Best Baby Push Toy Walker Reviews

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Best Baby Push Toy Walker Reviews

Watching your child get around the living room definitely excites every parent. Trying to walk is a major step in your baby’s development.


It not only helps him gain more confidence but also plays a major role in the development of balance, coordination, and motor skills. However, the stage from crawling to walking is challenging for both parents and the child. While trying to get up and walk, your child will obviously fall down quite some time and may even hurt himself. This is because his leg muscles are not fully developed to let him walk so easily. Before he could start walking, your child needs to build his leg muscles, and push toy walkers are a great choice for this. Push toy walkers can help your baby’s strength and his leg muscles and improve balance and coordination so that he learns to walk sooner and safer than he could do otherwise. Baby push toys for walking also gives a child his own independence to move around his house on his own. Moreover, many of the infant walking toys are designed creatively so that the little guys can even play with them when they don’t want to walk.

There are hundreds of walk behind toys for babies but you can’t select just any of them. There is a lot to consider when picking the right toddler push walker other than your budget. An age-appropriate push toy walker will help your child learn the art of walking quickly where is a study toddler push walker won’t flip down so easily, thereby hurting your child. In this blog, we will brief you more about how to choose the right push and walk toys for your budding walker. But, before we begin, let’s look at the best push toys that you can buy to help your child get moving.

Best Push Toy Walker At A Glance

As mentioned above, baby push toys for walking are not just ordinary toys that you can buy at the blink of your eyes. Before we look into more details of the factors you need to consider before buying a push toy walker for your little buddy, here is a quick overview of the features and specification of top 10 infant walking toys that we believe are the best for your child:

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech sit-to-stand learning walker is definitely one of the best push toy walkers for kids aged 9 months to 3 years. It has a removable play panel. When your child doesn't want to walk, you can simply remove it and place it on the floor to keep him engaged with the music, shapes, and numbers.

It has spinning gears, 5 piano keys, 3 colorful rollers, 3 light-up shape sorters, 3 light-up buttons, and over 70 sing-along songs, music, and sound effects to keep your child engaged for hours. There is a telephone handset that can be used for role play. It is made with hard plastic material and, therefore, it is highly durable.

The Good 

  • The play panel of this walk behind toy for babies is removable.
  • The wheels work on carpeted as well as uncarpeted floor.
  • Can be used by kids aged 9 months to 3 years.
  • Engaging as well as educational baby push toy for walking.
  • Has volume control key to adjust the sound as per your convenience.
  • It has study rear wheel locks.

The Bad

  • Like any other toy, do not leave your child unattended, especially if he is using this infant walking toy on hard floor or uncarpeted floor.
  • The music needs to be stopped manually.

Final Thoughts

The removable play panel makes it worth its price. It can even be used by kids who are yet to start crawling. It comes with a 1-year warranty and some of the play parts are replaceable too.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker, Pink

This is another amazing product from VTech and it definitely deserves to be in the second place of our list. It too features a removable play panel that consists of 5 piano keys, 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 shape sorters, and 3 light-up buttons. Like the other VTech products, it can also be used by a 9 months old toddler to a 3 year old child. The most interesting part of this walk behind toy for baby is that it has an adjustable speed control on the wheels. So, you can adjust the speed to ensure that your child doesn't hurt himself.

The Good

  • The real wheels of this baby push along walker have tension control dial that you can use to make it harder or easier to push.
  • The play panel is removable and can be used by toddlers who are yet to start crawling.
  • Has many interactive and educational games to keep the child busy for hours.
  • Can be used on carpeted as well as uncarpeted floor.
  • The rear wheels have a locking mechanism to prevent skidding.
  • Some of the parts of this baby push along walker such as the phone are replaceable.

The Bad

  • Although it has wheel locks at the rear, it may slide slightly on the wooden floor, so make sure you let your kid use it under your supervision.
  • If you push multiple buttons, multiple sounds start to play.

Final Thoughts

Being an Amazon exclusive product it is definitely worth buying. Unlike many other baby push toys for walking this can be used by babies even before and after they have learned walking. Totally worth the price.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker

If your child loves role play, this Fisher Price push and walk toy for babies will definitely bring a smile on her face. It is a sturdy pretend stroller in which your child can carry her favorite doll for a walk around the house or in the lawn. The stroller design encourages the children to replicate what their moms usually do and can motivate them to start taking their baby steps.

