About Netparents

Net Parents is a niche website created by parents, for parents. We know firsthand how hard it is to balance raising a child with other responsibilities in life, especially as a new parent! That’s why our team spends hours curating the very best deals and resources, delivering them directly to your email inbox and Facebook News Feed! We sort through this information with the same level of dedication we have for our own children! Welcome to the Net Parents family!

Meet The Founders

We understand how stressful those frantic late-night Google searches for deals and parenting resources can be. We’ve combined our love of blogging and digital marketing to create Net Parents, North America’s leading aggregator of parenting information and resources.

We’re passionate about making your life as a parent easier. In our opinion, you should be focusing on the aspects of parenting only YOU can handle, such as loving your child unconditionally, playing with them, and being there for them 24/7.

Let us handle mundane tasks like scouring the market for the best prices on toys and parenting essentials (plus research into your baby’s scientifically-proven developmental needs) while you enjoy your family. Nothing would make us happier!

Meet the Team

Brandon Austin

Editor in Chief

Brandon Austin is the editor-in-chief of Net Parents. He has a strong digital marketing background and is passionate about empowering readers to make confident decisions for themselves and their families. Learn more about Brandon

Kristina Frunze

Marketing Lead

Kristina Frunze oversees marketing and communications with our existing Net Parents members. She also works with major brands to secure exclusive partnerships and deals that benefit the Net Parents community. Learn more about Kristina

Kristina Kutsitaru

SEO Lead

Kristina Kutsitaru oversees Net Parents’ search engine optimization strategy, ensuring our public-facing content reaches as many parents as possible! Kristina is also incredibly passionate about nutrition and is always looking for ways to help parents place healthy meals on the dinner table. Learn more about Kristina

Sina Sabouri

Paid Media Lead

Sina Sabouri helps bring Net Parents to the attention of new potential members through paid media advertising. His efforts are key for helping Net Parents attract bigger partners and exclusive deals; the more members we have, the better! Learn more about Sina