Baby Nursery Essentials Every Parent Needs

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Baby Nursery Essentials Every Parent Needs

The excitement that comes with having a baby and, consequently, the need to prepare a baby nursery can be overwhelming. Expecting parents have tons in their to-dos when preparing for the little one’s arrival, and buying the right baby essentials is not the least.


From shopping for a good nursery, finding the right sleeping gear, diapers, food, and toys, buying all the nursery essentials makes it easy to keep your baby busy. If you are in this stage, below are the essential baby nursery items to prioritize.

Baby Crib

The best place to begin your nursery set up is to buy the baby’s bed. Unlike adults, babies spend approximately 17 hours of the day sleeping. This is why a good crib is overly important. Baby cribs are available in various styles with varying price ranges. Depending on your budget, you can go for an elaborate baby crib or opt for a simple bassinet. Regardless of your choice, the baby’s sleeping spot remains the focal point of the nursery.

Your choice of the baby crib should be sturdy and of good quality. The color of the crib also provides an opportunity to play with the color scheme of the nursery. That aside, ensure that your crib of choice offers maximum visibility. If you have a camera/baby monitor installed to help monitor the baby, the crib should be visible from the four sides.

Note that drop-side baby cribs are not a good choice as they don’t provide sufficient support. They are not acceptable, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines.


With the crib in place, you should focus your attention on finding the right bedding. Baby beddings are not just an essential, but vital for your baby’s comfort; they are also a fun part of the decorating process. Baby bedding includes the mattress, crib sheets, pillows, blankets, crib skirts, and bumper pads.

Choosing a good mattress is key to ensuring that your baby sleeps comfortably. For this, you can choose between an organic, foam, and waterproof mattress. Always ensure that the mattress is hypoallergenic to eliminate possible respiratory and allergic reactions.

To protect the mattress and ensure longevity, you should additionally purchase a waterproof mattress cover. This makes it easy to clear the inevitable blowouts and spit-ups from the infant. Cover your mattress with a mattress cover so that you will only need to change the cover instead of having to wash the mattress all the time.

Nursing/Rocking Chair

A nursing chair is a nursery essential as it provides a place for nursing parents to sit when feeding the baby. Ideally, a rocking chair should allow feeding parents to sit, lean, rock/swivel, and raise their legs for unlimited comfort. The rocking motion of the chair also soothes the baby, helping the baby get to sleep.

Like baby cribs, endless options of nursing chairs are available. However, instead of buying the conventional nursing chair, opt for a rocking chair with full extension. With this, the chair can be used differently after the baby is grown. Alongside a nursing chair, purchase a nursing pillow that helps in positioning the baby while feeding. When feeding/nursing the baby, the head should be propped up to avoid indigestion and gassing. Nursing a baby without proper support often leads to carpal tunnel.

Baby Dresser and Drawers

Another set of essential furniture in your baby nursery is the drawer and dresser. The dresser should provide sufficient space for changing your baby’s clothes. Despite their small size, babies have many clothes, as they should be changed up to three times a day. Drawers with sufficient closet space are also necessary to provide enough storage. An infant dresser should have up to three drawers with compartments for bibs, socks, clothes, and other items.

Apart from storage drawers and a dresser, you should also purchase a clothes hamper. It is essential nursery furniture as it provides additional storage space. You can choose from the wide array of options and designs available on the market.

A Baby Monitor

New parents always find it hard to rest comfortably in a separate room from the baby. Therefore, a baby monitor comes in handy for parents with a separate baby nursery. You can choose between traditional audio-only baby monitors and modern video monitors. Video monitors are a good choice as they enable parents to maintain constant audio and visual contact with their baby every time.

Bottom Line

As the joy of becoming a parent sets in, so does the excitement of having to prepare for your forthcoming baby. Preparing and equipping your baby nursery is a simple task if done with prior preparation. As such, getting to know the baby nursery essentials can ease this seemingly challenging process. Note that you shouldn’t succumb to the pressure of purchasing everything immediately. Some items, such as blankets, dolls, toys, mobiles, and white noise, can be purchased later.

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