16 Best Art Toys for Kids

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16 Best Art Toys for Kids

Learning through play is a necessary part of a child’s development. Play gives them great opportunities to develop new skills and practice at their own pace. The toys that you choose for them as parents will help shape their progress in many ways, so it is important that you pick the right ones. This may be challenging, considering the huge array of toys in the market.


Art toys for kids nurture their creativity and imagination. They also aid greatly in the development of gross and fine motor skills, as well as foster independence and positive self-worth. To help you in your selection, we have compiled a list of the best art toys for kids aimed to promote their overall development.

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Toys for Kids

Children are born artists, but some harness their talents more significantly than others. Parents can encourage their kid’s creativity by buying art toys that inspire them to imagine and design. Arts and crafts can create wonders for a child’s mind. Always give them toys appropriate for their age. Toys for 7-year-old boys, for instance, should satisfy their adventurous and curious nature. 

Other than crayons and colored pencils, there are other art toys that spark kids’ imagination. Puzzles, building blocks, and shape-sorters help build children’s logical thinking skills and common sense, as well as develop hand-eye coordination. These toys give kids chances to figure something out on their own and become problem-solvers.

Toys that look like the real thing, like small-size musical instruments, paintbrushes, and dress-up clothes, help kids learn how things fit together. Art supplies like markers and finger paints support a child’s early writing and reading skills. When they play with others, they also learn the value of compromise and sharing. Remember that art toys for kids do not need to be expensive.

If you are looking for new art toys for kids, the following all have good reviews from parents. They are also priced considerably. Fun and useful, these toys will encourage children to experiment and explore to their heart’s content. There is a wide range of varieties and options, so you will definitely find something that suits your child’s taste.

Baking is a fun activity for children. Gift them with this whimsical, unicorn-themed baking set that has almost everything. The Unicorn Baking Set includes an apron with mitten pockets, a plastic rolling pin, five stainless steel cookie cutters, and two icing bags with tips. It also comes with a recipe book. Because of the small parts, this toy is not meant for children under 3 years. You can buy the set for $36.00 on uncommon goods.

This is one of the top art toys for kids that encourages innovation and interaction. The kit contains a collection of putties/slimes – five small tins of clear ones, three concentrated primary colors, and three special effects. There are also six colored pencils, as well as one mixing mat filled with color combination ideas. The Design Your Own Putty Kit is suitable for children 8 years of age and above and retails for $20.00.

Make your child’s summer break super fun with these sandcastle building tools. Create multi-level castles with the two-tower molds – 10-inch and 6-inch – that come with the set. You can add battlements or walls using the rectangular brick mold included. There is a cutter for making arched windows and a multipurpose tool to add freehand details to the structures. The Sand and Snow Castle Kit comes with a mesh bag and retails for $40.00.

This beginner-level needle felting kit lets your kid create cute, woolen hedgehogs. It comes with New Zealand wool and tools, as well as easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. The supplies in the kit will generate two to three felted hedgehogs, around 3.25″ x 2” in size. You can even reuse any leftover materials for your kid’s next project. The Hedgehog Needle Felting Kit retails for $20.00.

This DIY comic book set is everything your child needs to create their own action-packed adventure. It includes pre-formatted blank pages and a booklet of instructions and helpful tips for your little ones. Once an illustrated story is complete, seal it in the pre-paid envelope included and send it via mail. After 4 to 6 weeks, you will receive a professionally-bound copy of your original work. My Comic Book Kit retails for $30.00.

Let your child’s imagination run wild with this all-natural sculpting dough. Made from fruit, recycled material, and banana fiber, the dough is colored using beets, paprika, spinach, and carrots, as well as sweet potato, cabbage, blueberries, and tomatoes. If ever it becomes dry, all you need are a few drops of olive oil and it will be as good as new. The Eco-Dough retails for $16.00.

This set of recycled, star-shaped crayons is essential for your collection of art toys for kids. Discarded ends of crayons are melted and poured into star molds to create these treasures. Watch your child create magical art projects with the colored wax. All items are unique due to their handmade nature. Each package comes in a set of 30. You can buy the Eco Stars Recycled Crayons on uncommon goods for $18.00.

This DIY pillowcase will bring prehistoric charm to your kid’s bedtime. The set includes a 28″ x 18″ pillowcase and 10 washable fabric pens. Bring out the artist in your child and let him color velociraptor and brachiosaurus to his heart’s content. The pens are washable, so all you need is to run the pillowcase through the wash and let your kid try another variation. Color Your Own Dinosaur Pillowcase retails for $20.00.

This bright crafting kit will be your child’s perfect companion during rainy days for when he cannot go outside to play. Use this as an art project or simply to while away time during slumber parties. Once finished, the yarn tree can be used as a jewelry display or a charming dresser top decoration. The kit comes with a pre-assembled 18-inch aluminum wire tree and assorted, colorful yarn. The Yarn Tree Kit retails for $30.00.

This is a fun way for your kids to learn geography and world facts. This 50″ x 33″ tablecloth is 100% cotton and illustrated with countries, landmarks, and animals from around the globe – all drawn by hand. It even includes fun facts to share with the family. The ten markers that come with the set are washable, you only need warm water for the ink to disappear completely. The World Map Coloring Tablecloth retails for $30.00.

Gift your unicorn-loving child with this magical crafting kit. The set comes with two cardboard forms of unicorn, one big and one small, and all the materials you need, including chenille, felt, cotton, acrylic, glitter and adhesive. You can create one-horned horses complete with rainbow hooves, manes, bridles and horns. Buy this Yarn Unicorn Kit on uncommon goods for $20.00. Toy appropriate for children 8+.

Create tiny fairy doors, beds, garlands and necklaces with this DIY fairy kit. The set contains all the materials you need for eight cute projects. You will receive 3.5 yards of acrylic yarn, 32 yards of cotton thread, 93 pieces of adhesive and 4 fabric flowers. The Fairy Kit also includes 26 pieces of paper, glitters, straw hat, chenille stems, plastic vial, a pompom and wood beads. It retails for $25.00.

Your child can have his very own mini library with this educational toy. The set includes 20 illustrated mini books of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, like Beauty and the Beast, plus 10 more books for your kid to complete. This doll-sized library also comes with a little bookcase to assemble. The book-like box even opens to become a cozy reading nook playset. A detailed instruction booklet is included for reference. My Miniature Library retails for $20.00.

This drawing game includes 80 kid-friendly prompts to jumpstart your child’s creativity. It is as easy as picking up cards and scribbling away. The “subject” cards cover what should be drawn, while the “technique” card shows instructions on how to do it. This is a fun way to boost imagination during playtime. The art prompts are also good for family time. The Art Out of the Box Solo Drawing Game retails for $20.00.

This laser-cut wood kit lets your child construct his own creative coaster. The DIY kit includes more than 30 Baltic birch pieces and engaging instructions in graphic novel form for easy reference. You will not need batteries for this coaster as it runs on kid power. Use white glue to slot the Baltic birch plywood together. One of the top art toys for kids, the Build Your Own Marble Coaster retails for $30.00.

This child-friend activity will not only boost your child’s hand-eye coordination but also their geometry and problem-solving skills. The kit has everything you need to get started. There is an in-depth instruction and guide on how to create 20 stunning works of paper art. Your kid will spend hours and hours creating something wonderful on this own. The Origami Paper Magic Kit is available on uncommon goods for $15.00.