5 Chores Your Preschooler Can Safely Do

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5 Chores Your Preschooler Can Safely Do

Kids seem to have a radar for a freshly cleaned surface. Doesn’t it seem that as soon as you wipe down a dirty counter, there’s another sticky handprint in its place? Make household chores in your home safe and fun with the music turned way up and a few easy chores your preschooler can safely do to help you around the house– especially for some rockin’ spring cleaning!


Chore #1: Clean the table after meals

Give your child the task of wiping the dinner table after each meal with a non-toxic cleaning spray and dish cloth. Method, hands-down has the smells that make you smile. And I don’t know any child that doesn’t like to spray things.  If you have a wood table, they have a spray just for wood. Just awesome.

Chore #2: Spray and wipe bathroom mirror

Eliminate those annoying water spots with a non-toxic glass surface cleaner. Give your child a step stool, or let them climb on the counter (with supervision), and give them the freedom to spray and wipe like a mad man!

Chore #3: Clean counters after meals

There’s something about clean counters with a fresh smelling scent that just lift my spirits. Give your children a chance to boost your mood by wiping the counters clean with a sweet smelling spray to bring you smiles.

Chore #4: Take out the trash

Teaching your child how to take out the trash and recycle is important. And preschoolers are perfectly capable (and willing) to do this job. It’s more than just a chore, it’s an open invitation to talk about waste and how to reduce it.

Chore #5: Help load the dishwasher

Invite your child to help load the dishwasher as your dishwashing partner in crime! This is a great time-saver in dish duties, and I promise your preschooler will love this important job. You rinse the dishes, hand them off to your child to load, and now you’ve got chores and team-building wrapped into one. Check!

P.S. Adding Method Cleaning Supplies to your shopping list will not break the bank– I pinky promise! Method can be found online or locally at two of my favorite places: Target and Whole Foods.

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