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I love decorating my home for the holidays—not only with my children, but with things that they have made. A bonus for me is when it’s something other than macaroni art (not that I don’t love every single piece of painted pasta that my children have given me!) But, it is nice when I have a little change of pace with the kids holiday decor items.

Last year we made a Thanksgiving banner with the same intentions. Making beautiful holiday decor together is my kind of way to celebrate! This year, by simply toning down some of the color on a basic letter block set we made a set of decorative blocks for our mantel that can be used all year; for each holiday, birthday and even just to leave each other “love” notes on an ordinary day.

Thanksgiving Craft: Turn Toy Blocks into Thanksgiving Decor

Having letter blocks around your home is a great way to bring literacy into your house and around your children in an easy no stress kind of way. Allowing your young children to start forming words and becoming familiar with new letters in a fun way is a gift.


Letter blocks
Ink pad


  1. Stamp both sides of each block into the ink. Depending on the color, some blocks made need a couple coats of the ink.
  2. The tricky part with this is that the blocks need to dry for 1-2 days. The ink is pretty wet and does not absorb into the block, so it takes a while to dry.
  3. You now have a set of message blocks! Decorate for each holiday, wish luck to a nervous new 1st grader or just say I love you. These blocks can be fun and special to the entire family.

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