Baby Teeth Care and Treatment

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Baby Teeth Care and Treatment

Teeth are one of the most important parts of human functioning. It works to bite, to eat, and to the perfection of your look. You need to make sure you have the healthy teeth so you will be able to present the most perfect smile. So is your baby. He should have the best care for his teeth for the perfection of his development.


Baby Teeth are Important

Baby period is crucial for everyone. Because, this is the time when we experience the most advanced and rapid development of our body system. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the baby period in good monitoring so that each one of its goals for perfect body and brain development can be achieved.

Teeth are one of the development that need to be maintain since baby. Because, it will be the helping device of his talking training. It will also help him for his first solid food experience. Therefore, to take care of the teeth ever since the baby is crucial because it will affect the future, as well. Furthermore, if the teeth from the baby period is not being taken care of, the adult teeth are most likely to be broken.

What is a Cavity

Teeth have such a complex structure that consist of many different layers. One of the most important layers is the enamel that located on the outer part of the teeth. The enamel is protecting the inner part from external stimulant. This is the part that keeps your teeth from having any cracks and pain. When you are eating, there will be food stain left on your teeth. If it left for too long, it could produce germs that will attack the enamel of your teeth. So that is what makes a cavity. Therefore, it is advisory that you should brush your teeth every twice a day. Therefore, you can prevent the producing of the germ and, therefore, you will not have to deal with the cavity.

How to Care for Your Child’s teeth

Teeth care for the baby should be done long before the first teeth appear. Because if you just wait until the teeth is fully grown, it could be too late since he will already develop the cavity. Because, your baby’s consumption will not wait until the teeth is fully grown and that is where the cavity came from. Therefore, you should not wait either. There are several things that you can do to take care of your baby’s teeth according to its age period.

Birth to Twelve Month:

Several you can do to take care of your infant baby’s teeth are:

  • When you are finishing breastfeeding your baby, it is best if you are gently wiping the gum from any milk left over. Therefore, the health of the gum is maintained.
  • Another way to take care of your baby’s teeth is that you should also make good consumption of fluoride. This is the element of nutrition that will keep your baby teeth development in the right track. You can give a supplement of fluoride to your baby, or consuming water with fluoride component.
  • Make sure that the sucking habit of your baby is not going to prevent the good development of his teeth. Because, in most cases, sucking could affect the shape of teeth development and direction.
  • For the perfection of baby’s teeth care, although it is going to take some effort, you need to have a regular consultation with a doctor should be best.

Twelve to Twenty Four Months:

After the first year of age, your baby will have a half grown milk tooth. And here are several ways to take care of them:

  • Train him to brush his teeth, especially every time he finish his meal and before he go to bed
  • Avoid too many consumption of Juice, because the sugar composition could make the tooth decay easier to happen.
  • Consulting to the dentist about your baby’s teeth problem if you find any before the problem becomes too severe.
  • Have a regular dental checkup to maintain the best performance of your baby’s teeth.Twenty Four Months:
  • The second period of the baby is the time when he need to grow the habit about taking care of his own teeth. So here are several ways for it.
  • Do not let the tooth brushing habit become forgotten. Make sure that he customized with the habit and could do it himself.
  • The fluoride supplement in the earlier age is not enough. You should also use the fluoride toothpaste for his half grown milk tooth.
  • After the tooth brushing, it is better to have you baby learn how to floss. Because, his tooth size is starting to grow and, therefore, it will be prone for any left food stains.
  • Have a regular checkup to the dental is still needed to perform. Therefore, the tooth can be clean and maintained regularly.

Eating and Tooth Decay

After the first year of his life, he will start to grow teeth. This is also a crucial moment because it will determine the growth of his teeth. Therefore, make sure that your baby is brushing his teeth with baby’s toothpaste at least twice a day. You should also make sure that he does not consume more than one small cup of juice each day or too many snacks. Because they could easily cause a cavity. In addition, get your baby to the dentist regularly. Therefore, you will be able to maintain a good development of your baby’s teeth.

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