10 Best Baby Teething Toys Reviews of 2019

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10 Best Baby Teething Toys Reviews of 2019

Teething toys are the most necessary out of the unnecessary things you will buy for your baby.


In all truth, you could probably never buy a teether and survive. But then at some point, around 5 months of age, your baby will be in so much pain that your motherly instinct will kick in and you will feel obligated to do something about it. Not to mention the amount of sleepless nights and headaches you will have from a screaming baby that cannot relax. They are in pain, but baby teething is unavoidable. However, that does not mean that we can’t do something to help with it.

Getting your baby a teething toy will help them break through the pain, and will provide them with necessary entertainment and even help develop cognitive and psychomotor skills. Teething toys are also extremely cheap, so it should never be a problem to acquire at least a few, and have one on hand at all times. But how do you choose the best teething toy for your little one? There are so many different shapes and materials out there, that you can easily lose yourself in your search for the perfect teether.

That’s why we came up with our list and guide to the best teethers out there. From teething rings to baby chew toys, from baby keys to vibrating teethers and even a banana teether, we’ve scoured the web and found what works, what’s safe, what’s affordable and what’s durable. We’ve looked at numerous customer reviews, we’ve read safety materials1,2, papers1,2,3, guides1,2, warnings1,2, and consumer reports, and we’ve brought before you the best teething toys the market has to offer. We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to, and we did it because we care. At Net Parents, there is nothing more important to us than the wellbeing of your baby, and we wanted to help ease the pain. Baby teething is painful, but not just for the baby. No mother will stand by idly and watch her baby chew on her fingers while wailing and screaming. We are here to give you the power to do something about the inevitable.

Baby Teething Toys Buying Guide 2018

There are, however, several important points you might want to consider before you get any chew toys for your kids. Please make sure to follow the guidelines below as you search for the perfect match. This guide is for meant as a reference for your convenience, so you can feel safe giving your baby teething toys.

  1. There are certain chemicals that have been banned by the FDA and should be avoided at all costs. These include BPA, PVC and Phthalates. The following chemicals can put your baby at risk, and are often found in plastic toys. Make sure that any toy your baby chews on is free of these chemicals. You could stay away from plastic toys altogether, but we don’t see a necessity in it. Many plastic-based teething toys are perfectly safe for your child, and you will find many of those on our list.
  2. Get several baby chew toys, and get them as early as possible. They are comparably cheaper than the other items you will have to buy, but will save you a great deal of pain. It’s always good to have different ones, as your baby might not like some. Change is also good for the development of psychomotor skills, tongue skills, cognitive skills, and the development of speech and the senses. Keep in mind that teething toys, while they relieve the pain and crying quite effectively, are also helping your child develop. That’s why there is such great variability in the toys you will find.
  3. Teething tablets are dangerous and should be avoided completely.
  4. Always keep baby teething toys clean. The best solution is always soap and water, making sure to wash the soap off completely and letting it dry. At times when you cannot do that (e.g. when you are outside), use disinfecting wipes that are derived from natural products, and are safe to use with chewing toys. We recommend these. Keep your baby’s hands clean as well, as this is the most common way germs are transmitted and illnesses arise.
  5. Always supervise your child while they are playing with teethers. You must make sure that the toy is of appropriate size and does not pose a risk of choking.
  6. Never use items that are not meant for chewing as teething toys. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if it’s a toy with small parts that could detach and pose a choking hazard.
  7. Some toys can be frozen to provide pain relief and possibly reduce inflammation of the gums. Nonetheless, be careful of over-freezing them as this can cause problems and a painful experience for your child.
  8. If you ever notice that the teether is somehow damaged, discard immediately. Parts that can break off are extremely unsafe and pose a choking hazard for your baby.
  9. Chewing necklaces are unnecessary and can be dangerous. We don’t believe that there exists the best teething necklace, or even a good one, and you will not find it on this list. It poses a choking hazard and there is absolutely no evidence that it provides any relief. Keep your child safe, and avoid chewing necklaces.

Best Baby Teething Toys At A Glance

Now that you are more familiar with the ins and outs of the chewing industry, it’s time to familiarize yourself with some of the best teething toys out there. In an ideal world, we would get all of these. But that’s not a viable option for the parental budget. Therefore, we’ve provided you with a neat summary of all the best teethers, so you can pick and choose the right ones easily.