This stroller-styled walk behind toy for babies has an inbuilt music system that plays when the baby walks along. This adds more fun to the activity. There are some hands-on activities such as spinners, roller bar and flipbook to keep your child engaged.

The Good

  • Stroller-styled baby push along walker that helps children learn role play as well.
  • The base of this push toy for one year old is wide and stable to prevent falls.
  • Loaded with many fun sit and play activities.
  • Has an inbuilt music system that plays when the baby pushes the stroller toy.
  • Suitable for kids aged 9 to 36 months.

The Bad

  • The doll shown in the picture is not included with this baby push toy for walking.
  • The assembly process is a little tricky but thankfully, it comes with an amazing user guide to help you.

Final Thoughts

You can never go wrong with Fisher Price toys. No wonder why this stroll-along push toy walker has earned third position in our list. Although it doesn’t have a lot of features, this push toy walker is still a safe and sturdy toy for your little one.

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

This Radio Flyer classic infant walking toy is definitely a great choice for parents who want to keep their child as well as their furniture protected. The manufacturer claims that it is an award-winning best baby push walker that features a resist-push mechanism to help toddlers learn to balance themselves while trying to walk. It is a furniture-friendly infant walking toy with a bumper in the front that prevents scratches and breakages. There are removable wooden skates, which you can put on the walker accommodate your child's toys.

The Good

  • Made of natural solid wood and, therefore, it is more sturdy and stable than the other best baby push walkers.
  • Has a resist-push feature to prevent your child from getting hurt.
  • Like other best baby push walkers, it can also be used by kids between 1 to 4 years of age.
  • The bumper at the front protects the furniture from damages and scratches.
  • It has durable molded wheels with grip tread for added comfort.

The Bad

  • The removable sides of this walk behind toy for babies are very easy to remove, so once your child gains some strength, he can remove them on his own.
  • Doesn’t have many features like other push toy walker but its durability makes it totally worth its price.

Final Thoughts

Our research concludes that it is definitely one of the best walking toys for babies. However, it is quite expensive as compared to many other push toy walkers. If it suits your budget, it is definitely a great choice.

Fisher-Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker

This is yet another amazing baby push along walker for kids aged 9 months to 3 years. It can be used in two ways; sit & play and stand & walk. It has an easy-grasp handle and a sturdy wheelbase that protect your child from falls. To keep your child engaged, it has a lot of inbuilt activities such as light-up buttons, a rollerball, a dial, etc.

The inbuilt music system can teach ABCs, 123s, and a lot more. No wonder why our team has decided to include it in our list of the best baby push walkers.

The Good

  • This baby push toy for walking Can be used to walk as well as to play while seated.
  • Has a sturdy 4-wheelbase for extra stability.
  • Inbuilt music system to keep your child entertained.
  • Has a book-page with lights that can function as a teaching tool.
  • Can be used by 9 months old toddlers to a 3 year old child.

The Bad

  • The wheels of this infant walking toy don’t have a locking facility so you need to supervise your child.
  • The stickers may peel off with time.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to be used by kids who are ready to learn walking. Parents have to supervise their kids even if the wheels have resistance, so lack of locking mechanism is not a major issue.

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

Unlike the other best walking toys for babies, this push toy walker doesn’t feature an inbuilt music system that plays music or sing-along songs when pressed or used. This is a very simple, conventional, and yet engaging toy for kids above 12 months. Like all other Melissa and Doug toys, it too adheres to the highest quality standards and is totally safe for your child and for your furniture.

The three alligators at the front chomp turn wise when moved and kids really enjoy the gentle crackling noise that is generated when it is pushed.

The Good

  • This baby push toy for walking is made of high-quality wood.
  • Has non-skid wheels to prevent falls.
  • The wheels are thoughtfully designed to keep your child’s speed under control.
  • Painted with non-toxic child-safe paint.
  • This walk behind toy for babies can be used on all types of floors and doesn’t leave any unsightly marks.
  • Suitable for kids above 12 months.

The Bad

  • Since the wood is painted, it could chip off with time but you can repaint it easily.
  • This push and walk toy for babies cannot be folded.

Final Thoughts

This product is totally worth its price and deserves to be on our list of best push toys. Since it doesn’t have any music playing option, you would enjoy a quieter home while your child discovers his ability to walk.

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Like all other Fisher-Price baby push toys for walking, this one too has a convertible mode. It can be folded into a flat piece for sitting babies and, when they grow up, you can convert it into a sturdy walker to help them take their first steps.

