20 Baby Registry List Must-Haves 2020

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20 Baby Registry List Must-Haves 2020

You’re having a baby, so creating your baby shower registry list should be fun and simple. However, you may find yourself lost trying to figure out the essential baby registry items.


An important thing to remember is that your baby registry list will consist of the essentials. So let’s get to the main question: what to register for a baby and what are the necessities for a baby registry? You’ll need baby gear, nursery items, feeding supplies, diapers, and so on. It may seem overwhelming now, but we’ve created the ultimate baby registry checklist for you, so check off these items as you pick your baby registry must-haves!

Baby Registry List Must-Haves

Let’s start the baby registry guide with this Jeep stroller. You won’t have to compromise convenience as it folds compact, perfect for your car trunk! Run errands, go for walks in the park, or on car trips with your little one!

It also comes with a large underneath storage basket and fits car seats. Additionally, what’s cool about this stroller is the reversible handle for parent-facing or forward-facing sitting modes.

Next for your must-have baby registry items is a crib for your baby to rest and relax! This crib allows you to use it as a crib, toddler bed, day bed, and full bed when your child grows up! It also comes with 3 mattress heights to better accommodate these different modes.

This crib is convenient for your nursery since it comes with a changing table and under drawer storage. Also, under the changing table are two shelves, which give you even more storage for essentials like diapers and baby wipes. If you have a small nursery, then you’ll be saving space with the under drawer for items such as clothes.

An item to help you make the best baby registry list is a car seat. This car seat will complete your list because it fits on the Jeep stroller listed above.

Also, this seat is perfect for going on car trips. It has 4 recline positions so you can adjust it for your vehicle. With the simple click sound, you can be assured it is securely connected to Graco strollers. You’ll be able to use it in three ways: in the car, in the stroller, or when carrying your baby from one place to the next.

Another item to include on your list of baby registry items is a changing pad. This item comes in the standard 16″ x 32″ size and will fit most changing tables. It’s made with comfortable and water-resistant material and is easy to clean! You’ll like that this changing pad has contoured walls for extra safety protection and a non-skid bottom feature that will keep the mat from moving and sliding.

If you’re having your first baby, note that this is one of the baby registry essentials. You’ll be using it more than once a day, and it’s not even an expensive gift for your guests!

A great way to keep your baby entertained is with this baby swing. As one of the baby registry must-haves, it is an item that is not so expensive for one of your guests to purchase. Among the options on Amazon, this is one of the best baby registry examples because it has high ratings and is one of the cheaper options.

Next, this item is worth looking into because it is also portable. Not only is it a great space-saver in your home, but it is something you could take with you anywhere. Additionally, this swing is one of the necessities for a baby registry because of its convenience. The music feature that plays calm music is useful for helping your baby fall asleep.

Every baby needs their own little gym! This is one of the best baby registry ideas because it’s a great thing to have for your baby.

Next, it offers a source of entertainment as your baby will be engulfed in all its features: the cozy mat and tummy pillow as well as the five hanging toys, which all have different sensory components. You can even use the mat on its own as a cozy place for your baby to lie down!

Furthermore, this play gym offers an educational component, making it a baby registry essential as your baby will be exposed to different colors and senses. It is also helpful for your baby to develop fine motor skills since they can grasp the hanging toys.

This crib bedding set is exactly what you want when you look for crib bedding. The best baby registry checklist comes with a bedding set like this one! The quilt is a perfect blanket for warmer seasons or even napping!

This cute bedding set is on Amazon, one of the best places to make a baby registry. This set is noteworthy because it is cheaper than the other 3-piece sets and the material is cotton/polyester, which is comfortable and soft for your baby to lie on. It will fit all standard size cribs so pay attention to the crib size.

In this sample baby registry, we’re recommending that you include crib sheets. It’s always good to keep 2 or 3 sheets because if you’re busy and are skipping laundry that day, you’ll always have a clean one on hand. This sheet set comes with 2 sheets made with 100% Egyptian cotton. It fits standard mattress sizes, so it’s important to check that it will fit the crib you choose.

Additionally, these sheets are fitted, which is a great idea so it won’t move during the night. Most crib sheets are fitted, but if you’re buying a crib that converts into a toddler bed, those sizes will have some flat sheet options.

