34 Weeks Pregnant

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34 Weeks Pregnant

With less than 2 months to go, things really start to pick up pace at 34 weeks pregnant. Your baby has developed fully functioning limbs, which will continue to strengthen and grow from now until the day of birth. They can also hear voices and will be able to recognise yours when you speak.


With less than 2 months to go, things really start to pick up pace at 34 weeks pregnant. Your baby has developed fully functioning limbs, which will continue to strengthen and grow from now until the day of birth. They can also hear voices and will be able to recognise yours when you speak.

As for your body, there’s no hiding the fact that you are pregnant at this stage. Your baby bump is probably the first thing that people notice when they see you, and there is a strong likelihood that you’ve also gained some noticeable pregnancy pounds. You probably have lots of questions about being 34 weeks pregnant, this article aims to answer them all. Read on for more.

34 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

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34 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

The coming weeks leading up to the day of birth may be the most challenging so far. Third trimester symptoms are much more intense than those experienced in the second trimester. The most common pregnancy symptoms at 34 weeks are:

  • Edema

Edema is the swelling of the feet, ankles, and hands that occurs due to the increase in bodily fluids, leading to its accumulation in your body’s tissues. It is a common 34-weeks pregnant symptom and is typically at its worse in the evening and throughout the night. There are a number of things that can be done to ease edema – avoid standing for long periods, rest with your feet up, stay hydrated, and wear comfortable shoes and socks.

  • Nail and Hair Growth

A sign of pregnancy at 34 weeks could be that your nails are longer, and your hair is thicker. Pregnancy hormones, particularly estrogen, are responsible for this increased growth, in addition to the increased blood volume circulating your body with growth-promoting nutrients. The increase in hormones makes your hair less likely to fall out, too.

  • Leg Cramps

During pregnancy, many women get cramps while they are lying down. Cramp can also interrupt a good night of sleep, too, which could be one of many pregnancy-related causes of insomnia. The third trimester is particularly notorious for this symptom, though the reasons for this are not entirely known. Experts suggest that leg cramps are caused by the increased weight, a shortage of calcium and magnesium, and/or pregnancy hormones.

  • Insomnia

At 34 weeks pregnant, it’s likely that you’ve experienced lack of sleep since the day of conception. A whole range of factors can contribute to insomnia, and most pregnant women experience it from the second and third trimester until the day of delivery.  Many moms-to-be wonder if insomnia is harmful to their baby during pregnancy, but fortunately it doesn’t affect the development of the fetus.

Your Body at Week 34

Your body will look very pregnant at 34 weeks. It might not look like there’s any more room for your baby to grow, but it will. Your uterus will continue to expand until the day you meet your baby in the outside world. If you’re 34 weeks pregnant with twins, you can expect that your body will be looking even larger.

It is also possible, thought statistically not likely, that you will fall into preterm labor this week. Preterm labor is described as any pregnancy that happens before 37 weeks. Some common signs and symptoms of preterm labor are changes in vaginal discharge, pressure in your pelvic region, stomach cramps, frequent contractions, and your water breaking. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor for medical advice.

Baby Size at Week 34

The fetus at 34 weeks is as big as a butternut squash. It weighs between 2.2 and 2.4 kg and measures between 40 to 50 cm. When you think back to when your baby was a little vanilla seed sized 2-weeks old embryo inside your belly, it’s incredible to see how much he or she has developed.

In the next few weeks, the waxy coating on your baby’s skin (vernix) will begin to shed. Their eyes are also now able to open and close to accommodate their sleep schedule, and body parts are beginning to move into place ready for the big day.

Baby Size at Week 34

Photo by Natalie Rhea Riggs on Unsplash

Week 34 Pregnant Ultrasound

At this stage, you’ll likely be having bi-weekly appointments with your obstetrician. No ultrasound will be performed, however, unless there are some complications observed in the check-up. Some doctors may also schedule a biophysical profile test (BPP) to measure the baby’s heart rate.

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From the outside, your stomach will feel very tight and firm to touch, as the uterus continues to expand on a daily basis and stretches the skin in your abdominal region.

At 34 weeks pregnant, you can expect to feel some of the pregnancy symptoms quite intensely. The third trimester is notorious for its harsh symptoms, and you may be nauseated, exhausted, and achy.

Aside from any pregnancy symptoms, at 34 weeks you may also be suffering from “pregnancy brain”. Hormones are still coursing through your body at unprecedented levels and, for a lot of women, this manifests itself as confusion, forgetfulness, and disorientation.

Your stomach will be getting bigger every week to accommodate the baby’s growth and, by now, your baby bump will be visibly distended.

Tips for Week 34 of Pregnancy

  • Relax

Taking advantage of any spare time to do something that relaxes you is a good idea, both for you and your baby. Stress hormones are not beneficial for pregnancy. Whether its walking, doing yoga, taking a bath, or watching a movie, it’s important to try and stay as relaxed as possible at this final stage in the pregnancy.

  • Track Sodium Intake

Low-sodium diets are not advised during pregnancy, but it’s also possible to have too much. Try to monitor your salt intake at meals and, if you’re worried that you are not getting the right amount, consult your doctor.

  • Baby Plans

Your baby’s arrival is right around the corner and there are many things that you can start doing to prepare, such as preparing the nursery, purchasing a car seat, choosing some nice baby clothes, and many more things that will leave you as ready as possible for when your baby arrives.

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