Netparents.org is a trusted online resource for parents of children ages birth through youth. The Internet has countless resources to help parents and we bring all of the best content directly to you through this site. In other words, we sift through all of the web’s useful content and carefully choose only the best stuff so you can make the most of it. This way parents don’t have to spend all their time looking for solutions and can instead spend time with their children.

What Do We Do?

For years, our research and efforts have helped in understanding important factors surrounding three primary areas of your child’s life through tips, articles, and instructional video. We believe that these three areas are the cornerstones of parenting. We sincerely hope that our efforts help you as a parent to handle the full time job that is being a parent. Here are the three primary factors for raising a healthy child.



Child Development

Early childhood development revolves around key changes in your child’s physical, mental, and emotional states as they grow. It is important to be aware of the fact that while the process occurs in predictable steps, each child is unique and will progress at their own pace. We provide resources for parents for all three of these subjects as well as resources for children of all age and maturity levels.

Health and Nutrition

Good mental and physical health is of course, essential to the growth of your child. Providing the proper nutrition for your child is the first step in the process. With a proper diet, your child has all the tools he or she will need to maintain a healthy body and mind. But there is more to keeping your child in good health than just what they eat. Parents must provide a safe environment that allows the child to feel comfortable so their minds can feel free to grow.


Wellbeing and Safety

In today’s world, children can always be in harm’s way. Fortunately, we provide the necessary tools and tips to help parents protect them. Whether it’s a matter of physical safety, or simply avoiding any mental trauma, Netparents.org is ready and able to allow parents and caregivers to keep their young ones safe. We hope you find our online resources helpful so you can take the steps to allow your child to live in a comfortable and safe world.

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