5 Best Babywearing Shirts Reviews of 2019

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Intimacy is something all parents want to share with their newborn babies, but it can be difficult to find the time for it as a busy, on-the-go parent. Baby carriers and baby wraps are a great way to keep your newborns close, but they can be complicated and clunky. Babywearing shirts are the perfect alternative. Better than simply carrying your infant, you can actually wear your baby inside your shirt, safely and comfortably, and sometimes even still have your hands free to go about your regular activities.

Babywearing shirts are comfortable and stretchy, leaving a space for you to slip your baby into the shirt with you. Not only are they comfortable for you, but they’re comfortable for the baby as well.

While some babywearing shirts will double as a carrier, others are made simply to enhance your skin to skin experience with your newborn. Whether you’re looking for a skin to skin shirt or a kangaroo carry shirt, this article will show you the best options out there. In this review, we have put together a list of the 5 best babywearing shirts that are available on the market. Each of these products has been selected carefully based on real user experience.

Why Parents are Opting for Babywearing Shirts

Are babywearing shirts really that much better than other wraps and carriers? Are they actually safe and comfortable for both parents and babies?

The absolute best part about a babywearing shirt that wraps and carriers don’t offer is the chance to have that intimate skin-to-skin contact with your newborn. No carrier or wrap can compare to this bonding experience with your baby, which is so essential in their first few months. Parents have really responded to the bonding opportunity that babywearing their newborns has given them.

If you’re looking for a replacement for a baby carrier, then your choice of babywearing shirts will be limited. For doing work around the house, short shopping trips, and other smaller outings, babywearing shirts are more convenient and comfortable. You avoid the battles with your long and tangled wrap and all the buckles and straps of a carrier—instead you just slip the baby into your shirt and continue with your activities! For moms, it also makes nursing super easy since your baby is already right against your skin under the cover of the shirt.

However, if you’re planning to wear your baby while you’re on your feet for a whole day, it might be best to use a wrap or carrier that has proper back support to make sure you don’t strain yourself too much.

Best Babywearing Shirts At A Glance

Before we dive into the details of each babywearing shirt, check out our comparison chart to get a first look at the features that each shirt has. Compare some of the important features of different babywearing shirts to see which one might meet your needs the best.

ProductMax. weight supported (lbs.)AdjustableSkin to skinHands-freeOur RatingAmazon RatingPrice
Lalabu Soothe Shirt15YesNoNo9.3/104/5Check Price
NuRoo Pocket Shirt15YesYesYes8.0/103.5/5Check Price
FUN2BEMUM 3in1 Maternity Fleece HoodieN/A (carrier or wrap required)YesNoYes8.5/104.5/5Check Price
Lalabu Dad Shirt15YesNoNo9.0/104.5/5Check Price
DadWare Bondaroo Shirt18YesYesNo9.5/104.5/5Check Price
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The Lalabu Soothe Shirt is as comfortable for mom as it is relaxing for baby. Once you put on the shirt, the pouch at the front is a great kangaroo baby carrier in which you can swaddle your newborn. The adjustable head support is a great addition so your little one can nap safely inside the pouch.

The Good

  • Built-in nursing bra makes nursing quick and easy while wearing the shirt
  • Adjustable head rest to help support the baby’s head
  • Provides enough support to walk around with your baby in it, worry-free
  • Super comfortable for babies—great way to get them to fall asleep!

The Bad

  • Not entirely hands-free, as you should always have at least one hand on the baby while he or she is in the pocket
  • The shirt runs quite small and fits very tightly

Expert Tip

If you find the shirt snug and hard to put on, try stepping into it instead of pulling it over your shoulders.

Final Thoughts

This kangaroo carrier provides intimate contact between mom and baby and easy, discreet access for nursing. For any mother seeking on-the-go babywearing, the Lalabu soothe shirt is comfortable, convenient, and easy!

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The Nuroo Pocket Shirt is a stylish, hands-free babywearing option. This skin to skin shirt is designed with a pocket on the inside for the baby so your little one will be as close as can be! Put the shirt on like a jacket, then wrap it around you however tight you want it. It also comes with a belt to wrap around yourself and the baby to hold the baby safely and comfortably in place.

The Good

  • Hands-free carrying makes it a great way to get things done while still being close with your newborn
  • Skin-to-skin contact no matter where you go
  • The way the shirt and belt wrap around you makes the shirt adjustable to your liking
  • Belt sits comfortably above the waist, so mother’s who have recently had a C-section will be able to wear this shirt safely

The Bad

  • Some users felt that the Nuroo pocket for the baby was not secure enough
  • The fabric isn’t very breathable and gets too warm

Expert Tip

To make sure your baby sits comfortably in the pocket, they should sit “froggy style” with their knees bent up to rest against your torso.

