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34 Weeks Pregnant

With less than 2 months to go, things really start to pick up pace at 34 weeks pregnant. Your baby has developed fully functioning limbs, which will continue to strengthen and grow from now until the day of birth. They can also hear voices and will be able to recognise yours when you speak.

4 Month Baby

When your baby is 4 months old, they will crave social interaction in all forms – likely consisting of playtime, laughter, and plenty of baby conversations.

1 Month Baby

You’ve been caring for your baby for one whole month now – a time which has probably flown by faster than you realize. You’ve had to make many adjustments to your daily routine and are probably still adapting to the changes one must make when caring for a baby.

5 Month Baby

Reaching the 5-month mark is an exciting time for parents. Many doctors look for baby milestones by month four and six, so you will likely be noticing many changes in your baby at this point.

2 Month Baby

Your baby is now 2 months old. The first few months of your baby’s life in the outside world have probably been characterised by lots of sleeping (for them, not you…), feeding, and crying.

32 Weeks Pregnant

You’ve been pregnant for around 8 months now, and your body has undergone many changes since you first found out about your baby. The day that your baby will come to greet you in the outside world is just around the corner and their body is preparing for it in many ways.

37 Weeks Pregnant

At 37 weeks pregnant, your baby is now considered full term. So, if you were to have your baby this week, it would be considered a full-term pregnancy.

38 Weeks Pregnant

You’ve reached the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy and are within the touching distance of the day you finally meet your baby.

36 Weeks Pregnant

Being 36 weeks pregnant is a huge milestone in the gestation cycle. You now only have one month left until you can meet your baby in the outside world and your life will be changed forever.