Babies Sleeping Position

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Babies Sleeping Position

When parents hear SIDS, it is really scary, and they may imagine many terrible things related to that. However, parents may do not know that simple matter like babies’ sleeping position can be the cause of SIDS.


Babies Sleeping Habit and SIDS

There is approve that babies who are used to sleep on their back and are to be placed to sleep on their tummies are 18 times have more chance to die of SIDS. It is because they are not used with that. Therefore, if you want to leave your babies with other people, you have to make them sure to place your babies on their back not their tummies when they sleep both at night or day to reduce the SIDS possibility.

Babies Who Are At Risk of SIDS

Five years old children are still called babies. However, they are not at risk of SIDS. Only babies in certain age are at risk of that. The most susceptible period is when your babies are 1 to 4 months old. Although, SIDS may also happen until babies are 1 year old. So, during this period, you have to be extra careful to avoid SIDS.

They Are Not the Cause of SIDS

Sleeping on their tummies can be the cause of SIDS. It has been proven. Of course, there are still other causes. Some of them are correct but some others not. The false causes include immunization, vomiting and or choking.

What to Do Reduce SIDS?

•During Pregnancy

Reducing the risk of SIDS can be done even before your babies are born. You can do that by not smoking. The danger of smoke is not only got from smoking by ourselves but also by exposing in the smoking environment. Therefore, you have also avoided people who smoke during your pregnancy to avoid your babies from SIDS. You must also do not consuming alcohol and drug. Both of those substances can increase SIDS possibility. Another factor that can cause SIDS is low weight and premature. So, you have to keep your health and to consume enough nutrition so your babies will have normal weight and born on their due date. You can consult to doctor to guarantee that.

•When They Born

After doing a series of things during your pregnancy to reduce the risk of SIDS, you have to continue the prevention after your babies are born. You can reduce the risk of SIDS by placing your baby in the right position and place when they sleep. The right position for babies to sleep is on their back. Avoid sleeping on their tummies and their sides because they may roll and accidentally sleep on their tummies. You should also wear them with comfortable cloth that won’t make them too hot. Besides the position, the place of where they sleep is also important. You have to provide a room that free from smoke and not too hot. Place your babies on a crib that fulfill the safety standard. You must not let them sleep on adult beds, chairs, sofa, pillows, etc. The other things to done is freeing the crib from toys and soft bedding.

Protecting Your Babies from SIDS

Besides what has been mention above, you can also do the following to protect your babies from SIDS. The first one is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding should be done at least until your babies are 6 moths. However, you can do it as much as and as long as it may. It provides your baby with good nutrition. The second one is giving immunizations and check up regularly. You can bring your babies to doctors to make sure that they are healthy. If there is something wrong, it can be treated directly and as quickly as possible.

The Safest Place for Babies to Sleep

Many parents provide rooms for their babies, so they have their own babies. However, it will be better for you and your babies to sleep in the same room but not in the same bed. Babies aren’t supposed to sleep in adults’ bed. Therefore, you can place your babies’ crib beside your bed under your reach. One of the principles of babies’ crib is free from toys and soft bedding. So, avoid placing toys, blankets, pillows, etc. on your babies’ crib.

Talk to Others about Safe Sleep Practices

•To Your Caregiver

Sometimes, you may be busy with your activity, and you can’t take care of your babies by yourself. Therefore, you may have to entrust your babies to other people like your family, your friends, or professional caregiver. The thing to remember in entrusting your babies to others is that you have to make sure that they know safe sleep practices, and they will do that. If they do not know that, you have to explain them, and you have to make sure that they will apply that before you leave your babies with them.

•To Everyone in the World

Knowing safe sleep practices is a good thing but let others know about that will be better. So, you can help to spread this to others by doing some simple things. For example, you have to apply safe sleep practices and make that as part of your everyday life. People may see that and apply that for themselves. You can also spread this good matter by informing this to shops’ owners who display babies’ crib wrongly, to teenage parents who are usually new parents, or media that make wrong advertisement dealing with babies’ sleeping position.

Tummy and Back

Tummies are not completely dangerous. Making tummy as part of your babies’ activities is important. You just need to know how. Use tummy time for playing when they are awake. However, there should be someone to watch over. Having tummy time can help your babies to build strong neck and shoulder muscles, to develop normally. On the other hand, for sleeping, of course you have to place your baby on their back.

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