A pillow is always one of the best baby registry list ideas. This pillow is an Amazon best-seller for newborn pillows, especially for baby head shaping. You probably never thought of it before but it’s important to have a head shaper because it allows your baby’s sensitive head to breathe and be comfortable. In other words, it distributes the pressure evenly, as directed by pediatricians.

The material is 100% cotton and has 3D Air mesh fabric. If the baby sweats the air can circulate better, giving your baby maximum comfort. It’s 100% hypoallergenic, providing your baby with a beauty sleep!

Another superb baby registry idea is a 3-in-1 baby bathtub, which you’ll be using from the newborn stage till toddler years! It comes with an infant sling for newborns, which safely cradles your baby. Then you remove the sling and have your baby sit against the recline. Lastly, your toddler will sit across the recline where there is more space for when they’re bigger!

Among all these baby registry examples, convenience has been a key factor and you won’t be losing on that with this item. Since your house will probably become cluttered with baby paraphernalia, you can feel a little more organized with the tray on the side, to keep your bath supplies centralized.

Every baby needs a bottle. If you’re combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding, then consider these bottles baby registry essentials. The bottle nipples are wide-shaped, which makes it easier for your baby to latch on even if they’re used to breastfeeding.

These baby bottles make for one of the best baby registry suggestions since the bottle is designed with anti-colic technology. This means that it vents the air away to prevent the baby from developing colic.

It’s simple to clean because it has a wide neck for inserting bottle brushes. Also, it has a nice ergonomic shape, comfortable for both parent and baby to hold!

There is always a messy side when it comes to your baby, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With the burp cloths from ComfyCubs, you can always feel prepared, especially when you’re out. You can just pull it out of your bag when you need it!

The ComfyCubs cloths are made from 100% cotton, which makes it a very breathable material, perfect to use for the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s never a bad idea to have a lot because you’ll be using and washing them a lot. When you’re in a pinch for time, having 6 means you don’t have to rush to do laundry. Although an item like this appears on basic baby registry lists, you’ll still need basic items like these for the ultimate baby registry checklist!

If you’re going to include bibs, and you really should if you’re aiming for the best baby registry list, then opt for these newborn bibs.

For newborns, you should avoid silicone bibs because they can irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Also, these bibs have a velcro fastener, so you can put on the bib easily! If you’re having your second baby, this is a perfect item to include on your baby shower registry list because cloth bibs can stain and you might want to consider starting fresh.

You probably want to add a nice, comfy plush blanket to your list. It’s one of the necessities for a baby registry since it’s practical and inexpensive for your guests to choose from. Even if you’re creating your second baby registry list, this is a good idea. Over time blankets lose their softness, so by the time your second baby is on the way, you may want to get a new one.

This blanket set is 100% polyester and is very soft to the touch. The security blanket is a perfect add-on not only because it’s an item of comfort, but is also a toy and source of entertainment, and can help calm the baby down when crying or going to sleep.

When you give your baby a bath, it will come in handy to have bath toys and books. This particular set comes with 3 books and 4 toys.

You should add this to your baby registry ideas because first, this toy set offers an educational component as it will expose your baby to numbers, sea animal names, and object names through word-picture association. Also, the books are very colorful, so you can teach your baby different colors at the same time! Second, these toys and books are a simple solution to keep your baby entertained while receiving a bath.

Every list of baby registry items needs a set of pacifiers. Your best choice is an orthodontic model, such as the NUK 2-pack Orthodontic pacifiers. The pacifier nipple is shaped asymmetrically so that it fits the baby more naturally. Especially if you’re breastfeeding, this orthodontic pacifier will make the baby have an easier time using the pacifier.

Also, you have the option of buying for both 0-6 months and the other for 6-18 months. We recommend that you add both as baby registry list ideas because 6 months will come closer than you think!

And of course, clothes! One of the most necessary baby registry items is a pack of onesies. Not only are they super practical, but they are also very cheap!

If you don’t know the gender before you’re gathering baby registry suggestions, you can select Carter’s pack of white onesies. White onesies are also very practical even if you know your gender.

Something to note if you’re creating your second baby registry list is adding onesies to it. It’s never a bad idea to have too many onesies because they are so practical!