It has many hands-on activities such as flipping doors, turning gear, sliding beads, etc. for your child’s motor skills and cognitive skill development. Just like all other Fisher-Price toys, it too adheres to their strict quality standards.

The Good

  • This baby push along walker can be used by sitting babies as well as walking babies.
  • Has lots of hands-on activities for sit and play time.
  • Can be used on carpeted as well as non-carpeted floor.
  • Has a sturdy structure with an easy-to-grab handle for your child’s safety.

The Bad

  • It is a very basic push toy walker with no option of playing music.
  • The wheels don’t have a locking system.

Final Thoughts

As we said above, you can’t go wrong with Fisher-Price toys. It can be used on carpeted as well as uncarpeted floor. Overall, it is a very affordable and sturdy infant walking toy.

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker

This 2-in1 push and walk toy for babies has a unique design with seated and walk-behind positions that let the baby use it in different ways. Being a very versatile push toy walker, it has an adjustable seat height and therefore, it can be used for a very long time.

The removable seat pad can be machine-washed and has skid-resistant friction pads on the base. Can be folded for easy storage and transport. A lot of parents have appreciated its two-in-one seated plus stand and walk design and therefore, his push toy walker deserves to be in our list.

The Good

  • Can be easily converted from seated activity walker to walk behind walker.
  • The height of this walk behind toy for babies can be adjusted to accommodate kids who weigh between 15 and 26 lbs. and are less than 32” tall.
  • The play tray has many activities that help improve your child’s motor skills.
  • JPMA certified push toy walker.
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • Compact foldable design for easy storage and transport.

The Bad

  • The wheels of this baby push along walker are designed to go forward and backward.
  • Doesn’t have a seat belt.

Final Thoughts

If you have hard floor, this is definitely one of the best baby push walkers. The seated and standing design lets your baby enjoy it in different ways. Highly recommended.

Hape Wonder Walker

If you are someone who hates plastic, batteries and unpleasant noise, you will definitely love this wooden walk behind toy for babies. Manufactured by an Award Winning company, this Hape Wonder walker features rubber-trimmed setback wheels that will prevent any damages to your uncarpeted as well as carpeted floor.

There are movable knobs, gears, and colorful balls to keep your child engaged when he is not walking around. This toddler push walker will keep your child busy while helping him develop fine motor skills.

The Good

  • This push toy walker has a solid wooden structure.
  • Painted with non-toxic, child-safe paint.
  • Has a storage base to encourage your child to carry his toys and other stuff from place to place.
  • The wheels of this baby push toys for walking have rubber lining to prevent any damage to your floor.
  • This baby push along walker can be assembled within minutes.
  • All Hape toys meet or exceed all applicable safety standards.

The Bad

  • Expensive as compared to many other best baby push walker.
  • The wheels are designed to go only straight. This is good for your child’s safety, especially during his initial days of walking.

Final Thoughts

If budget is not your primary concern, this is certainly one of the best baby push walkers for your little one. It is safe for your home and for your child as well. There is no annoying music and no batteries are required to operate it, which makes it quite easy to operate.

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker

This jungle-themed 3-in-1 infant walking toy can be used as a walker as well as for sit and play fun. The activity panel table has a monkey slider, a peekaboo lion, and a toucan ball that makes funny animal sounds when used. You can further fold it to make it a flat sit and play activity center. The push walker for babies safe also has a projector that projects colorful lights on the ground, which your baby would want to chase.

The wheels have adjustable speed control features to keep your child safe during his early walking phase. Can be used by kids between 9 months to 3 years. Available in two different colors, it is definitely one of the best walk behind toys for babies.

The Good

  • This 3-in-1 push toy walker can be folded and used for sit and play fun.
  • There is a projector that eliminates light when it is pushed. These lights inspire the baby to move forward and chase them.
  • The wheels have adjustable speed control features to keep children safe.
  • The wheels can be locked to prevent slippage.
  • Has more than 70 activities songs and sounds to keep the little ones engaged.

The Bad

  • The wheels do make some noise when rolled.
  • If you assemble it incorrectly, you will have a tough time fixing it back. So, please read the assembly instructions carefully instead of trying trial and error methods.

Final Thoughts

The 3-in-1 design definitely makes this push toy walker worthy of its price. The broad base and rear locking wheels make it very stable and safe.

