Balancing Nutrition Need of Breast Milk with Supplementary

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Balancing Nutrition Need of Breast Milk with Supplementary

For a baby, his mother’s breast milk is indeed the best source of food and meal for him. Because, the breast milk contain high composition of elements needed by the baby in order to have a proper body development as well as strength.


There actually many factors that are cannot be full filled by breast milk and here are many of them along with the caused.

Vitamin D is usually received from sunlight exposure. The Vitamin is beneficial to make sure that your baby has a strong bones structure as well as teeth. However, breast milk actually have limited the part of Vitamin D. Moreover, since the breast milk is unable to provide the sufficient amount of the Vitamin D, the additional supplement is needed. The general sufficient number of Vitamin D consumption for newly born baby is around 400 IU. The number should be well full filled since it is necessary to keep your baby developed rapidly.

If you are looking for the additional supplementary, the Vitamin D supplement with doctor prescription can also be your solution. Alternatively, you can also give formula milk to your baby since most of the formula milk is containing the sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

Not only Vitamin D, the breast milk for your baby can also be the lack of any other vitamins. This condition can be implicated by the consumption pattern of the mother. For example, if you are a vegan who do not eat any food and consuming only vegetables, your breast milk is more likely to produced vitamin lacking. If you cannot overcome this lacking vitamin problem, your baby is most likely starting to develop the abnormality of the nervous system as well as anemia. Therefore, for the mother, good and balance consumption design is highly needed between the meat, fish, poultry, as well as the vegetables.

Not only to full filling the vitamin needs for your baby, consuming a suitable food with proper component of food is also very important to have closer monitoring of your baby’s behavioral. You can monitoring your baby and can take an immediate reaction for any kind of changes that it shows.

Connected with the food consumption pattern, some baby can develop the allergy of certain food that the mother consumed. They can also improve many other diseases such as asthma and eczema, especially if you have the family history of the disease. Therefore, you need to have a high monitoring to prevent any further damage of the allergy.

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