap baby walker doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Often the simple baby walkers will save you money and still get the job done.

Even the safest baby walker can become dangerous if your child is too young. The average age is 4 months to 16 months for babies to use a walker. IDeally when they can support their own head and their feet can touch the floor int he walker then it's the right time to use it.

Every brand and design of baby walker will come with its own unique set of instructions. Make sure to follow the instructions closely and ensure every piece of the walker is connected securely to make sure it's the safest baby walker for your child.

Most cloth walker seats are machine washable. So you should be able to remove them, throw them in with your laundry, then slip the covering back onto the walker.

If your walker doesn't have a removable seat, or is wood or plastic, take a wet cloth with a mild cleaner and give it a quick wipe down.

If your child is having difficulty in learning how to use their walker there are some tips and tricks to try to get them moving.

  • You can start by placing them in the walker and gently pulling it forward so they see it can move
  • hold up a toy they like so they'll be encouraged to reach for it and move forward.

You should always watch your child in their walker to ensure their feet don't drag or get twisted under the walker.

  • Once they exhibit signs of trying to stand, let your child stand but hold on to both their hands as a guide.
  • Gently pull their arms towards you as they move and their feet will start to follow.


The best walker for carpet is going to be one like the VTech that has large enough wheels that they won't get stuck on a longer rug. Many baby walker reviews vary on this subject since every home is different.

Our verdict on the best walker for a baby learning to walk would be the

  • Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon, Sit to Stand Toddler Toy, Wood Walker
  • VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


The Radio Flyer offers durability since it’s made from wood, it’s one the few baby walkers with big wheels, making it a good baby walker on carpet and hardwood. The storage component can be used to further weigh down the walker so it won’t tip over. Because it’s meant for older toddlers, there’s they’ll have more ability to control the walker as opposed to the seated walkers for younger children.

We also vote the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker as the best baby walker, because of its simple, low cost and effective design. It’s one of the best walkers for a baby learning to walk because it has a sturdy design with non-slip rubber lined wheels on the back while also functioning as an interactive toy making it the best baby activity walker. 

Ultimately you know your child’s capabilities best and the best walker will be the one that fits your child’s needs and current development stage.