10 Best Baby Bouncers Reviews of 2019

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We’ve all been there: you’re making sure that our little ones still gets the human love and attention that they deserve, all the while trying to wash the dishes, make dinner and finish up that assignment from work. To make balancing these tasks easier, there has been a rise in baby bouncers from brands such as Fisher-Price, Bright Starts and Babybjorn, ranging anywhere from traditional kinetic mechanisms to high-tech vibration and educational systems. There are so many different kinds out there that it can be overwhelming to choose which one will suit your little loved one the most. But, fear not! We’ve scoured the Internet high and low to bring you what we feel will be the Top 10 Best Baby Bouncers of 2019, and we really mean the best of the best. Want something to carry with you between the house and the car? We got you. What about something for the older infant who’s ready to learn about how the world around them works? Yup, we got that, too. We even surveyed the most common pros and cons of each and every product, from thousands of individual customer reviews, all so you can be rest assured that you’ll choose from the best of the best. If security is still a concern for you, you can check out the Safety Standards for Baby Bouncers from the US National Registry.

Best Baby Bouncers At A Glance

Before we get into said details, however, a quick overlook on how we chose to rate the following ten products and how they fared against each other! For reference, “FP” is short for Fisher-Price. Want to know what the “N/A” means? Read down below for details!

ProductRecommended Age LimitIncludes ToysEasy StorageLightweightPower SourceEasy SetupOur RatingAmazon RatingPrice
Babybjorn BouncerN/ANONE8.0/104.0/5Check Price
KidCo GoPod Activity StationN/ANONE8.0/104.0/5Check Price
FP Auto Rock ‘n PlayN/ABATTERY8.0/104.2/5Check Price
FP Luv U Zoo Jumper“tall” babiesBATTERY8.0/104.5/5Check Price
Evenflo ExersaucerN/ANONE8.5/104.4/5Check Price
FP Infant-to-Toddler0-36 monthsBATTERY8.5/104.3/5Check Price
FP Deluxe Rock ‘n Play0-6 monthsBATTERY9.0/104.6/5Check Price
FP Sit-Me-Up Floor SeatOlder infant-toddlerNONE9.0/104.6/5Check Price
Baby Einstein JumperN/ABATTERY9.0/104.3/5Check Price
Bright Starts BouncerN/ABATTERY9.5/104.3/5Check Price
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The Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft, a simple, kinetically-powered bouncer-sleeper designed to grow with your child. The ergonomic shape of the bouncer is JPMA-certified, marking it as a safe choice for your little ones.

The Good

  • Developed with pediatricians – regardless of how it looks, you can be reassured that it is safe for use with your baby
  • Can fold into 4 different positions, including totally flat
  • Compact (weights less than 5lbs) and the 100% cotton cover is machine-washable and safe for exposure to children
  • Grows with your child – can be converted into a soft chair with a restraint system when the child outgrows it

The Bad

  • Much more expensive than other bouncers in the market, or even on this list
  • Cotton is a fabric known to shrink – the cover can be difficult to put back onto the frame after a wash

Expert Tip

Wash in cold water and dry the cotton cover on low heat or by hang-drying it to avoid shrinkage

Adjust the bouncer manually before placing your child into the seat to avoid any potential hazards (regardless of what the product photos show)

Final Thoughts

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