10 Best Workbenches for Toddlers That Your Kid Will Love

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10 Best Workbenches for Toddlers That Your Kid Will Love

Naturally, parents want what’s best for their children, but it can be difficult to figure out what that is sometimes. Whether you’re buying for your own kid, or getting a present for someone else’s, purchasing toys for toddlers can get overwhelming. So, if you’re trying to find the best workbench for toddlers, we’ve got your back. We’ve done most of the internet research for you, and have come up with the top 10 choices that we think would be the most suitable for toddlers.


Playing with toy workbenches is great for toddlers. The act of picking up toy tools and using them to build something helps develop their motor skills, and cognitive thinking skills. It’s also a great opportunity for toddlers to practice their social skills, when playing with others. Most importantly, it gets their creative juices flowing, and allows them to be more imaginative. This type of exposure, and learning, will only do good for them as their brains continue to develop and mature over the years.

Get your little one to dig into their creative side, and work on their fine motor skills with BLACK + DECKER’s kids play workbench; great for boys and girls. The stimulation of sounds, and lights will engage your child during playtime, and make it feel as if they’re using the same tools that adults use.

Kids get to explore their natural curiosity of how things work with this toy workshop. It includes a tool caddy that can be disassembled and reassembled. The pretend wooden pieces are joined with velcro, which allows kids to saw the pieces apart, like a true handyman.

Once that bendable working light is on and the tools are out, your child will be fully immersed in an imaginary world of building, not to be distracted! The realistic action of this kids toy workbench will keep your young one entertained for hours on end.

Step2 Big Builders Pro Workshop Kids Toolbench

Get ready for your kid to call you the best parent ever.

Step2’s play workbench is 19 pounds of fun. There’s a ton of space to play, and many creative foam projects for your child to build with this toy workbench.

There are lots of compartments for kids to organize and store all the tools and materials, just like a real workbench. There’s even a toy power drill that spins, and the pieces of the foam birdhouse actually change colour when “paint” (water) is applied. Watch your toddler’s face light up when they see the colour changing.

You may want to start setting up some playdates as well; this is going to be a huge hit for the kids. There are so many parts to this toy workbench that siblings and friends won’t be fighting over pieces or tools to play with. It’s also a great way for kids to participate in teamwork.

Little Tikes Construct 'n Learn Smart Workbench

If your child loves playing with toy vehicles, Little Tikes' Learn Smart Workbench for toddlers is going to blow their mind.

This kids play workbench is all about cars.

Kids get to use all the tools and gadgets to build and fix their own vehicles; there are 3 awesome cars for them to put together. Plus, the tools are interactive, which makes the experience of building the cars much more realistic and fun.

This workbench for toddlers is also suitable for more than one child to play with at once. It offers a great opportunity to introduce some healthy competition during playtime. Kids can race to see who can finish building their car first. It’s not only a fun way to play, but it also helps them develop motivational skills that they can carry with them through to adulthood.

Moreover, working with tools, and following instructions to build something increases STEM learning for kids, while having so much fun that it doesn’t feel like learning for them.

Le Toy Van Alex's Premium Children's Play Workbench

This fabulous wooden workbench for toddlers has bright colours that will draw a child's attention immediately. It's also more eco-friendly in comparison to the plastic workbenches for toddlers.

 Le Toy Van’s option is made with rubber wood that’s sustainably sourced.

The size of this toy workbench is also smaller than the first two choices, which makes it ideal for a single or younger child. Plus, your little one can run wild with their imagination, even more so with Le Toy Van’s toddler tool bench, than with the previous options. There isn’t a specific object, such as a birdhouse or car, to build. Instead, there are simply some nuts and bolts, gadgets, and a whole lot of space for creative thinking.

Get your child to crank up the pretend radio painted on the backboard, and jam to imaginary tunes as they hammer away on the tool bench.

It’s also safe to say that the quality of this product is definitely worth the price. The instructions are straightforward and the pieces are easy to assemble as well.

TOP BRIGHT Toddler Tool Set and Workbench

If you're looking for a smaller, more compact toddler tool bench, you're in luck. This tiny toddler tools set, by TOP BRIGHT, is easily portable.

