An Almost Father’s Day Gift

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An Almost Father’s Day Gift

So here is how it was planned in my head. We would make key chains for Father’s Day. They would be in the shape of keys with little drawings on each and a card attached to read “you hold the key to my heart” (because in this house daddy definitely holds that key.) Sounds very sweet, right?


I thought so too, until the finished product caught the eye of my four year old….”I don’t want to give these to Daddy anymore. I want to keep them for ME!”  And so my sweet idea of a Father’s Day gift was crushed and turned into a new toy for the children.

I should have known, what child can resist keys?

Father’s Day Keys


  • Shrink Film
  • Scissors
  • Permanent markers
  • Hole punch
  • Parchment paper
  • String or key ring


  1. Cut your shrink film into key shapes and punch a hole in each key. Remember these shrink quite a bit. I think my keys were about 1″ wide and 4″ long before shrunk.
  2. Have the kids decorate the keys with markers.
  3. Next follow baking instructions on your film package. I seem to always have trouble with them curling up so I used a ramekin to hold parchment paper on top.
  4. Once cooled, thread the keys onto a key ring or string.

My original intention for this project did not happen, but they may be better as a fun toy after all. The kids played with these for hours and eventually the neighbors came over to make a set too. They were opening magical doors and driving magical cars all afternoon. The keys jingle just like real keys so they were a big hit for my one year old as well (he eventually needed his own set too.) Check out the importance of pretend play here.

I hope you will try this fun project and who knows what the keys will become for you and yours.

Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing father’s out there that are happy to give up your Father’s Day gift in exchange for some adorable smiles.

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