3 Secret Weapons for Healthy Winter Skin

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3 Secret Weapons for Healthy Winter Skin

Winter is right around the corner and my skin is already letting me know it needs some extra TLC. As the air gets cooler and the heater kicks on, my skin dries out (and it isn’t pretty). Does this happen to you too?! Well, now is the time to start applying more moisturizer to keep your beautiful skin looking, well beautiful.


Here are three great products from Yes To, one of my favorite companies (they are on a mission to create all natural skin and hair care that really work.) And I can vouch that they do work! I have quite a few of their products already and will definitely be adding more on my next trip to Target.

  1. Dry and flaky skin:Now is the time to swap out your lotion for a thicker cream or ointment, which has a higher lipid to water ratio. This helps trap the moisture and prevents your skin from becoming dry and flaky. Coconut oil is a great winter moisturizer, yet can be a little oily.  Another great option is a body butter like the ones Yes To makes, which are free of parabens and petroleums.
  2. Raw and cracked hands: Your hands are exposed to the elements more than most parts of your body and more prone to dryness.  During the winter months, it is very beneficial to use an intense hand repair cream to keep them moisturized and prevent dry and cracked skin (which is more vulnerable to infections).
  3. Sallow and sagging: As we get older, our collegen production decreases and leaves us more vulnerable to wrinkles and less resilient skin. Vitamin C is well-known for its antioxidant properties and helps prevent damage to our collegen. So make sure to eat enough fruits, pepper and broccoli to help your skin out! You can also use a rejuvenation lotion like Yes to Blueberries which can help firm and improve your skin’s elasticity.

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