Teether Rings

Simple, fun, and effective, these teething rings are best baby teethers out there. They are easy to clean, and great for stimulating brain development. Being rings, you can wear them on your hand so you never lose them. It also comes with a book that contains great tips for baby teething pain relief. All in all, a must have in every house.


The Good

These teething ring for babies are amazing in their simplicity and effectivity. They are 100% safe, non-toxic, and choking-hazard free. The ridged sides provide effective relief for the baby, and the clever design will provide your baby with stimulating fun and help develop the sensory systems, as well as motor skills. It has been developed after extensive research, and the company will provide you with a 60-days money-back satisfaction guarantee. The eBook that comes with the purchase is highly valued, and would normally cost $10. For this low price, you get a lot of fun, education, relief, and development. What else could you possibly ask for?

  • Simple and safe, 100% non-toxic food-grade silicon
  • Free eBook with every purchase
  • Colorful, stimulating, and pain relieving
  • Help develop psychomotor skills and grip strength
  • Backed by research
  • Money-back, 60-day, satisfaction guarante

The Bad

The only main problem with these rings are that they are rings. And teething rings could be a bit boring. It would be more stimulating if they came as different shapes.

  • The only shape is a ring
  • Some babies are not interested in them

Expert Tip

There are different colors available for this baby rings toy, with some great for boys or girls, as opposed to this unisex design.

Final Thoughts

These teething rings are a no-brainer. They are a great purchase for the value, and will guide your child through the tough stage of teething, helping them develop the necessary cognitive skills while providing loads of fun and pain relief. Definitely the best teething toy for babies.

RaZbaby RaZ-Berry Silicone Teether

This Razbaby teether is a cool raspberry teether, which is highly safe and non-toxic, and provides both a soothing relief with the berry bumps, and a hands-free, pacifier-like design. The cool fruit teether design also provides extra stimulation for the child.

The Good

This teething toy is not only popular for its cool and stimulating design, it’s very safe and comfortable, and can be frozen to provide extra soothing relief. The silicon material is 100% safe and non-toxic, and the raspberry bumps are going to help soothe the pain while stimulating tongue activity and sensory systems.

  • Stimulating, soothing design
  • Can be frozen
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% safe, food grade silicon teether
  • Hands-free, pacifier-like design
  • Designed for small hands

The Bad

One problem with this is that the handle may be ripped off, and so supervision is a must. It is also slightly big, and more appropriate for larger babies, although the manufacturer recommends this teething toy for 3 month olds.

  • Handle may get ripped off
  • May be too big for little babies

Expert Tip

Its pacifier-like design means you can use a clip to attach it, and is perfect for babies who throw their teethers on the floor.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we think this is a great chewing toy to add to your arsenal. Its soothing frozen touch can help babies with the teething pain. It’s especially great for babies who liked their pacifiers, and tend to throw their chewing toys. It is best used as a teething toy for toddlers who are older and can fit it in their mouth.

Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

A cool nuby teething ring, this great toy is the best of all worlds. Nuby company have mixed into it parts that have different textures and are intended to work in three stages: a soft gel-like silicon for the front teeth, firmer parts for the middle teeth, and firm parts to provide the greatest pressure for the back teeth.

And at the top, you’ll find bunny ears that make a crunchy sound when you bite into them. Babies will naturally be attracted to this toy, and it’ll provide hours of great stimulation and pain relief.

The Good

This teething toy includes everything your child will want, and is definitely a great buy for a great price. All three parts are made with perfectly safe, non-toxic materials. The combination of all three parts will make your child interested in it, less likely to throw it, and help develop sensory skills, as well as motor skills. It’s great for the tongue and mouth, teaching your child how different textures can feel differently in different parts of the mouth. And a toy that develops the tongue and mouth muscles is a toy that helps develop speech!

  • Three parts for front, middle, and back teeth stimulation
  • Interesting colors, textures, and sensations
  • 100% safe materials, from non-toxic plastic, silicon and fiber
  • Perfectly sized and easy to hold
  • Recommended by pediatricians

The Bad

The main problem is it’s a bit difficult to clean, since you cannot submerge it, and the fabric is hard to keep clean. It’s also non-freezable, which can be disappointing.

  • Hard to clean and keep clean
  • Non-freezable

Expert Tip

Buy two for half the price of one, and give it as a gift for a baby shower!

Final Thoughts

Absolutely fantastic teething ring that’s got everything your baby will need to both sooth the pain and stay interested. It is recommended by pediatricians, and is perfectly safe. And at that price, it makes one of the best teething toys on this list.

Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy

These wonderful Bright Starts teether links are one of the most versatile toys, yet they retain their simplicity. For a ridiculously low price you can get 24 links that you can use anywhere, are perfectly safe, and have stimulating textures and colors. Your baby will be thankful to have these great teething rings everywhere!

The Good

Very cheap, very safe, and very fun, they come in packages of 24 pieces, and can attach to carriers, strollers, and what not. They all have different colors and textures to keep your baby interested and stimulated, while providing with soothing pressure.

  • 100% safe, non-toxic links
  • Cheap
  • Colorful and have different textures
  • Very easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • Versatile toy

The Bad

These links are a little on the thin side, and are can easily be pulled apart. This may be of importance to you if you want these links to remain locked.

  • Thin
  • Gaps can be too large
  • Easy to pull apart

Expert Tip

There is a bundle option where you can get a few different Bright Starts teethers for a low price.

Final Thoughts

Great baby toy links that make a wonderful chewing toy as well. These are so versatile and so cheap that it would be silly not to buy them. Absolutely one of the best baby teethers out there.

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Carry Teethe Purse

A very cute Bright Starts teether in the shape of a purse, this one is also very water-filled, so it really helps soothing the baby’s gums.

Its shape is interesting too, and makes for a lovely little chewing toy that the baby will adore.

The Good

This is probably the perfect teething toy for a baby girl. It’s absolutely adorable, and is great at relieving the pressure at the gums, with its water filled material. It’s also 100% safe, BPA-free. Its shape and colors will make the baby love it, and it makes a great baby shower gift. It’s also extremely cheap, so definitely a purchase worth making.

  • Water-filled to help sooth gums
  • Cute shape
  • Interesting colors and textures
  • 100% safe, BPA-free
  • Cheap
  • Can be chilled for extra soothing effect

The Bad

Unfortunately, some babies are just not interested in it. It’s also a little on the heavier side because of the water filling.

  • Heavy
  • May not interest

Expert Tip

There are options to get this in combination with rattle toys, which will make an overall great present.

Final Thoughts

For this price, there really isn’t much to lose, and a lot to gain. This is a very cute baby chew toy, and will make a great addition to your arsenal. Beyond that, it actually makes a wonderful gift.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Another great Nuby teether, these baby keys are specifically designed to provide cooling effects when placed in the fridge.

The colors and textures are also great to keep their interest and to providing soothing relief, while developing motor skills.

The Good

Great for chilling in the fridge and provide cold, soothing relief for the gums. These teethers are also made of different surfaces, helping the baby soothe the particular part that they need. The handle and overall shape also helps by providing exercise and coordination building.

  • Great for cooling effect
  • Perfectly safe, BPA-free
  • Helps build coordination
  • Helps exercise the hands, mouth, and tongue
  • Different textures for different parts of the mouth that need soothing
  • Easy to clean

The Bad

May be hard to fit the baby keys in the mouth. The keys don’t separate from the ring and may be cumbersome for a baby to handle. Also make sure not to boil or sterilize these as they will melt.

  • A bit big
  • A bit heavy and cumbersome
  • Will melt at high temperatures

Expert Tip

Do not freeze this one, as it is dangerous for the child and can result in injuries. The gel is made specifically for be chilled in the fridge and stays cold for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Nuby teethers are great, and we trust this company in terms of safety and quality. This is absolutely one of the best teething toy for toddlers, and will help with soothing all parts of the mouth, as well as exercising the tongue and even the hand. It is also quite cheap and one should not think too hard about purchasing this one.

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

This slick-looking Comotomo teether is simple and elegant. Yet it’s durable, and smartly designed. It has all the right areas around to both help baby finger grab it and let little gums chew on it.

The Good

It’s a great silicone teether with a simple yet smart design. With specially ridged arms, it has both the right gripping point and chewing points. It is also extremely safe and easy to clean.

  • Soft hygienic silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect size
  • Ridged edges for soothing gums
  • Finger sized (imitates chewing on fingers)
  • Safe material and design, and can go into microwave, boiling water, etc.

The Bad

Might be too soft and flexible, and won’t give that hard biting surface some babies need. It’s also quite simple and may not hold the child’s attention for long.

  • Very soft
  • Quite plain

Expert Tip

It comes in red as well, but the blue color is cheaper.

