Best Baby Alive Dolls Reviews – Baby Alive Dolls That Look Real

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Best Baby Alive Dolls Reviews – Baby Alive Dolls That Look Real

There are many adorable moments you will experience in your baby’s life, but the moment you see your baby giggle hysterically when he or she sees another baby is without a doubt one of the most precious and heartwarming moments you will ever witness.


They start to coo and caw in their super cute baby language and you just sit there adoringly, watching your little one in appreciation, admiration and dare I say – envy. You secretly wish  you can understand this secret baby language all babies seem to have. It’s especially delightful when they try to reach out for each other! Babies are fascinated by other babies because it reminds them of something familiar, something relatable that they apparently can’t understand yet. Babies and toddlers don’t recognize that other babies and toddlers are “one of them.” This is also why babies love looking in the mirror. It becomes almost a game of “Hey that little person keeps showing up wherever I go!” This also tends to be around the time that babies take an interest in baby dolls. You can relive these precious moments of seeing your baby squeal in joy if you find that perfect baby doll suited just for your little ones liking. Finding that real life looking baby doll that your baby connects with and finds comfort in is no easy task. It is a daunting task to have to go through fifty plus options and decide which one is best. Luck for you, I’ve just made your busy life a little less busy by writing this Best Baby Alive Dolls Reviews – Baby Alive Dolls That Look Real.

For your convenience, I have vigorously researched the top best 30 dolls and narrowed it down to the top 5 best baby alive dolls out in the market today. Before we jump into a plethora of baby doll knowledge, let’s answer the simple question: What are baby alive dolls? Baby Alive is a doll brand created by Hasbro that mimics real life baby activities such as eating, drinking and wetting. These dolls also possess life like features and noises of a real baby such as a moving mouth, crying, hiccupping, burping, laughing and some even have newborn wrinkles! It was originally made and introduced by Kenner in 1973, and reintroduced by Hasbro in 2006. The doll comes in three different variations: African-American, Brunette and Blonde.

The types of baby alive dolls on this list will consist of the best big baby alive dolls, the best baby alive dolls that eat and drink, the best baby alive dolls for girls, the best baby alive dolls for boys and finally which baby alive doll that looks and acts the most real. You will be happy to know that all of the dolls covered on this best baby alive dolls review meet or exceed the standards set out by JPMA and are guaranteed to bring amusement not just to baby, but to the whole family.

Best Baby Alive Doll – Top 5

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll Girl

Baby Alive Sweet is a fun and loveable doll addition to your child’s toy collection and ranks very highly among popular big baby alive dolls

This best baby alive doll creates realistic nurturing experiences by allowing your kids to feed and change diapers. Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Dolls introduces kids to what it is like to care for a real baby!

The Good

  • Allows children to creatively play by using the blender to mix food with water
  • Includes removable outfits, blender, bowl and utensils, powdered doll food, bottles, diapers and comb
  • Sweet Spoonfuls Baby imitates a real baby by peeing and pooing in her diaper

The Bad

  • This doll does not talk
  • Can only be fed one piece of food at a time or it clogs

Final Thoughts

This is not just any ordinary doll! From diapering to feeding, Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby dolls create realistic development experiences that allow kids to practice and participate in one of the most important aspects of baby care – feeding a hungry baby!

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily

With this cute Baby Alive doll kids can fully immerse themselves in the fun of playing Lily’s mommy by making delicious food for their new friend and changing diapers.

The Good

  • Teaches children preparation skills by feeding with a snack tray and cans of refillable baby alive food
  • Kids have fun play acting like “mommy or daddy”
  • Extra diaper is included and a special feeding spoon

The Bad

  • This doll does not talk or drink

Final Thoughts

This baby alive is by far one of the best baby alive dolls that eat and drink selling today. This extremely cute doll makes our best baby alive dolls list because of its overall realistic and nurturing functions. Also, at a reasonable price of only $19.89 plus Free shipping with Amazon Prime, you can’t go wrong in making this the perfect addition to your little child’s toy collection.

Baby Alive Ready for School Baby

Baby Alive Ready for School baby turns “mommy moments” into an enchanted world of play for your little one through the many ways they can nurture and play…just like they see mommy do!

The Good

  • This baby alive doll has beautiful hair that’s perfect for brushing and styling
  • Children can help baby get ready for school
  • Children learn the importance of encouraging education through roleplaying such as by reading the story book included

The Bad

  • Kids can have fun removing baby’s diaper and play acting like a real “mommy or daddy” would

Final Thoughts

What makes this one of the best baby alive dolls is not just its realistic characteristics such as talking, eating, drinking, wetting and laughing but its effects on encouraging little girls to go to school. Ultimately, we feel this is one of the best baby alive dolls for girls because it teaches them firsthand what it’s like to be a parent and the importance of school!

JC Toys 18504 La Newborn First Yawn 15-Inch Real Boy Vinyl Doll

La Newborn First Yawn Real Boy Vinyl Doll truly knows how to capture a baby’s special experiences. It’s life like attributes will have your toddler feel like he’s playing with a friend, rather than a doll!