Final Thoughts

This product seems to be one of those things that either works perfectly for you or not at all. NuRoo accepts returns within 10 days, so it may be worth a try since you can return it if it isn’t the right babywearing shirt for you.

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FUN2BEMUM’s 3in1 Maternity Fleece Hoodie is a rare find. This baby carrier hoodie has attachments both for your baby bump and for carrying your baby after birth. Leave the attachments behind and this hoodie makes a stylish and cozy sweater for regular everyday wear!

The Good

  • After your baby outgrows the pouch, you can keep wearing the hoodie as a regular fleece
  • Keeps your baby close to you in colder weather since you don’t have to strap on a carrier outside of your coat
  • Elastic cuffs and thumb holes keep your hands and arms warm inside the sleeves
  • Hood on the baby carrier attachment keeps your baby just as warm as you

The Bad

  • This baby wearing hoodie requires the use of a separate baby carrier or wrap underneath it
  • Colour in the photos isn’t true to the colour of the hoodie received

Expert Tip

Since a separate carrier is needed to go underneath the sweatshirt, there’s no weight limit for this product! Enjoy the baby carrier attachment all the way up until your baby grows into a toddler before they outgrow it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re already happy with using a wrap or a carrier and you’re just looking to bundle up with your baby in the cold weather, then this product is great. As long as your baby fits, you will both be warm and comfortable on those chilly autumn walks at the park.

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This kangaroo carrier is a stylish and comfortable fit for both dad and baby. While most babywearing shirts are made with mom in mind, the lalabu dad shirt gives dads a chance to spend intimate bonding time with their babies whether at home or on the go.

The Good

  • Adjustable string to tighten the shirt around the chest ensures a snug and safe fit
  • Gives dad a chance to spend intimate time with the baby
  • Adjustable headrest helps support the baby’s head and tucks away seamlessly when not in use
  • The sleek and sporty style is nice enough to keep wearing the shirt even after your baby has outgrown it

The Bad

  • Difficult to get the baby in and out of the kangaroo pouch
  • The fabric isn’t very stretchy, so it could make it a little squishy in the pouch for the baby

Expert Tip

Wearing the shirt without a baby in it? Attach the kangaroo pocket to the shirt with the magnets so the pocket lies flat! You’ll never even know that there’s a pocket there.

Final Thoughts

For dads who want on-the-go intimacy with their newborns, this kangaroo shirt for dad is a great choice. Your baby will fit comfortably in the pocket while you do some chores around the house or go for a walk. Just be sure to keep your baby supported with one hand while you do other things!

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This kangaroo care shirt makes it easy for dads to have skin to skin contact with their newborns. Simply open the soft Velcro flap, slip the baby in, and fasten the Velcro as high or low as you want.

The Good

  • Gives dads a chance to stay comfortably covered while sharing skin to skin contact with their newborns
  • Soft Velcro strips will not scratch the baby’s skin
  • The fabric’s blend of bamboo, cotton, and spandex is extra soft and comfortable and ensures that the shirt will keep its shape
  • The flap allows you to open and close the shirt however much you want so you can stay cool or keep the baby warm

The Bad

  • Does not double as a carrier and is only really meant for resting skin to skin contact
  • Not very stylish on its own, so you likely would never use the shirt once the baby grows out of it

Expert Tip

The fabric has antimicrobial properties that help combat any spit-up.

Final Thoughts

This skin to skin shirt for dads is an absolute must-have. In fact, moms could easily enjoy the wonders of this shirt, too! Babywearing on a budget can be hard, but the Bondaroo is at the lower end of the price range for the best babywearing shirts and would be worth every penny because of the intimate experience it provides between you and your newborn.

The Bottom Line

Each of these babywearing shirts has been chosen as the best based on real customer experiences. All parents have different needs and preferences when it comes to how we raise our newborns, and we truly believe that each of these products will enhance your parenting experience.

Make sure you go over the reviews carefully to determine which product is best for you. Are you seeking a skin to skin bonding experience with your baby? If so, the Nuroo Pocket or the Bondaroo Shirt might be the best to suit your needs. If you’re hoping to live more actively while wearing your baby, the Nuroo Pocket, 3in1 baby wearing sweater, or Lalabu shirts for mom and dad will allow for more movement with your baby right there with you.

Whether you choose the skin to skin shirt, babywearing sweatshirt, or kangaroo baby carrier, we know that you will be having a wonderful experience bonding closely with your newborn baby.

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