All of the toy pieces can be stored into the toy car, which makes it easy to travel with, and prevents pieces from getting lost. This also prevents the occurrence of big messes around the house. That’s a big win for most parents.

Similar to the previous option, this toddler tool bench allows for endless imagination. Although kids can use the pieces to build them into familiar shapes, such as animals and vehicles, they have to use their creative power to identify the objects they put together.

This convenient, skill building, toy is a great way to keep your young one busy if you yourself are having a busy day. We know how hectic some days can get for a parent. Plus, the guilt that comes with leaving your toddler in front of a TV screen just so you can squeeze in time to get some work done. This isn’t the case with TOP BRIGHT’s mini workbench for toddlers. It helps with your kid’s brain development, and fine motor skills. Consequently, there’s no need to feel guilty for letting your child play with this toy for hours.

Younger toddlers might not be ready for a full sized toy workbench. So, if you have a 1 or 2 year old, here’s a small toddlers workbench with much simpler parts. The toy produces music, sounds of affirmation, and construction-like sounds. It also flashes fun colourful lights that your kid will love.

Although CifToys’ Musical Learning Workbench doesn’t compare in size with the other options, it does compare with the amount of joy and learning that it will bring to your toddler. The colours and shapes are great for sensory play, and the engagement is a lot more game-like.

You can use this toddler tool bench to bond with your kid as well. It goes without saying that children grow up in the blink of an eye. With this toy, you get to watch them learn how to sort objects and identify them by shape, and have a great time doing it.

EverEarth Toddler Workbench and Tools

Here's another compact and portable option. EverEarth provides a good contender for the best toddler workbench.

This eco-friendly, wooden tool bench for toddlers is bigger than the previous two options, but it’s still much smaller than the first few choices. It’s a happy medium if you’re unsure of purchasing a large or small toddlers workbench.

EverEarth’s toddler tool bench includes a lot of comparable pieces to the Le Toy Van option, despite the smaller size. Plus, if you like to keep your living space clear of clutter and large toys, this could be the best choice for you.

Now, just because this toddler tool bench is petite, it doesn’t mean it can’t be shared like the larger workbenches. It’s still very much playdate worthy.

Moreover, your kid can safely play with all parts of this toy workbench. The kid-safe design extends to the non-toxic, water-based, paint that coats each wooden toy piece.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

It's a known fact that young toddlers love peekaboo.

This small wooden pounding bench takes the game of peekaboo to another level. Just imagine a cuter toddler version of Whac-A-Mole. The little pegs in the bench take turns popping up to reveal their cute and friendly faces.

Now, we know how easy it is for children to break their toys, but you don’t need to worry about that with this one. Melissa & Doug’s wooden bench is very durable. So, your toddler can hit the pegs as hard as their little heart desires.

Similar to the CifToys’ option, this small wooden bench is great for 1-2 year olds who aren’t ready for a more complex toy workbench. Your toddler gets to build their motor skills when they use the mallet to hit the pegs. Plus, it serves the same purpose for cognitive and physical learning. Toddlers can also use this toy to learn how to identify colours.

Hape Master Workbench for Toddlers

Let's be honest, kids love getting big presents. There's nothing like witnessing a kid's face light up when they see a huge gift wrapped up just for them.

This award-winning kids wooden workbench will earn you the title of “best gift giver” for sure. Not only is it fun and engaging for kids, it’s educational, similar to the other options on the list.

This toy can turn your kid’s focus onto their creative muscles for playtime, and away from screen time. Hape’s workbench for toddlers is another solid option that can help your child develop important skills. Children can be incredibly imaginative, but they need to have the opportunity to tap into their inventive side.

With Hape’s toddler tool bench, kids will be able to assemble their own toys however they’d like. There are no rules as to what objects the pieces should form. This is a great way for kids to use their problem solving skills, and figure out how to attach certain pieces together. Then, they can use their imagination to identify their creation.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Project Workbench for Kids

Make your little one feel like a big kid with this kids wooden workbench. It's as real as it gets.

Contrary to Melissa & Doug’s pounding bench, this option is more suitable for older toddlers, which they can play with for years to come. It’s a much larger toddler tool bench with many more pieces. This offers more complexity and space for creativity.