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Best Baby Push Toy Walker – Benefits For Your Kid

Push toy walkers are the bestseller toys for toddlers who want to transition from crawling to walking. Other than being a source of fun, push and walk toys for babies help build their gross motor skills. While trying to push them, babies learn to balance themselves. They learn coordination skills too. Push walkers for babies safe help build their leg muscles while minimizing the risks of falls. Some babies are reluctant walkers. They prefer sticking to what they have mastered instead of exploring what they can learn next. Well-designed, colorful, push walkers for babies safe attract such reluctant walkers and motivate them to learn walking.

Some of the best push toys can be folded to double-up as a sit and play activity center. They come with different features such as shape sorters, alphabet learners, number leaners, and different types of animal sounds and music to keep the babies busy while seated. So, the walk behind toys for babies are definitely worth purchasing.

What Criteria We Used In Evaluation Of the Baby Push Toys for Walking

Quality and Durability

Choosing the best walking toys for babies is not an easy task. You have hundreds of options, each one loaded with many fun and interesting features. Many parents fall into the trap of buying the fanciest ones without even considering their safety and durability. The core purpose of your walker is to help your child learn to balance himself and to minimize falls and injuries. Features are great but they are additional things and not the core ones, and this is where the leading brands win the race. They have a full-fledged research team that continuously invent new features and improves the existing ones to ensure that your child gets the best companion. They have strictest quality standards too. So, when it comes to your child’s safety, you can really trust them and their products. While creating the above list of push walkers for babies safe, our team has ensured that we pick the products that are manufactured by renowned brands which adhere to high-quality standards.


Toddler push walkers are available in different designs, each with its own unique features, meant to help babies learn to balance themselves as well as to improve their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Some of them are very basic push and walk toys with no added features such as an inbuilt music and song playing, etc. Some others are loaded with a very well-built activity panel that keeps the babies engaged even when they are not trying to walk around. Many of them have a foldable design, so they can become a flat activity panel for sit and play time. Your choice should depend on what you want for your little one. Many parents avoid batteries. Many others want something that is loaded with games so that kids can use them for months, even before and after they have started walking properly. While preparing our list of best walking toys for babies, we have considered all these factors in mind and we have selected only those products that will fulfill your needs and provide you the best value for money.

Safety Features

Many cheap push toy walkers are often too lightweight and do not have enough balance to stay on the floor when your child tries to hold it to get up on its legs. They are a major hazard for the little ones, as they can fall straight on your child and can hurt him badly. Some others have wheels that do not have any locking mechanism, so they can start rolling even when your child is simply trying to stand and use the activity panel. Some of them do not have much resistance in their wheels and babies often have to struggle to catch up with their speed. Push toy walkers should have a wide base to prevent them from entering dangerous places. Further, the wider the base, the more stable they will be. It is important to ensure that the infant walking toy you choose is absolutely safe for use. While selecting the push toys for one year old for our list, we have carefully evaluated every product and have chosen only those that are designed to have a good balance and keep your child safe during his early learning phase.



Although push toy walkers are simple toys, you need to use them correctly to help your child learn walking in a fun way. Here are some common questions regarding push and walk toys for babies that parents often have in their mind:

As mentioned above, push toys for one year old should be designed to keep your baby safe when he is learning to take the first steps of his life. Although babies should never be left unattended on the walkers, the best push toys manufactured today are designed to prevent any injury to your child even when you are not supervising him. So, safety, durability, and versatility of use define what is the best baby walker.

Excited parents often buy and try to make their little ones use baby push along walker even before they have started crawling. If you are one of them, please note that by giving them access to push toy walkers before their leg muscles have developed properly, you only increase their chances of injury. Although there is no fixed age that can answer when can a baby walk with a walker, you should give him access to the wheeled toys only when they have mastered crawling. When your baby is ready to use a toddler push walker, he will try to hold things such as furniture to stand up.

Thankfully, kids love to use push and walk toys. You just need to supervise them when they are trying to use it. Some lazy walkers may hesitate to use them, so you need to be a creative parent and come up with fun ways to motivate them, such as putting his favorite food on the walker tray. Since kids are active learners, you don’t really have to worry about how to teach a baby to walk in a walker.


We hope our well-researched list of best walking toys for babies help you find the perfect walking companion for your little one. All of the above push toy walkers are our favorites and we highly recommend each of them. They are affordable, durable, sturdy, and above all, they are absolutely safe for use. They are well-designed to be much more than just a walking toy. Our team has selected only those products that meet and exceed all necessary safety regulations. So, be assured that these walk behind toys for babies will be a worthy investment for your child.

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