The Pampers Swaddlers 198-pack of diapers has you covered for the first month. If you’re wondering whether you should add diapers, note that diapers are a necessary baby registry item! If you’re creating a second baby registry list, you should request diapers. It is an absolute necessity because when you’re having your second baby you may be aiming for a more basic baby registry list.

As a name brand, Pampers is trustworthy to provide your baby with ultimate comfort. These have an air channel, which helps air to flow to the baby’s skin preventing discomfort for the baby. A cool feature about these diapers is the wetness indicator that will let you know the baby needs a change.

It’s never too early to start your baby’s first library. Even though your baby won’t be able to read these books for a few years, it is good for their development to help them be familiarized with the alphabet, numbers, colors, and pictures.

One of the best places to register for baby is at Amazon simply because they have a large variety of books. There are many cloth books, hardcover, and even waterproof books that you can use anytime!

If you’re going for the baby registry essentials, books are invaluable. Your baby’s learning and development are a priority, though you shouldn’t go overboard on requesting books.

Perhaps one of the daunting tasks as a parent will be to clip your baby’s nails, but these clippers will help to smoothen the process. It comes with a pull-out magnifier so the parent can better see what they’re doing to avoid hurting the baby. This can also reduce eye strain for the parent, which calms the parent, too!

Another practical element about it is that it’s perfect to use for newborns up to any age! Also, you won’t have to be nervous about your fingers slipping and then hurting your baby’s fingers, because the grip will help give you a stable hand. Adding these baby nail clippers will give you the best baby registry checklist!

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Understandably, you’ll want the must-have baby registry items. You should research the essential baby registry items, and you can do so by looking at a sample baby registry. Also, you should check out the various baby registry places, so you choose one that will give you access to the necessary baby registry items.

A baby registry is essentially a baby shower registry list. You create a list to let your family and friends know exactly what products you want for your baby. You register all the items you want from a specific store and your guests will buy what you request.

Your baby registry items should be the essentials. Some good baby registry examples include a stroller, car seat, changing pad, and diapers. One way to know the essential baby registry items is by determining the supplies and gear. It is a good idea to read different articles that provide great baby registry ideas.

It's good to start thinking about what you want early on. Especially if you're having your first baby, you're probably still learning what the necessary baby registry items are. When you aim for the ultimate baby registry checklist, it is recommended to start when you find out the baby's gender. Also, it can take some time to research so it's always best to start earlier.

If you're stuck on how to do a baby registry, don't worry because it's really simple. When you choose a retailer, you select all the items to add to your baby registry checklist. The best places to register for baby are probably Target or Amazon because they offer more options. Once you finish picking your baby registry must-haves, your family and friends will purchase what you requested and the items will be checked off as they purchase!

The best place to make a baby registry is where they offer a wide variety of products and good prices. You will find a lot of variety at Amazon and Target at reasonable prices. You're more likely to have all your items bought if they're cheaper. Another great option is Babylist, where you can choose from multiple stores and combine it on one registry. Use the Babylist registry finder to simply find your family member or friend's registry.

Nowadays, most baby shower invitations are sent virtually, so it’s very easy to add a link to the invitation. Another option is to give out the name which you used to register and your guests can find your registry through Babylist registry finder or directly on the site where you registered.

We encourage you to look through a sample baby registry because they show the latest trends. Most of the baby registry list ideas now show mostly supplies for the nursery and feeding. If you’re stuck, then you should look through a baby registry guide. Also, if you’re having your second baby, then you may want to consider a more basic baby registry list because you’ll probably still have a lot of supplies leftover.

Most baby registry suggestions will advise requesting the first size you’ll use, which is usually the newborn size. It’s important that your baby doesn’t have any discomfort or irritation, so it’s a good idea to choose one that is soft and ideal for sensitive skin because your baby’s comfort isn’t something you want to compromise.

Amazon and Target are the best places not just because they have a wide variety and low prices, but it also comes with a free gift pack for the mother! Of all the baby registry places, they offer discounts as well as a welcome pack gift, and you even get to choose what you want!

Creating a list of baby registry items should be one of the joys during your pregnancy. Part of what makes it enjoyable is being able to imagine all the products with the baby when they arrive! There’s a lot of pressure to make the best baby registry checklist, but the internet is a store of baby registry guides and baby registry places!