6 Weeks Pregnant

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6 Weeks Pregnant

If you are 6 weeks pregnant, everything is still very new to you. You may have only just found out that you’re pregnant, and you might have only started experiencing some of the early signs of pregnancy.


At week 6, many features of your baby are starting to take shape. Albeit on a very small scale, your baby will only be half an inch in size.

Yet, there are still many questions you may have at this stage – what’s happening to my body? What are some pregnancy symptoms at week 6? How big is my baby? In this article, we will answer these questions, and provide some useful tips on what to do when you are 6 weeks pregnant.

6 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

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6 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms at week 6 can be quite varied, though many women don’t experience any at all. If you are someone who does, here are some of the common early signs of pregnancy that you should look out for.

  • Tender breasts
    If you have been experiencing tender or swollen breasts in previous weeks, you may continue to feel it when you are 6 weeks pregnant. This can be very uncomfortable, but it is a common early sign of pregnancy at week 6.
  • Missed period
    If you have an irregular cycle, you might not notice that you’ve missed your period for 2 weeks, and the sixth week of pregnancy could be the first time that you start to suspect that you are pregnant. If this is the case, you should take a pregnancy test, as the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine is often prevalent to show positive on a test at week 6.
  • Bloating
    A common symptom of pregnancy among women is an increased feeling of bloating, which is often coupled with an increase in gas and flatulence. The reason for this is the increase in the pregnancy hormone, progesterone, which is essential for a heathy pregnancy. To counter this bloated feeling, try and drink plenty of water and eat a sufficient amount of fiber.
  • Nausea and vomiting
    The only comfort in this common early sign of pregnancy at week 6, is that you are not alone. Most women experience this symptom and, despite how unpleasant it may be, there is some comfort in the knowledge that it usually eases off after the first trimester.
  • Fatigue
    The rapid formation of the fetus at 6 weeks can have a noticeable impact on your energy levels. The best thing to do at this stage is to take advice from your body and follow its signals. If you feel exhausted, rest. If you have a sudden burst of energy, take advantage of it and do some light exercise.

Your Body at Week 6

When you are 6 weeks pregnant, it is still very unlikely that you will notice any effect on your body shape. Your 6-week old embryo is tiny and, despite developing rapidly, is still only barely visible from the inside of your body.

The most common changes to your body will come from some of the symptoms you experience when you are six weeks pregnant. At this stage, frequent urination may become a factor for you, so it is a good idea to map out the quickest path to the nearest bathroom at every location you visit. Yet, frequent urination at week 6 of pregnancy is a double-edged sword – it is imperative that you stay hydrated at this stage and, although you might want to cut back on your water intake to counter the problem, your body needs a sufficient and frequent supply of water to fuel the changes that are happening.

Your body may also start to experience heartburn and indigestion at this stage, and almost all women will go through this at some point during the pregnancy cycle. A good way to avoid this is to take time when eating your meals and stay thoroughly hydrated throughout the day.

Baby Size at Week 6

You are now around 2 weeks after conception and have probably felt some early first signs of pregnancy at week 6, but what about your baby? At this stage, your baby’s head will be beginning to take shape. Very early signs of the development of the facial structure are taking place and, although it’s on a microscopic scale right now, these features will eventually form the distinguishable look of your baby when they are older.

In terms of size, your baby at week 6 will be about the same size as a sweet pea, or just over half a centimetre, and will begin to grow rapidly.

Baby Size at Week 6

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Week 6 Pregnant Ultrasound

An ultrasound is not normally scheduled until the eighth or ninth week of the pregnancy cycle. Yet, in rare cases, a week 6 ultrasound may be scheduled if there are any complications expected. By week 6, specialists may even be able detect your baby’s heartbeat.


At the sixth week of the pregnancy cycle you may or not feel some tenderness in your stomach. Some women experience many symptoms, others may not experience any. Every woman will feel differently at different times throughout the cycle.

If you are someone who experiences early symptoms of pregnancy at week 6, you can expect to have bloating, nausea, tender breasts, and fatigue.

As your hormones will be fluctuating rapidly when you are 6 weeks pregnant, you may feel that your moods are swinging up and down faster than usual.

You are now only two weeks after conception, and your baby is only the size of a sweet pea at this stage, not big enough to be noticeable on the outside.

Tips for Week 6 of Pregnancy

  • Relax
    Learning that you are pregnant can be both mentally and physically taxing. It is important to take time out from the hecticness of it all and treat yourself kindly. Increases in stress will not do you, or your baby, any good.
  • Eat strategically
    If you have fallen victim to morning sickness during the sixth week of pregnancy, you may want to eat dry and bland foods that are easier on your stomach. Crackers, bread sticks, and toast are a few options to ease the feelings of nausea.
  • Exercise
    Getting exercise is important for everyone, even if you’re 6 weeks pregnant. The symptoms you are going through may make you want to stay in and avoid the outdoors, but you should take advantage of any bursts of energy to do some light exercise.

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