The nuts and bolts, and other pieces of wood, are not unlike lego pieces. Even though there are instructions for, and suggestions of, what to create, the possibilities are limitless. Kids can use their imagination to come up with ideas of what they want to build. They also get to decide which tools they want, or need, to use in order to build what they have in mind.

Furthermore, this kids wooden workbench serves more than one purpose. Clear off the pieces into the storage area below, and the workbench can be used as a desk for your little one. They can use the surface for arts and crafts, drawing and colouring, etc.


It's very important to consider health risks, such as choking hazards, when choosing the best workbench for toddlers. Every toddlers workbench on the list has a recommended age range for playing. Many of the items we've chosen are for toddlers aged 3 and up. However, there are a couple of options that are suitable for 1-2 year old toddlers as well. Of course, you should use your own judgment to decide which product you want to purchase. However, we do strongly suggest sticking to the manufacturer's notes, especially when shopping for gifts.

Another smart tip for choosing the best workbench for toddlers, is information gathering before buying. Each of the 10 options we provide has a link to the purchasing site. After you read our product description, we suggest you click on the toddlers workbench that interests you, to learn more about it. This will really help you figure out whether a product includes everything you're looking for. Since, each toddler tool bench has different qualities, even though they all help with child development.

Price might also be something you want to consider prior to purchase. Make sure that whatever you have your eye on is within your budget. Our list offers a decent selection at varying price ranges. At the end of the day, kids can have just as much fun, and be just as imaginative, with a less expensive toy. Generally, it's the adult brain that thinks a higher price always equals a better product. Whereas, kids have a way of turning a seemingly boring item into their favourite toy. So, keep that in mind if you're worried about spending too much.

A toy workbench helps with the development of motor skills, social skills, and cognitive skills in children. Cognitive skills, as in understanding and analyzing, remembering, and problem solving. The benefits of a toddlers workbench is comparable to a toy kitchen set. However, depending on the toy workbench you purchase, it can provide a greater advantage for certain aspects of growth and development than kitchen play sets. For example, working with toy tools and construction pieces to build objects require more fine motor skills and problem solving.

The majority of toy workbenches have an age recommendation of 36 months (3 years) or older. Whereas, there are fewer options for toddlers ranging from 12-24 months of age. This could be because many of the full sized workbenches for toddlers include several small pieces of equipment that make the playing experience more complex. Since 3 year olds are more cognitively developed than 1-2 year olds, it's more beneficial for them to play with the "big kid's" workbench. They'll have an easier time working with the toy pieces and tools. Additionally, the regular toy workbenches may pose a greater choking hazard for younger toddlers.

There are step-by-step instructions that you can find on the internet to build a DIY workbench for kids. Or, if you prefer, there are also videos on how to make a workbench for kids, like this one:

As a note of safety, please don't start with a woodworking project that involves sawing, cutting, and drilling, if you're not confident with those tools, or have zero woodworking experience.

Building a DIY workbench for kids isn't the easiest task for everybody, and many people don't have the equipment. Plus, a lot of parents have crazy schedules that just don't allow them the time to do it. If you're one of those people, don't fret. You can save yourself loads of time and effort by purchasing a kids workbench set, which you can assemble in 15-20 minutes.

If you want to do an in-store purchase, Walmart and Best Buy are good places to find a play workbench for toddlers. Depending on where you live, there should be some local toy shops that sell workbenches for toddlers as well. Otherwise, you can search through a much greater variety of workbenches for toddlers online.

We know it can be overwhelming to find the best workbench for toddlers. There are so many options floating around the internet, it's hard to know where to begin. Hopefully, this list of top 10 options is able to help you settle on a decision. We want you to have all the information you need to find the best toy workbench for your toddler. We also want you to be satisfied with your purchase. No regrets here!

It’s pretty noticeable that any of these top 10 choices can be the best toddlers workbench, as long as the product has what you’re looking for. Each parent has different ideas of what assets and features they want a kids play workbench to include. That’s why the list consists of a variety of toddler tool benches. While they all share many similarities, they’re very different selections.