How to Save Cost on Diapers for First Mom

As you are not really experienced, and this is your first time taking care of the baby, you may will find that the disposable diaper would be the best choice, it’s simple and you don’t have to change the baby pants so often. The average cost for a single diaper is 25 cents and if you use diapers for your baby for a year full you may spend about $750. This is not included some caring products as you use diaper such as diaper creams and diapering paraphernalia. Therefore, here we would like to give you some tips on saving costs for the diaper.

As for your initial shopping diapers, don’t be to rush and buy a bundle of diapers at once. Try to have a good brand at first in a small quantity. Baby in the first month usually indeed sensitive, so a good brand means more expensive diapers are needed. However, as the baby grows, the baby will start to build the immune system that will prevent the baby from a kind of irritation, no leaked poop and the like. Besides, you also need to consider that baby keeps growing, means your initial size may not fit with the current size.

In the store, you may be blinded by the special offers that you can get from buying an extra jumbo package of diapers. I suggest you to check and recheck the price that is offered. Some may sound cheaper, but it may just a trap. You need to carefully divide and count how much the price for one diaper in a package. Some big package may not cheaper than the average price than another brand.

To get a cheaper price in buying diapers, you may get some coupon that can be found in the web and newspaper. You can cut some coupon there and try to get the benefit. The best benefit that you can have is having a buy one get one offers that will allow you to have more diapers for your baby. A free deal from this is also good to be tried.

If you find a coupon and can use it or the sale happens in the store, make sure you buy more quantity than the number that you need. This will be so efficient for you as you always have more and spare diapers to be given to your baby in the middle of the night. Having a supply in one size bigger than the current size would also be good as the baby will keep growing and bigger.

If you are joining a kind of membership on the department store, make sure you keep purchasing products from this store. Don’t forget to collect the receipt of buying the diapers for you. Some store or brand who see this, usually give a special gift like music, toys and even baby clothes. Some also give rebate cost for you who purchase baby item for more than $100 and you will get a rebate $10.One way that surely can save your cost in diaper is that by washing a clothes diaper. Some studies even mention that the cloth diaper cost a half than baby disposable diapers.

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