Final Thoughts

This toy is great for baby teething, it is specially designed to help soothe the pain, and allow for easy grip and easy cleaning. It may be a tad too plain for some babies though, but it is still a valid investment. We really liked it.

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

What baby wouldn’t enjoy a banana teether? Add to that the fact that this chewing toy also helps train for brushing teeth and you got a perfect package.

It’s cute, it’s useful, and it’s going to do what it should do

The Good

This baby teething toy teaches the baby about oral hygiene, while helping them soother their gums in a safer way than hard plastic. This teether actually prevents cavities later on. Those peeling handles you see? They provide comfortable grip and safety from choking. It’s also easy to wash in the dishwasher.

  • Baby banana teether with toothbrush bristles to help prevent cavities
  • Helps soothe sore gums
  • Easy to clean
  • 100% food-grade silicon, completely free of hazardous chemicals
  • Easy to grip and safe from choking
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination

The Bad

The bristles will not remove plaque as much as an actual toothbrush. The material also catches dirt very often so cleaning will have to happen constantly. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean.

  • Not so good at removing plaque, since the bristles aren’t very thin
  • Catches dirt easily

Expert Tip

It’s available in other colors, and the pink one is actually cheaper!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to fruit teethers, this is definitely one of the best. It’s going to help the child develop necessary hand-eye coordination, while easing their pain and cleaning their mouth. A great little toy to try!

The First Years John Deere Massaging Corn Teether

If you’re looking for a something that will serve as a the perfect, soothing baby teething toy, then nothing can beat a vibrating teether. This corn-shaped toy will provide gentle vibration that massage the gums and even help the baby learn the meaning of cause and effect.

The Good

A cool teething toy that vibrates, this one will provide efficient relief for those sore gums. It not only helps with that, but the button that turns it on and off will teach your baby about the concept of cause and effect. You chew, and it vibrates. You stop, and it stops. Teaching this at that age is perfect!

  • Vibrating teether that helps soothe gums
  • Teaches baby about cause and effect
  • Cool Corn-shape will keep the baby interested
  • Perfectly safe plastic
  • Appropriately sized handle and design to prevent choking

The Bad

It may be too big for a baby’s mouth, and can also be a bit too strong when it comes to the vibration. It is probably more appropriate for older toddlers, even though the manufacturer recommends 6 months of age.

  • Corn is hard to fit in the mouth
  • Vibration can be too much

Expert Tip

Buy two for half the price, and use the other one as a present!

Final Thoughts

For a fruit teether, it’s very original, and can provide great comfort and education for a toddle. However, we do recommend this for older babies, and it will not be very appropriate even for a 6 months old.

Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether

Last but not least on our list is this that brings together a cool design that keeps the baby interested, a great chewing material, and a shape that’s perfect for gripping.

The Good

This twisty looking baby teething toy is going to help develop motor and cognitive skills, as the child spins it around and figures out how to use it to soothe their gums. There are different textures to help satisfy the chewing needs, and in addition, shaking it makes a nice rattling sound.

  • 4 different textures
  • Colorful and interesting shape
  • Helps develop motor and cognitive skills
  • Perfectly safe material and guarded from choking
  • Rattle sound and twisting helps keep child interested

The Bad

Hard to clean, as dirt gets in the cracks between the pieces. It’s also a bit on the thicker side and may be hard for the baby to put in its mouth. It’s also quite large, and may be hard for a baby to hold.

  • Hard to clean
  • Thick
  • Large

Expert Tip

It can stay in the fridge all the time, providing cooling relief on top of it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a great little chewing toy that will provide hours of educational fun. You should keep it clean by boiling it, and make sure it’s not too big for your baby. Otherwise, a great design with great potential benefits!

The Bottom Line

Baby teething toys are an unnecessary necessity, but they are also cheap and easy to acquire. One should have a few of them on hand at all times, and you should try to get them as soon as possible. You never know how early teething will start for your baby. Nonetheless, it is a toy that goes in the mouth, and so it’s very important to adhere to safety standards and always keep an eye on the baby.

We wanted to help you understand both the need for these teething toys, and to help you understand how to be safe. Therefore, we’ve compiled this list of what we saw were the best teething toys on the market right now. It took us a while to sift through all the reviews and safety guides, but we believe that the results are worth it. We hope you enjoy these chewing toys as much as your baby will. Peace. Calm. Safety. That’s how we like it here at Net Parents.

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