Bad Side and the Good Side of Formula Feeding

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Bad Side and the Good Side of Formula Feeding

Sometimes, mom wants their freedom from breastfeeding. Mom needs their own time for working or her own self. With this, mom will need bottled milk to make her easier in nursing.


It is because the bottle feeding can be done by everyone. Baby’s father, grandparents, or sitters can feed the baby without mom. Moreover, mom does not need to worry about her diet that can disturb the baby’s food supply.

Formula can be considered as an alternative from breast milk. However, baby’s need cannot completely fulfilled by formula. Formula does not contain some antibody that needed by baby. Moreover, formula feed is costly and mom needs to have time to prepare baby’s formula supply. Mom need to spend extra money to buy a bottle. With breastfeeding, mom does not need to buy a bottle. Moreover, should spend their time more on nursing. It is because mom also needs to wash the bottle and prepare the formula milk.

Selecting formula is necessary for your baby. This is a complicated work but important. If your baby does not like the milk, your baby may refuse it. In some cases, your baby will be sensitive with some brand of formula. Consult with your doctor to find the best suited formula for your baby. American academy pediatrics does not suggest on homemade formula. Bottle feeding with formula is ok, but mom needs to be careful on choosing the right formula milk.

Parents need to be really careful on their nursing especially on formula feeding. The freedom demanded by mom does not have to sacrifice your time with baby. Bottled feeding supposed to make your nursing easier and not to make a substitution of breast milk. Hence, those all are the tips for baby formula feeding. The tips can be helpful on your nursing activities.

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