Even more beneficial, it it will teach your older toddler to develop more sensitivity, nurturing and caring towards a baby which can be especially helpful if there’s a new baby brother or sister in the house!

The Good

  • Realistic and life-like features, including soft vinyl skin, baby wrinkles and cute sparkling eyes
  • Anatomically correct
  • This baby alive doll comes with pretend accessories, introducing and inspiring your little one to play carefully around younger babies

The Bad

  • Some parents have reported the realistic features of this baby alive doll scare younger children, making it more suitable for children over the age of three

Final Thoughts

JC Toys, the world’s leading doll manufacturer has meticulously crafted every detail in La Newborn First Yawn Real Boy Vinyl Doll doll including the realistic hospital ID bracelet, the hospital belly button gauze and even baby’s own little birth certificate! This awfully charming doll makes our best baby alive dolls list because of its overall realistic and nurturing functions. At a price point of under $40, you can’t go wrong with this buy.

Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll

Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll is one of Amazon’s best-selling baby alive dolls that look real.

Each baby alive doll is masterfully created from various prominent artists around the world. Although priced at a higher value of $90, this doll is made with high quality detail and sure to bring many years of beauty and enjoyment to your doll collection.

The Good

  • This is one of the best baby alive realistic dolls on the market because of its gentle vinyl touch and weighted cloth body, creating a realistic baby feel
  • Makes for the perfect gift for reborn baby doll collectors or any other juncture
  • All dolls are backed by “Paradise Promise” refund guarantee

The Bad

  • Some parents have reported this doll is not ideal for young children to play with as it is a little heavy
  • Some dolls do not have distributed weight throughout the body

Final Thoughts

At a higher price point, Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Dolls are probably not ideal for children under 5, nonetheless its beautiful realistic, elegant features make for the perfect gift for any doll collector. If your child is a little older and matured and loves pretend play with fancy dolls and accessories this doll is perfect. It comes with a full ensemble that includes: a knit onesie, hat, bib, jacket, blanket, bottle, booties, pacifier and a super cute lavish giraffe little stuffie! Finally, you are protected by a 30 day guarantee – no questions asked. Ultimately, if you are looking to invest in a doll that your child can play with for years or you are a doll collector, Paradis Galleries Realistic Dolls is the doll for you.

Where To Buy Baby Alive Dolls

Although Amazon is the number one place to buy pretty much everything – there are several physical and online stores where you can purchase the best baby alive dolls for your little one. Here is a list where you can frequently find baby alive dolls.

  • You can go to your nearest Walmart or shop online
  • Toys “R” Us. Here you also have the option of going to your nearest store or shopping online
  • Like eBay, this is an online e-commerce company where small businesses and manufacturers sell goods directly to consumers
  • Target

Best Price Baby Alive Doll

Snacks Snackin’ Lily is competitively priced at only $19.99 and she comes with pretty much everything your little one needs to be entertained. For under $20.00 you will get the cute pink summer jumpsuit and diaper, snacks with a bowl and food tray and a bottle. It’s no wonder this doll is rated as one of Amazon’s best baby alive dolls and a sure favorite for parents and children!

What Is the Best Baby Alive Doll – Find The Right One For Your Child

Finding the best baby alive doll really depends on your child and where his or her interest lies. For example, if your child seems particularly interested in younger babies or perhaps you are trying to teach your child ways of fostering and developing more sensitivity towards a younger sibling then La Newborn First Yawn Boy Vinyl Doll would likely be your best choice. On the other hand, if your child is a little older and more interested in pretend playing, dress up and school activities, you’re better off going with either Snacks Snackin’ Lily  or Baby Alive Ready for School.  

In the end, finding which baby alive doll is the best is truly an individual decision solely based on your child’s needs and interests.


Throughout this best baby dolls review you have learned where to buy baby alive dolls, different type of baby alive dolls and which baby alive dolls are the best in the market today. Although we learned Snackin Lily is the best competitively priced baby alive model selling –  this does not guarantee your child will love her. To answer which is the best from all the baby alive dolls is for your child depends on your child. Unfortunately, it may be a trial and error venture until you find the perfect one. Luckily, dolls are no longer restricted to gender based stereotypes of “girl play” and there are now a variety of boy dolls as well as multicultural dolls. On one hand, this creates for marvel, diversity and options, but on the other hand all the different types of baby alive dolls present parents with countless enquiries such as: Which baby alive doll meet the safety standards and Can all baby alive dolls eat food? Unfortunately, picking the best baby alive doll is not a one size fits all solution and so it does require a little studying of your child’s behavior, comforts and interests. I hope that by reading this best baby alive dolls review it has made your life a little easier and brings you comfort in knowing that by choosing any of the above dolls, you are safely deciding to buy one of the most competitively priced and most highly rated dolls by other parents like you. Parents whom were also once in the same boat, shopping for that super special best baby alive doll to bring home to their real life loveable dolls!

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