Best and Simple Solutions for Breast Engorgement

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Best and Simple Solutions for Breast Engorgement

When a mother starts to breast feeding her baby, it means that she relieves some tensions in her breast. Because when the breast milk does not come out, it could form a clog that soon will be an infection. Therefore, breast-feeding is indeed best for the mother as well as the baby.


However, there will be times when your breast will feel full of milk, and it will be uncomfortable. It is called engorgement. It is a condition when your breast is too full of milk that could not come out. If you experience this, the best solution will definitely be keep giving your baby a great feeling. Because soon after, the engorgement will get better, and you will have your normal breast back.

However, there are also many tricks to deal with engorgement. First is to gently massaging your breast from under arm to the nipple. It is to smooth the blood and milk flow in your breast. Compressing it with a hot towel can also be the solution. It is to make easier for your baby to suck the milk, as well. However, between breast feeding sessions, you can apply a cold towel to ease the pain as well as the swelling.

The changing position of breast feeding can also be your solution. Try the sitting, lying, and standing position. It is useful to keep the flow normal and does not stick in one direction only. However, if the milk flow is too tense that your baby is chocked up, you can use the lying position. Because, it can minimize the pressure of the milk that comes out.

If you are looking for a more traditional solution, you can try to apply fresh cabbage on your breast. Have it normal temperature or even cold, many women said that it is effective to ease the engorgement. However, there is not much research about this and the cause is still unknown. But it is indeed worth to try. You can have the cabbage compressing your breast or you can even put it between your breast and your bra.

Although it is not really dangerous, it is best to make sure that the engorgement is immediately treated. It is for your comfort as well as prevents any further infection. If you have difficulties because your baby consumption is not that much, you can use the breast milk pump to ease the tension. Therefore, you can deal with the engorgement easily and fastly.

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